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Hot Food Buys For Southern Nevada Memorial Day Weekend
May 24, 2014

Smoking Hot Food Buys For Your Southern Nevada Memorial Day Weekend

1. Watermelon seedless $1.97 each Albertsons.

2. Chicken leg quarters 59¢ lb Food4Less.

3. Coke 21¢, four 12 packs $10.00 Albertsons.

4. Cantaloupe 25¢ lb or 75¢ea Seafood City.

5. Bull's Eye BBQ sauce 58¢ a bottle Albertsons.

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2012 the USDA published that families of 3-4 spend $612 every month on groceries alone, and if you eat out then ADD that to the $612 because it was not added to the $612!

Southern Nevadans have been saving hundreds every month for over 3 years. Isn't time you and your family ate like royalty? Eat lobster, steak, shrimp, roasts, fresh fruits and vegatables for pennies on the dollar.

What could you do with the $300 savings every month that's $3,600.00 a year? A Hawaii or Laguna Beach vacation, braces, formula or diapers for the baby, maybe that new Coach purse ladies, guys how about saving that $300 for that new truck you been eyeing?

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Happy Savings, Bill Guerra, BSN and Founder &

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