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Free Access To Grocery411 Limited Time Only
November 13, 2014
Happy Holidays!

Free Access To Las Vegas List Of Very Affordable Groceries

Here is free access to the list of very affordable groceries we update and email to our subscribers weekly! The free Limited time offer runs from Wednesday 11/12/14 to Tuesday 11/18/14.

Here's your weekly exclusive members list (hint, put that page icon on your smartphone's home screen) your week's password is "411"

Our members save hundreds of dollars every month knowing the cheapest buys. On average they save $400 a month for a family of four. Try it you'll see, btw can you afford to keep throwing away $400 a month?

See Interview of by Desert Companion Magazine on page 83 here:

Holiday Dinner Tip ‚Äč Start stocking up for the holidays. There are two main dinner gatherings plus New Years Eve parties. But for you this year it will be 50-70% less expensive!

Tell your friends to join if they're a friend!

Savings Tip

Pick up several of 1-2 different foods each week. In no time you will have a full pantry. Your dining out bill will be cut down because now you have a variety of food from which to cook.

Smart Tip

The list can save you up to 80% on your grocery bill, so be sure to use it every week. You can add this page to your screen, homepage or desk top. Then you'll see the icon regularly making it quick and easy to access, use and save!

Shop With Confidence

Of course supermarkets have ads full of groceries every week. The trick is knowing which foods are excellent low buys. That's why you use Grocery411, so you can shop with confidence. The confidence knowing if we list it, you will save.

Assurance Of Quality

We compare each weeks grocery prices to our software database cataloging the lowest buys. What this means is the price isn't just a low buy for that week, if on the list, its a lowest buy maybe for the past 18 months to the 4 years when we began comparing prices.

Your Appreciated!

A quick word to members, thank you for your business, no really, thank you. Your business helps us make an even better list with new features for you!

Save! Warm Regards, Bill 702-265-3405 anytime :) And the Grocery411 Team

Sharing helps us all!

Here is the membership/join page:

This page explains the what we do for new subscribers!

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