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Buy live crawfish and search the web for good looking crawfish boil recipes. Then eat Cajun style!

Seasoned crawfish after cooking with corn and potatoes.
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The flavor of Louisiana crawfish is outrageously good and one you will not soon forget.

Order Crawfish for Your Favorite 

Crawfish Boil Recipes 

Before you order crawfish compare food prices below: 

Tip: Order crawfish from a market that gives you seasonings too for your very first order. Then you will know how it should taste Cajun style.  

Ask for a few extras it cannot hurt. Including a live guarantee and next-day delivery. Also a choice of grades and friendly confident customer service. 

Close up of crawfish ready to eat!
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Crawfish are a type of lobster but cost much less. They are also sweet and rich with flavor like their lobster cousin.   

There are several species of crawfish but the best are from Louisiana USA. In fact 70-90% of the worlds crawfish are from Louisiana. 

Crawfish are called by many names: crayfish, crawdads, mudbugs or  écrevisses pronounced "ay·cree·vees" in France. 

Louisiana crawfish can be cooked many ways. The most common and easy are crawfish boil recipes.

A large pot of water and Cajun seasoning some like Zatarain’s® is boiled with red potatoes and corn on the cob cut in 3-4 inch sections.

You can add a Cajun sausage if you like. Once the potatoes and corn are almost cooked toss in your crawfish. Try a crawdad to ensure its done they meat will be white.

Drain the water, spread newspaper on the kitchen table and enjoy.

Crawfish étouffée is a  the most common etouffee. Here crawfish are served with spicy Cajun sauce poured over a bed of rice. You can make that dish with left over boiled crawdads you pulled from the freezer. 

Buy live crawfish and feast!
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Ship Louisiana Crawfish To Your Door

Crawfish are stored and shipped in plastic mesh sacks when you buy live crawfish too enjoy. But they last for a few days only. 

We found only one seller who listed the count per pound, Kyle who raises his own crawfish in Louisiana's natural waters.

Count per pound is good to know because that tells you before you order crawfish the size they are.

You can buy sizes ranging from a fishing bait size to jumbo size which is best for eating, less work to get the meat out.

Crawfish Sizes

Before you buy live crawfish or even frozen know there is no one method to size or grade them. So after studying the vendors we put together these sizes for you: 

Number of whole crawfish per pound:

  • Jumbo 12 or less
  • Medium 12-15
  • Small 15-20
  • Tiny or Bait more than 20

Louisiana crawfish sellers may list sizes as "unsorted batches." This means whatever size they happen to catch. Both large and small will be mixed together when you order crawfish. 

Joke: Two crawfish were talking in a bar. One says, "How was your work out in the gym?" The other crawfish said "well it was good until I pulled a muscle!"

If you want a feast and gathering to remember buy live crawfish and invite your friends and family over. Well at least your friends!

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