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Coupons certainly have a place in food savings. Yet, coupon manufactures dictate buying "brand" only or new, and therefor over-priced items. Not the case with us!

You will know with us if an item is priced nice and low or to high. Once you know then you can stock up and save. Join today and start filling your piggy bank.

Groceries: there’s nothing like fresh baked cake, breads and pastries.

Crazy Savings On Groceries
With The Orginal Price Verifier

Have you ever asked the question "How can I save money on the things I buy week after week?"

How about this, say your holding up two packs of ground beef. One 83% lean the other 80% "Which is the better deal here, I have no way of figuring it out?"

We think we have found the answer. The answer to saving on soy milk to meds to your favorite potato chips.

"It sounds good buy hey, I need more information."

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Here you'll learn how a totally new concept "Grocery Price Transparentcy"™ really can save families $350 or 65% a month on everyday food and household goods.

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A $10.00 Savings
Just On Toothpaste?

Absolutely, save $10.00 on just ONE single household item you regularly buy. We'll show you how to save on it, time after time. Just imagine, if you saved $10 on every other item in your basket?

Saved $9.78 on three tubes of toothpaste.

 A $12.00 Savings
Just On Ground Beef?

Yes its true and we show you our simple and easy method of unpresedented savings!

On a different note have you ever heard someone say: "I shop at Sam's and Costco?" As if those warehouses were the end-all to getting the lowest prices?

Quickly, we found those warehouses did not have the savings we all thought they did. We had to know the truth so we walked the aisles comparing prices, by hand. 

Just because you walk out with bulk lots of food certainly does not mean you saved in bulk dollars. Don't be fooled any longer. 

It's hard to believe, we understand. But we have the facts in black and white to prove it. Plus to prove how to seriously save cash and have fun doing it. 

Fresh fish, salmon and halibut from the grocery store.

Busy moms, dads, singles and seniors like you save on average 50-65% on food bills. Not just once in awhile with a clipped coupon of an item you may or may not want, but each and every time. 

Outsmart the ads with our Price Verifier.™ With our lowest price as your reference companion you'll be confident knowing:

  • The best price on an item.
  • When to stock-up the pantry.
  • When to pass up on the misleading sales like "Buy One Get One Free."
  • You'll have Superman or Superwoman x-ray vision to see right through slick ads.

This is a display of many very high quality jams and jellies you can buy at the price strip chefs pay, low! There is about 50 different sizes and types at this grocer.

We Make Grocery Shopping
And Saving Simple and Easy

So we are determined to bring all of your supermarket price shopping woes to an end today and save you a purse AND pocket full of dough.

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  • Powerful savings.

Follow our smart blog for smart supermarket ideals and tips. 

Buy fresh produce all year long in Las Vegas, NV at this orchard at a reasonable price and the kids love to visit these orchards.

*The $350.00 per month savings is based on the $623.00 per month average food bill. Based on a family of 3-4 members in 2012.

Source: USDA

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