How To Buy Groceries
At The Lowest Prices 

Groceries are your second largest expense. Admit it, most of us are lost when it comes to prices, sizes, and what actually is a low buy. But who has time or would even want to keep up with all those prices and sizes? So we all that for you on one list! Current Subscriber Sign in

Stop shopping for groceries the antiquated way, really!

"Before I spent $600 A Month On Groceries, 
With Grocery411 Now I Only Spend $250." -Fernando L.

Actually we love tracking food prices and it's all we do and have done the past five years. Then we share with our Subscribers the stores that have the lowest buys each and every week, on one tight list! What's more they save $75 per person every month. 

So what should you do? Subscribe now and click the gold button on the left to save today.

Option 1:

You can be genius-like, read further and learn a new and super easy way to save. Save at every local grocer from Smith's to Sprouts.

Because you see a family of four saves $300 every month. That can help you pay off credit cards, reduce pressures, take a vacation. Just from saving on groceries. Really?

Absolutely and remember it's your second largest expense - every week - for life - period. Only now you can easily master grocery savings.

PS, it's not running around all over town or clipping coupons.

Option 2:

Continue to do what your doing, and keep getting what your getting. Or would you like to do much better?

Stop Being Broke
Buy Groceries The Smart Way

Let us show you how to save $300 every month for a family of four. It takes 30 minutes a week and only costs $5.95 a month.

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Sound smart, yes in fact it's just common sense and as you use it you'll wonder why it took so long for someone to make the list.

Excellent Benefits

Here are a few more truths, sound familiar?

  1. Another child is coming?
  2. Your still living at home?
  3. $10,000 credit card debt?
  4. If you could just pay off that car, right?
  5. You forgotten what real vacations are like?
  6. You want to put $100 more a month into retirement?
  7. Subscribe now click the gold button on the left.

How It Works

Subscribers get access to our list of the cheapest grocery buys in each store. You walk into Smith's, pull out the smart phone and see about 25 items are listed this week here. Using that list, buying what you need of the 25 is what will having you asking at the end of the month "Wow, I still have quite a bit of money left over for a change!?!

This life changing list is updated every Wednesday, Sunday and Thursdays. This is the heart of what we do. We scour 25 supermarket circulars every week comparing those prices to our exclusive database started five years ago. This tells us if this weeks groceries on sale are cheap enough to put on this weeks list for you.

That's what we do plain and simple. We sell a Subscription to the list. Now, this is what you have to do to get your $75 per-person, per family member monthly savings.

This Is Your Part

To save $75 per-person monthly you have to try something new and commit to sticking with it, simple enough.

Then you have to trust us and pay $5.95 a month by Paypal or $54 a year, we never see your credit card info. This saves you $300 a month cash, for a family of four. Maybe the overdue vacation is beginning to get in sight!

In a little time you will learn to change a few driving routines. Such as on the way to take Jimmy to dance class, the family to church or after the matinee you run into a new store. It has the foods on the list you want.

On a rare occasion you might make a special trip just to one store. But in time, you will become familiar to store locations fitting them into your driving patters.

That is exactly how you will save $375 for a family of five culminating into an abundance of food in the house. You begin to stock up on sales. Which means you have something to cook with which leads to the family eating better and dining out less which saves you even more money. Bazinga! 

• “I think I can deal with this new way to shop, what else?”

While in the store, or sitting in the car before going in remember to pull up your Grocery411 list on the smart phone and scan for the weeks lowest buys. This will take 5-10 seconds. Oh did I mention this will save $300 cash on 4 people? :)

Once a week you or the spouse will take a different route home from work to pick up a basket full of the cheapest fresh fruit, produce and meat you ever seen.

Remember keep doing what your doing and you will keep getting what your getting. Or Subscribe now and start something new!

Do yourself a favor and Subscribe now click the gold button on the left.

Soon nationwide

Hungry? Here is help in Southern Nevada.

Save 70% On Groceries In Local Las Vegas Supermarkets Now:

Groceries Costing 
Too Much?

We agree, groceries are costing way too much. Great news, there is a solution. A quick and easy way to pay only the lowest prices at supermarkets. Know the new smart way to shop in the Valley. Exclusive Subscribers logon

More questions? Call us at 702-265-3405 or email me at

Your Solution To
Over-Priced Groceries

You don't have to take our word about this simply quick solution! Read what other locals are saying about us. This initial release is for Las Vegas, NV by Las Vegans.

"My recent trip to the store to buy produce only cost me $3.96. For this I got raspberries; tomatoes; white onions; fresh broccoli; green onions and radishes all for under $4.00 really" Mark S

Two Clicks And Your
Buying With Confidence

How simple is this, while shopping:

  1. Enter the password then click or touch "Submit" here
  2. Up pops a list of grocery store names, click your favorite one.

Now your device displays only the week's extremely low food buys. Guess what, now your only going to pay the lowest prices too in each store, poultry to produce. It's so simple to use a 5 year old can do it, no downloads no muss no fuss try it.

Say your a stickler for the details? So are we, to crack the code on 1000 individual prices every week for 4 years, so please read on.

This is carried out by first interpreting complex sale prices; then comparing that price to our exclusive catalog so you know the price on the list is the best buy in 18 months in Las Vegas supermarkets give or take about 10%; then we post each supermarkets lowest buys weekly. What happens is as a member you wind up saving 50-80% on your weekly supermarket buys! 

There is nothing like the feeling of confidence you'll have while looking at a price on seafood, fresh fruit and produce or meat then glancing at your smartphone and seeing if it’s priced too high or just right. 

"So what, why's that important?"

Good question! You get a straight forward, honest and locally made printed or smartphone list of the week's cheapest buys. No more time wasted hunting and looking through ads. No more paying through the nose at supermarkets. Your now in complete control and can splurge on items when you want. You know what you need, now you know when it's priced right and when to stock up.

From your smartphone it's a quick two clicks and your looking at dirt cheap prices. Two clicks and that's it. And yes, they ARE the dirt cheap prices or we certainly would not waste our time or yours if they weren't.

Because we all have "Bigger fish to fry" in today's busy world.

But, and there's always a "But" you gotta see the list for yourself to really appreciate the freedom and power it has. Which in this case means to join and USE it. I emphasized the word "use" for this reason. The digital list is a new way to save and it may take you awhile to begin using it regularly. But once you do the savings is crazy!

No one even knew what Google was 15 years ago. Once people began using Google they realized the power of "Goggling" information.'s exclusive list is no different. It too offers powerful savings information for Las Vegas locals and eventually nationwide

Are you little old school when it comes to computers? We got you covered there too!

Just click "Easy Print" on the exclusive member's page and print the list of lowest priced foods. We worked diligently to make the list simple, fun and easy to use because almost everyone is busy today.

Coupons have a place in food savings. Yet, coupon manufactures dictate your buy "brand" only which can be over-priced items. Not the case here.

Using the list you will know if a food is priced low or high. Once you know then you can stock up and save. Join today and start filling your piggy bank.

Groceries: there’s nothing like fresh baked cake, breads and pastries.

Crazy Savings On Groceries
In Las Vegas Supermarkets

Have you ever asked the question "How can I save money on the things I buy week after week?"

How about this, say your holding up two packs of ground beef. One 83% lean the other 80% "Which is the better deal here, I have no way of figuring it out?"

We think we have found the answer. The answer to saving on soy milk to medications to your favorite potato chips. "It sounds good but I would like a little more information."

A $10.00 Savings
Just On Toothpaste?

Absolutely, save $10.00 on just ONE single household item you regularly buy. We'll show you how to save on it, time after time. Just imagine, if you saved $10 on every other item in your basket?

Saved $9.78 on three tubes of toothpaste.

$12.00 Savings
On Ground Beef

Yes its true and we show you our simple and easy method of unprecedented savings!

On a different note have you ever heard someone say: "I shop at Sam's and Costco?" As if those warehouses were the end-all to getting the lowest prices?

Quickly, we found those warehouses did not have the savings we all thought they did. We had to know the truth so we walked the aisles comparing prices, by hand. 

Just because you walk out with a lot of bulk food absolutely does not mean you saved in bulk dollars. Don't be fooled any longer. 

It's hard to believe, we understand. But we have the facts in black and white to prove it. Plus to prove how to seriously save cash and have fun doing it. 

Fresh fish, salmon and halibut from the grocery store.

Busy moms, dads, singles and seniors like you save on average 60-80% on food bills. Not just once in awhile with a clipped coupon of an item you may or may not want, but each and every time. 

Outsmart the ads and be confident knowing:

  • The best price on an item.
  • When to stock-up the pantry.
  • When to pass up on the misleading gimmicks like "Buy One Get One Free."
  • You'll have a super hero's x-ray vision to see right through misleading ads.

This is a display of many very high quality jams and jellies you can buy at the price strip chefs pay, low! There is about 50 different sizes and types at this grocer.

We Make Grocery Shopping
And Saving Simple and Easy

So we are determined to bring all of your supermarket price shopping woes to an end today and save you a purse AND pocket full of money. Also follow our smart blog for smart supermarket ideals and tips. 

Buy fresh produce all year long in Las Vegas, NV at this orchard at a reasonable price and the kids love to visit these orchards.

*The $350.00 per month savings is based on the $623.00 per month average food bill. Based on a family of 3-4 members in 2012.

Source: USDA

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