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I use to spend over $625 every month at supermarket and now it’s only $150 to $170. I love the list because from it we can afford to eat foods like steak and lobster a few times a month. 

Plus with all this food stocked at home we eat out less. Oh, and I pay attention to where the stores are now. Because when we pass one I check my list, and if they have what I need, I pull in and stock up!” Debbie S.

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Admit it, most of us are lost when it comes to prices, sizes, and what actually is a low buy. But who has time, or would even want to keep up with all those hundreds of prices and sizes? So we do all that for you on one list in one app making it very easy to use. Get on the newsletter list and we will let you know when the app is ready for first release. Then get ready to save hundreds every month on food.