Family Of Four Climbs Out Of Debt Shopping For Groceries A New Weird Way

We were living paycheck to paycheck for so long it was exhausting. Cutting back on groceries too but that wasn't enough to get ahead financially. And then Sean told us about this "funky Grocery411 thing" he and Amy had joined last year. Desperate we joined to check it out. While it took us time to break old shopping habits and buy in a more strategic way and glad we did. You see we just paid off our last credit card!

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  • Easy-to-use list contains Las Vegas’ weekly lowest supermarket buys 
  • Save 50-70% on over 200 foods like meat, yogurt and produce every week
  • A family of four saves $325 every month
  • No more fumbling though circulars or coupons
  • Risk free 100% money back guarantee, nothing to lose and everything to gain

People Are Saving Hundreds On Groceries 

I use to spend over $625 every month at supermarket and now it’s only $150 to $170. I love the list because from it we can afford to eat foods like steak and lobster a few times a month. 

Plus with all this food stocked at home we eat out less. Oh, and I pay attention to where the stores are now. Because when we pass one I check my list, and if they have what I need, I pull in and stock up!” Debbie S.

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Admit it, most of us are lost when it comes to prices, sizes, and what actually is a low buy. But who has time or would even want to keep up with all those prices and sizes? So we all that for you on one list, and If within 30 days you are not completely satisfied with the list we will refund your subscription fee. 

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