Cheap Prime Rib
"How I Saved $40.00
On One Roast"

This is how I bought delicious well-marbled with fat choice grade cheap prime rib. Saving me a whopping $40.00. I needed a 5lb prime rib roast for the holidays.

Cheap prime rib
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A small pre-cut 5lb roast was $6.47lb, the entire 20lb slab was $4.47 a pound. So I did, what I plead you to do, compare grocery prices. After all that is the crux of this web site. Oh and a little 5th grade math.

The Breakdown

  • Precut prime rib 5lbs X 6.47lb = $32.35
  • Whole prime rib slab 20lbs X 4.47lb = $89.40

At a first hurried and somehow backward glance only a $2.00 savings. I think most of us blow in and out of grocers anyway oblivious to price. Why is this? Do we think “hey, its food and we must eat, let’s buy our hearts desire?”

Standing there I froze a moment then took the time to calculate the price difference. Again something I urge you to do. 

The Money Difference

  • 20lbs at $6.47lb = $129.40
  • 20lbs at $4.47lb = $89.40

Then instead of buying a precut roast for $6.47lb I bought the entire roast at $4.47lb. So the savings was $40 or two twenty dollar bills on a staple food beef. When I'm not stuck eating Spam© that is!

So I saved $40 or two twenty dollar bills on a staple food. When I'm not stuck eating Spam. We buy gas weekly as we do food but ask yourself “when was the last time you saved $40 on a tank of gas?”

Forty dollars on - one food item - we consume at - one outta three meals a day. This is worth repeating “One food, on one occasion, saved $40.” Here’s what I’m getting at, stop looking at the cash outlay it takes to stock up on 10 – 15 of your favorite foods like bacon, Corn Flakes, peanut butter and meat.

Just stop it already!

Then start looking at the hundreds of dollars you save by comparing prices and stocking up and the good that money can do. Yep, we will return to the cheap prime rib store but momentarily hum, I offer you a challenge?

Visualize if you will the abundant dinner choices of well stocked pantries. No longer is your norm paying triple the dough to eat out. By comparing prices and stocking up you just avoided expensive last minute supermarket shopping sprees and readily remorseful impulse buys. 

That newly found missing money use to escape for the weekend, maybe braces for the kids or used to buy expensive medications? What is it you need?

Back to the cheap prime rib savvy shopper! In addition to the holiday roast and large savings I was rewarded with 10 plus choice grade rib eye steaks. A good little pointer to know, and most done know that beef grades from worst to best are Select, Choice then Prime. Supermarkets rarely advertise this and often you pay Choice to Prime grade prices and get the poorest Select beef. 

Many folks have paid for this for years never knowing. Oh and yes, I was out $57.05 and during the holidays. No small amount? But a little sacrifice is worth substantial savings in my book.

Lastly, allow me to clarify the difference between “Stocking Up Cheap” and “Buying in Bulk.” Sam’s Club, Costco or food in barrels is synonymous to buying in bulk. Sparking the misguided notion of a cheap buys.

Trust me when I say the terms “stocking up” and “buying in bulk” 

  • Definitely.
  • Absolutely.
  • Unequivocally are not the same my friend and *research proves it.

Now take a minute and look here at where to find cheap prime rib in Las Vegas or here if you live elsewhere. See you smiling and saving in the aisles!

*Research consisted of Grocery411’s team tracking and calculating food prices carefully and by hand; every single week; on 1000 groceries; for three (3) years. Actual food and sundry savings were 50 – 70% every week. A family of 3 – 4 with a grocery bill of $612 (Source: USDA) saved an average $300 monthly. 

How To Save More On Meats

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