Lower those food bills by using cheap food storage containers. Start now and check out this weird yet highly effective way to store onions for months along with 27 other foods. 

Try this, buy super cheap gallon-size Walmart brand food bags. Alas, they come with twist ties not zippers but they save you bank. Rarely do I use the ties, but twirl the contents of the bag around and tuck it under. 

Brand named Ziploc baggies can be seven times the price of the Walmart Brand. Don't get me wrong Ziploc bags have their place but more on this shortly.

The plan to save money with these containers allows you to stock up when you buy bulk foods or find a super sale on food to extend the foods shelf life.

Cheap food storage containers are important the more you get into serious grocery savings and you bag, freeze and store precooked meals. Still not convinced? See our Coach® purse scenario

Keep these facts in mind so you know more about food makers:

  • Most food is not packaged to last a long time.
  • Food companies want consumers to buy a food as often as possible.
  • If the food is well packaged to last a long time then sales decline. The more money spent on quality packaging also reduces a companies profits.

Cheap food storage containers can be made out of every day items.

Have you ever used packing tape to reseal a bag of pasta or wrapped elastic around a package of rice? Have you had a problem with opened cereal or cookies going hard or stale?

Wouldn't it be easier if certain foods came in zippered bags or plastic containers, well cheap food storage containers that is.

You want to make your food last as long as possible, but repackaging everything can often be very expensive, especially if you don't know where to look.

But, since the right container can ensure freshness and keep your cupboards neat and organized, finding cheap storage ideas can save you a lot of money in the long run.

An extra refrigerator and freezer is one more way for inexpensive food storage.
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Cheap Food Storage Containers Idea #1

Reuse the containers from other products that you have purchased. If you like buying in bulk, then one gallon ice cream buckets are great for storing flour, pasta, or even cereal.

Or, if you don't use a lot of ice cream, some bakeries will give you their large plastic buckets for a minimal charge – or even free if you ask. These containers are also good for keeping smaller, non-food items organized such as personal hygiene products or craft supplies.

Rinse out old soda or juice bottles and use them to store rice, oats, lentils, or even sugar. Deli containers, like the kind supermarkets use to sell prepared potato salads, lunch meats, or dried fruit, are also good for food storage and come in various sizes.

Cheap Food Storage Idea #2

Buy inexpensive reusable containers.  

Large clear plastic wide-mouthed containers with sealed lids can be purchased for a reasonable cost online - between $1.00 - $4.50 depending on the size. These are available in various shapes from round to square to rectangle so you can keep food fresh and maximize storage space.

Many brands such as Ziploc or Glad sell reusable containers that seal in freshness and are safe for both the freezer and microwave. At under $4.00 for a package of 4, this is a great option for all your food storage needs.

Companies such as Rubbermaid also sell large sets of containers that include every size imaginable. And they are designed to stack inside each other when not in use, so they won't take up a lot of space when they are empty.

These cheap food storage containers are best found and priced at warehouse clubs like Costco or Sam’s Club.

If you prefer glass containers, stock up on mason jars during canning season. Again, these come in various sizes, seal well, and can be used over and over again. They are perfect for things like nuts, beans, baking supplies, pasta sauce, or dried fruit.

Cheap Food Storage Container Idea #3

The rite plastic bags are some of the best cheap food storage containers.

Freezer quality zipper seal bags are great for storing meat, cooked vegetables, and even prepared meals such as chili or rice. If you push the bags as flat as possible and draw the excess air out with a hard straw, they will stack neatly to keep your freezer more organized and afford you much more storage space.

Smaller sized bags are good for storing muffins, bagels, that half used onion or pepper, or the few left over mini carrots. But, these are often used briefly and then tossed in the garbage. So, rather than buying the more expensive names, why not try store brands such as Wal-Mart’s Great Value which are usually much cheaper?

Take for example Great Value gallon twist tie bags currently they are $.03 cents each. There counterpart by Ziploc gallon size are $.24 cents each. That is a MONSTER savings. Look how did we all ever get so hung up on Ziploc bags, and perfect and perfectly expensive storage bags anyway?

Oh sure they are great for freezing but really how much freezing do we do in comparison to the amount of weekly fresh breads on the counter we need to use plastic bags.

We use the Great Value bag now that we have gotten use to them 90% more than the Ziploc and Ziploc style bags thus routinely saving that 70% in cash. They are great when storing bagels, English muffins and your home varieties of breads.

Some of the less expensive storage bags come with twist ties rather than zippered closures, but it's a small inconvenience for a huge savings. And, when it's tied shut, you don't have to worry about the bag accidentally opening while in your freezer or refrigerator which can cause messy leaks or damaging freezer burn. The Great Value bags are not really best for freezing the Ziploc's shine here.

If you have a few different sizes available, you will be able to choose the best – and most economical – bag for each storage need.

Those plastic Walmart twist tie bags are some of the best cheap storage containers I know of. 

These make great food storage containers for spices.
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Cheap Food Storage Idea #4

Fabric Produce Bags.

Mesh or cotton produce bags can extend the life of your produce for up to two extra weeks and are very cheap food storage containers! And, if you buy your apples or pears individually, the bags also keep the fruit from rolling around your refrigerator crisper and getting bruised or damaged.

These bags are inexpensive to buy and can be used over and over again; but, they are also very easy to make yourself using mesh, nylon, hosiery, or even cotton from old curtains or pajamas that you may already have around the house. Tad tacky yes…works well and cheap alas yes!

Finding good deals and stocking up on sales will help you reduce your grocery bill. Ladies and Gentleman really saving money on groceries is about doing it one angle, one subset, one consideration at a time. Each expense rethought, reconsidered and expense shaved ads up to huge savings over a life time. Those cheap food storage containers are no different.

Remember, groceries are life’s second greatest expense and the greatest expense for some which we will ever encounter. With cheap food storage containers and ideas, you can extend the shelf life of your food and store your products efficiently. Just one more angle in which to trim the fat.

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