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Enjoy buying British food online? Try Forman & Field which has had success since 2002.

They have forever disproved any negative stereotypes about British food. And they certainly have disproved the stereotypes!

When it comes to the best in gourmet food, Forman & Field ranks high among online grocery stores. Unlike your average online grocery store, however, Forman & Field focuses on top-quality.

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Comparing Forman and Field 

Deliverable Groceries: British food including fish, red meat, poultry, pre-prepared meals, cheeses, desserts, chutneys and jams, distilled spirits, and an exquisite selection of wine.

Unavailable: Fresh produce, canned or packaged goods, tobacco products.

Sundries: None

Medicine: None

Minimum Purchase: None

Contract: None

Four Grocery Item Price Comparisons: $19.25USD or


Customer Service Number & Hours: 0203 601 5464

Live Chat: No



Delivery Terms

Area: U.K. (including the Channel Islands) and the Republic of Ireland.

Method: Parcelfource, an overnight courier service.

Cost: £9.95 to the U.K. mainland; £15.95 to Northern Ireland, Isle of Man, and Scottish Isles; £29.95 to Channel Islands and Ireland. Saturday delivery is subject to £3.00 supplemental fee.

Estimated Arrival Time: Each product sold by Forman & Field has its own estimated arrival date, ranging between 24 hours and one week. Most products are available for next-day delivery.

Drop-off: Signature is required unless you leave special instructions with your order (easy to do at checkout).

Guarantee and Refund: Forman & Field make no mention of a money-back guarantee or refund. However, judging from the testimonials on their website, it seems that the company would quickly fix any problems you might encounter.

The Good and Bad of Forman and Field


  • You're only going to find gourmet prepared delectable meals for delivery on this site. Numerous artisan suppliers ensure that every single item is made by a company that specializes in just one or two types of food.
  • The dishes are a well planned and carried out.
  • The menu serves the the most basic to complex palettes.
  • Picnic and gift hampers.
  • Shipping is incredibly fast.


  • Service only available in the U.K. and Ireland.
  • Shipping is spendy.
  • Some items have to be ordered a week in advance, meaning you can't rely on Forman & Field for tomorrow night’s dinner party.

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Headquartered:Forman & Field Stour Road, Fish Island,London E3 2NT

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