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A little about us and why did we create Grocery411? Plain and simple we wanted to help you save hundreds of dollars on your weekly grocery bill.

We take this mission and our research very seriously and make every effort to ensure you have the most valuable and timely information at your disposal at any given time. Here is the first way we save you 60-80% on the grocery bill our list. But first look at this example of what the weekly Las Vegas Top 100 best buys looks like.

Say, for instance, that you are shopping at Food4Less, Albertson's, Safeway, or any of the other numerous grocery stores in your town, our goal is to show you the best price available within that immediate location. 

Comparing prices of bread
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Our Mission Statement at Grocery411.com is developing grocery price tranpanancy but more on this in a moment.

To explore specialty, chain and supermarkets and their delectable offerings. Delving into grocer strengths and weaknesses to make grocery shopping a new and more intriguing and interactive experience.

Now back to price transparency, your way to save. Eventually the Grocery Price Verifier™ software program will launch.

How It will work.

Listed is the lowest price for one item. So you compare the Verifier price with the current sales price. This will let you know if a sale is really a low priced sale. If it is you stock up the pantry with savings. On the other hand if it's not a sale, but clever marketing instead, you just avoided paying the high prices.

Is It Groceries Only?

The Grocery Price Verifier™ lists groceries, sundries and over-the-counter medicines, items we spend a lifetime purchasing. 

Las Vegas, NV and all US states in time.

Our 800 grocery prices in the Verifier have been analyzed weekly in the most recent 12-18 months beginning in Las Vegas, NV. Nationally prices will be input by crowdsourcing. Crowdsourcing are frugal and savvy shoppers in their towns putting in the Verifier the lowest price they find. This creates a nationwide low price reference. 

*Our research has proven the Grocery Price Verifier™ will save on average 50-80% on your grocery bill. That is, as long as you have to buy groceries anyway!

*USDA, "In 2012 a family of 3-4 members spent on average $612.00 per month on groceries." I emailed the PhD of the program who stated this does not include dining out. The Verifier when used will cut grocery bills in half, yes that's 50%. While the local Las Vegas, NV Top 100 list cuts the bills up to 80%.

Know What
And What Not
To Pay

Have you ever asked yourself, "I wonder if this is a good (low) price on steak, foil, fried chicken, or a triple antibiotic ointment?" Better yet, "What does this or that item usually cost? "Please read on for more about us."

"Is this sale really a sale or a clever advertiser's way of getting us to buy and pay a higher price?"

When I searched Google to compare grocery prices, it returned websites that only contained store's weekly sale prices. Here we are all about comparing food prices, comparing grocery prices. We compare gas prices because we use gas for life. We should be comparing food prices and save money on our grocery bill as well.

Not much help!

That meant, if I wanted to find the lowest available prices, I would have to print up all the ads and sit down and compare every local store's prices.

Who Has The Time for That?

Obviously, this was not what I was looking for and if I were to venture a guess, neither are you. No, we want a site which does this for us.

This site will provide that solid information and research so you can be more informed when grocery shopping. Hence the "411" part of our brand.

 A Powerful Cost Cutter: 
Our Price Comparisons
With Your Coupons

Grocery411.com's team has walked supermarket aisles comparing prices. We have scrutinized the HEB, Smith's, and Safeway ads and in-store specials, just to name a few.

We perform this task daily in order to bring you the lowest price paid on any one grocery item in your town, that's what about us! :)

Oh, and occasionally we list identical foods twice like it's brand version the other it's generic. Our "purest" goal is to give you that ONE BEST PRICE in your town, especially if your mission is similar to ours which is to fill your grocery pantry with super low buys.

Grocery411's Mission Statement

The Mission of Grocery411.com

  1. To uncover the cheapest prices in your town on grocery items.
  2. To show you what you should be paying, or close to it.
  3. To show you how not to get ripped off in grocery stores.
  4. To educate you about groceries.

Our History...

I was getting wary about going into the grocery stores and trying to stock up on items only to ask myself, "Is this a good price, or not?"

Of course, we need to eat so I just bought it, not thinking twice about it. Time and time again, this question would come to me. Then one day I said, "Well, I wonder if other people feel the same way?"

And, I thought, They Must.”

For example, one week rib eye steak would be $8.99/lb, and the next month or week it would be $4.99/lb. That is a huge difference in dollars, especially if you're stocking up on groceries.

* Most of Us Like to Shop Smart and Spend Our Money Wisely.

So, I thought, "Geez, if there are websites designed to save money on cars, furniture, gas, and computers - just to name a few - why not have a grocery saving site?”

I mean, we buy groceries daily, weekly, and monthly, so why not save all we can? You know, it made sense to this grocery buyer!

So, we are working hard everyday to bring your city the comparison guide we are creating. We want to keep real dollars and cents in YOUR pocket, and less to the grocery stores.

There is a saying which goes like this:

  • "Businesses are in business for their bottom line."

Now, with you in mind, let's change that to read (insert your last name) to say:

  • "Your family is in business for your family to save."

Our collective goal is to keep the most money possible in your pockets by educating so you can purchase at the right times and at the right prices. It's about your family profit's over the grocery stores. Plain and simple.

A big Thank You for all your feedback. The more we know what you like and want to see here, the better we can build this for you.

Best Wishes,

The Grocery411.com Team

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