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How to buy cheap roasts loaded with flavor. We at Grocery411 have cooked up some ways to buy roasts cheaper than normal. 

Succulent yet cheap roasts!
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of the list of cheapest buys for meat and seafood in California and Nevada, updated every week. They said it couldn’t be done. What’s more, soon the best buys on meat in each city then nationwide. Arizona is next up!

We don't know everything so share with us how you buy your beef on the cheap or any grocery for that matter and we will post it on the blog.

Cheap Roasts And Their USDA Grades

Did you know you can buy a four pound sirloin roast and the price can vary from: $12.00, $20.00 or $60.00? It sure can. The reason the price varies so much is because the price depends on the “grade” of beef. “So what is the grade of beef?” 

To compare beef prices just know beef is graded one of three ways from good, great to superior according to the United States Department of Agriculture or USDA. If a supermarket wants to carry the label "USDA, Select, Choice or Prime" I was astonished to find out they must pay to have the meat graded. 

It only makes sense I guess, as it sets a standard. Some grocers opt-out of this grading system like Trader Joe's. I asked a manager who stated they did not grade the beef and that they grade it in-house. I have seen this more than once at higher end specialty grocers especially with "All Natural" or Organic type beef.

  • USDA Select
  • USDA Choice
  • USDA Prime

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1. USDA Select is the majority of meat you will encounter in your nyour neighborhood supermarket. While there are lesser qualities of beef grades than select like beef used in canning. We will not go into those grades that most consumers avoid.Select is a less expensive and a less well “fat” marbled cut of beef or roast. It is great for stews and casserole primarily dishes which are made of lots of spices and additives like sour cream and so on. Multi ingredient dishes build up the taste of this less flavorful cut. Nonetheless, a select grade roast still has a good flavor especially on a smart budget. 

2. USDA Choice is a great grade of beef to buy. It’s well marbled, making it a superb option as a cheap roast. Choice beef is affordable enough to prepare in a chili dish or in casseroles. It is much, much cheaper than prime beef which is the highest grade of beef readily available in the market. You cannot go wrong with a choice grade of beef roast.

3. USDA Prime special occasions, holidays, or when the boss is coming over for dinner may be a wise time to spend the extra money on a prime roast. But just know prime is NOT one of your cheap roasts. Prime beef is double to triple the price of select grades. Prime beef will have rich thin layers of fat in throughout it's lean meat, making it the most flavourful of roast and delicious bite for bite.

Before we move into the "Cuts" of beef to recap there are three major grades of beef USDA: select, choice and prime. More on meat prices in general.

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Know Thy "Cuts" Of Beef Roast And Save

To buy cheap roasts one must know the cuts of beef. The cuts of where from the cow the roast was taken. This can get complex fast. So we kept it simple and useful for you.

Below are the cheapest to the most expensive roasts in that order. Obviously prices very city to city. Still we went ahead and priced them so you could place the cost of each roast into context and sort of wrap your mind around the price difference of each for your dinner table.  

Print these roast prices and ways to prepare

  • Chuck roast $4.00 per pound. Perfect for shredded sandwiches because it shreds and does not slice. It makes a great crock-pot roast beef. Don't cook it in the oven however.

  • Rump or bottom round roasts $4.00 per pound. Very lean, and a easy to slice roast. Cook in a oven bag remove from oven with some red still in the center or it turns into shoe leather. Also suitable for making a pot roast in slow cooker.
  • Top round roast $4.50 per pound. Quality increasing a bit, sliceable, cook in oven bag to medium rare.
  • Eye round roast $5.00 per pound. Same as above and makes a decent oven roast beef for dinner.
  • Tip round or sirloin tip roast $5.00 per pound. Sliceable, tender good for cooking in oven.
  • Bottom sirloin roast $5.50 per pound. Sliceable more fat which equals more flavor.
  • Tri tip roast $6.00. The butcher’s second most favorite roast. Excellent all around cheap roast. Because its inexpensive while still loaded with flavor, good marbling, great on the grill or oven and even marinates well.
  • New York roast $8.00 per pound, slices well, usually in meat counters during holidays.
  • Standing rib or prime rib roast $9.00 per pound. The butcher’s favorite. Warning, know that It is only USDA “prime” grade beef when it is labelled "Prime." Really you can't go wrong cooking rib roast it’s well-marbled making the meat tender and juicy but avoid overcooking.  

Superb yet cheap roasts, pork.
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To save your money and buy a delicious but cheap roasts you must know and heed to these few things. For our money a select grade of tri tip roast you just can't go wrong with. But do you want an even cheaper roast?

Get to the supermarkets before 10:00 AM and look for stickers on the roasts labelled “Managers Special” which is an in-store only special or “Price Reduced” that is roast still good but the date is expiring. Now go and enjoy dinner knowing you buy cheap roasts full of flavor. Top of this cheap roasts page.

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