Albertsons In Las Vegas
Price Gouging?

Albertsons in Las Vegas exudes Barry Manilow to Led Zeppelin playing softly in the background? Spotless and gleaming waxed floors to roll your cart down. A colorful display of fresh fruit and vegetables well, just above average.  


If there such a feeling of a warm and fuzzy grocery shopping experience then this just may be the place. While it's not a Whole Foods, Sprouts or Trader Joe's for a chain supermarket it does have an impressive look and feel.

Comfort grocery shopping may come at a price. Locals who knew, knew that Albertsons prices on groceries were simply too high for too long. When Wall Street began to crash it was obvious Albertsons in Las Vegas would take a hit. It was not the supermarket for smart shopping.

In fact when asked about the staggering high prices, employees worried about the security of their jobs nervously agreed. It seemed often staff would shake their heads in disbelief as to why their food prices were still so high when i asked them.

The parking lots became increasingly barren. No one cared about those sparkling and melodious aisles.

During an especially bad time during the economic depression of 2010 it had seemed the doors would close permanently behind employees coming off shift.

But life is funny and this was no exception. Albertsons didn't close those doors for good. They rearranged finances, food displays the comeback they are making, looks promising.

Take the higher grade of beef for example. It used to be all Select. Select is the USDA’s lowest supermarket grade of beef. To the shoppers benefit Albertsons in Las Vegas have dropped Select now selling only USDA Choice grade beef. A step in the right direction!

USDA Choice beef is more expensive. It was for the expense of beef and other groceries we built the Exclusive Members list. Grocery prices continue to rise and soon society will realize they have to shop more wisely. 

Fresh Fruits & Produce

Fresh crisp apples, juicy oranges and sweet melons that is the kind of fruit you can expect to find at your Las Vegas Albertsons grocers. But at times expect to pay not so sweet prices for this fresh fruit and produce. Our research shows they typically only have 1-2 items at a price low enough to meet our price for value criteria 

A hypothetical but common example would be Fuji apples for $2.29lb at Albertsons when Fuji’s can readily be bought for 50¢ a pound. Therefore a 3lb bag of apples for the week just cost your family $5.37 more each time there bought.

What Albertsons In Las Vegas Is Good At

Every 2-3 weeks they put a super sale on fresh looking delectable strawberries, blueberries, blackberries, raspberries, watermelon or cantaloupe. This is one place where they shine, but this is only 1-2 items from the produce section.

All supermarkets flaunt fresh fruit and produce like a peacock fanning it’s feathers at the main entrance to exude a sense of store freshness and color. Fresh produce is absolutely Albertsons or any chain supermarkets money maker. Thus not a money saver for you and I unless you’re the smart shopper. Take the above apple scenario. Buying 3lbs of apples a week for a month would cost $21.47 extra.

Here is some food for thought.

The above apple buy was only one item, and one of many produce purchases you’ll make this year. Just another reason we need grocery price transparency

Hard To Find Foods, Found!

Albertsons has a tidy selection of hard to find foods. Specialty items like caviar, canned octopus, fillets or this writers favorite mussels. Food shelved and food in bottles, cans and packages, some of which you may never have heard.

Albertsons in Las Vegas are in a number of neighborhoods making it easy to find those unique ingredients for a special recipe. Personally I don’t mind paying a little extra for those hard to find items because it know it saves me precious time and gas.

The Deli

Albertsons deli case is stacked with cold cuts such as Jennie O and Charlie’s Pride an alternative to expensive Boar’s Head meat and cheeses.

Albertsons does not carry the Boar’s Head premium brand in it’s deli. Instead in their glass cases you will find Dietz & Watson cuts. The Dietz & Watson foods is comparable in price to the Boar’s Head brand. But price, just might be where the comparison stops! You be the judge of the Dietz & Watson meats and cheeses, and let us know.

The Seafood And Butcher Cases

King crab legs, 4-6 ounce lobster tails, several sizes of shrimp (sadly no Gulf shrimp) with an array of fresh and thawed fish chilling on ice sits next to the butchers meat display. The meat selection is solid but is nothing out of the ordinary. Often they carry pork ribs, chops and beef steaks. Keeping in mind all the beef is USDA Choice grade. Ground beef is not given the grade of USDA Select, Choice or Prime. Instead it’s graded by percent of lean meat such as 70, 80, or 93%. Higher grades of ground beef is called the ground chuck or ground sirloin.

The Bakery

The French bread always warm at 4:00 pm daily and is well, simply delicious. It is the tastiest supermarket baked French bread we have tried hands down. Otherwise the bakery selection is average as is most grocery stores. You will find bagels, doughnuts, cakes, cupcakes and sub rolls. There are some specialty breads. Overall not a humongous bakery selection.

Dairy, Frozen, Refrigerated, Sundry

Albertsons carries our local dairy’s milk “Anderson's.” Anderson's seems to last longer and taste fresher than other brands of milk local supermarkets carry. The price difference of Anderson's over other non-local brands is about 20-25% more.

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