Buy Swordfish?

We Compared Prices

This page talks about how to buy swordfish online, types and the cooking of swordfish. 

Types of swordfish meat: are pink, white and orange and also go by the name Broadbill. Color of meat depends in part on diet. Orange flesh the fish ate shrimp mostly.

Swordfish can grow up to a whopping 15 feet and 1400 lbs! 

The meat is a delicious flaky, firm white, healthy and is not fishy in taste thus in high demand.

Swords are not good to freeze for long  so when you buy some have friends and family over to enjoy fresh.

Cooking Swordfish 

Steaming is the healthiest way to cook them. However there is nothing quite like grilling swordfish steaks.

Take time to find great swordfish recipes and practice. It’s worth it.

Take care while cooking swordfish, as with any seafood it is easy to overcook dry out and losing flavor and fresh texture.

  • Avoid swordfish with dark patches.
  • Fresh swordfish months are January through May.
  • East coast swordfish are checked for mercury.
  • Woman might avoid this fish if pregnant.
  • Once the baby arrives enjoy this succulent dish!

Plus the good news is they are low-calorie and have a lot of good minerals like selenium, phosphorus, niacin and omega-3.

Want Swordfish Shipped to Your Home?

If your ready to buy swordfish and have it shipped to your dinner table follow a few savvy shopper pointers. 

When you are ready to buy swordfish ask if it was line caught or harpooned as these way will have the best flavor. 

  • Ask if comes vacuum sealed?
  • Is it packed in dry ice?
  • Freeze maximum three months.
  • Saturday deliver is $20.00 extra.

Because “swords” are in high demand doing a food price comparing helps to catch a fair buy.

Swordfish Price Comparisons

These seafood markets sell swordfish. Compare these prices to one another first. Visit™ first when you compare food prices.

You might try ordering from a few different of these fresh seafood markets. This gives you a chance to compare quality, delivery times and packaging of your Atlantic catch.

Try seafood from each of the three waters surrounding the US: