Chia Seed Benefits, How To Buy 
And "What Never To Do With Chia"

Concerned about your health? Check out these chia seed benefits. 

Eating one tablespoon of chia is like a serving of energy drink (for stamina); oatmeal (fiber); steak (protein); red salmon (omega-3) and blueberries (antioxidants) all wrapped into one tiny serving. Now, for more seeds of greatness.

How To Store Chia Seeds

A chia seed benefit is storage, it will keep for years in a cool dry place especially if vacuum sealed. Because chia seeds are bland in taste it does not interfere with the flavor of foods. 

Save Money On Chia Seed

Our advice here is not to skimp on quality. It would be like you buying wild Alaskan red salmon for its health benefits versus buying the cheapest grade of fish that's salmon. It is just that important.

So you should only buy organic because the quality is there, it has to be with the USDA Organic Certification. Chia seed prices range from $1 to $15lb in online and in local stores in 2015.

This chia search on Amazon is refined to organic seed only. The prices are $10.00 to $15.00lb. Read the Frugally Tip below prior to searching.

Chia Seed Benefits: Regularity

Another excellent chia seed benefit is they help with constipation, if your drinking water regularly. They draw the water from outside of the bowel into the bowel thus softening the stool which makes it easier for gastrointestinal motility or you may have heard it called "GI motility." This is the moving of stool down and out of the intestine. A very important process, and excellent chia seed benefit as reported below.

Chia Users Report:

“As woman we get constipated about 50% more than men. I love using chia seeds for regularity they work phenomenal.” - Amy

“I have taken pain medication for my lower back for years, trying everything. After reading about chia seed benefits I gave it a try and WOW what a welcomed difference!” - Frank

How To Eat Chia Seed

Most of us are usually busy and on the go, with that in mind here is an easy way to get your daily chia.

It can be put in beverages; yogurts; smoothies; cereals and oatmeal and many other dishes.

High heat can destroy some of the superfoods nutrients so avoid cooking with chia.

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A Bodaciously Nutritious Drink Recipe!

Add 1-2 tablespoons of whole chia seed in a 8-10 ounce glass bottle, Mamma Chia bottles work well for this. Fill 3/4 with POM Pomegranate Juice and 1/3 water. Let soak overnight, shake occasionally. Then sip during the morning. Pomegranate juice also is a powerful antioxidant superfood, but high in natural sugar so diluting the drink with water reduces your sugar load. 

 How Your Mom Bought Groceries Was Wrong

Yes, we’re still talking about chia. It can be expensive, so don’t overpay.

First, never try to compare bag or container size to container size. But always compare pound to pound. It’s below titled “How To Calculate Chia Seed And Food Prices.”

You see food manufactures rarely package in even amounts and universal sizes which would be easy to calculate. But you probably already knew that, let’s take everyone’s favorite Oreos. Did you know they come in 60 different sizes? We couldn’t find any which came in a 16 ounce or one pound package. 

It's obvious they don't want you to compare Oreo’s, chia or any grocery price for that matter. 

Yet once you do know how to calculate ounce to pound, you’re empowered.

No longer will you feel overwhelmed in a 50,000 item grocery store. Helpless wrapping your mind around some 350,000 prices, flavors and brands, as did your parents and the generations before you. 

Obsolete, is this self-talk like "Well, I have to eat, I'll just buy it anyway." Never again will you leave the store subconsciously frustrated. Frustrated you were forced to buy life's 2nd largest expense, week after week, year after year in a most complex and confusing manner that marketers could ever fabricate.

You never have to overpay again. Now show mom how to buy groceries.

How To Calculate Chia Seed And Food Prices

Here's The Short Version Of The Below 

  1. $11.25 (cost) ÷ 12 (bag size) = .937 
  2. .94¢ x 16 = $15.04lb
  3. $15.04lb for the Nutiva Organic Chia Seed

Take the Nutiva Organic Black Chia Seeds bag for example, it weighs 12 ounces not 16. Of course there are sixteen ounces in one pound. Here's the math $11.25 ÷ the 12 ounce size bag = .94¢ rounded up. Take 94¢ x 16 ounces in a pound and that equals $15.04 a pound for chia. You can buy the Nutiva Organic Black Chia or not, but you know at least what you are paying for it.

Calculating food costs like this gives you a starting place from which to compare. Mentally in this example you figured out that quality chia is more expensive than a USDA Choice rib eye steak! The good thing is you only need 1 Tbsp. a day!

Always take the price divided by the size it comes in, (meaning enter the price $11.25 on your smartphones calculator first then hit the divide symbol then enter the size it comes in, 12) then times that number by 16 as there are 16 ounces to a pound. That will give you the total price per pound and now you can mentally put the cost into perspective.

Frugally Tip: If you own a vacuum sealer buy your organic seed in bulk then break it down into 3 month sized bags. Note: there is 40 tablespoons your daily serving size in one pound of chia seed. 

If you buy the large bottles of POM on sale at the club warehouses you will save you about 25% on the purchase price. Plus they last a long time refrigerated. 

Never Do This With Chia Seed

Do not swallow chia seeds raw especially if you have difficulty swallowing or esophageal problems. Chia swells to several times its size and there is a remote change it may get caught in your throat when ingested dry.

Always check with your doctor prior to beginning any new regimen. This information is provided as educational and not as medical advice. 

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