Compare Prices
On Meat And Save BIG

Meat is expensive and the price only increases. But if you will compare prices on meat. Then stock up when it’s cheap you can be the smart one and save hundreds every year. 

The above 85% lean ground beef, thanks to an "in-store only" special was reduced from a whopping $3.27lb to $1.77lb. That is savvy grocery price comparison you too can have. 

On this and upcoming quick glance pages we will show you how to buy cheap, all cuts of beef, pork, and poultry.

Additionally we will offer some savvy and frugal tips in selecting cuts fresh and frozen when your ready to buy

Compare Prices On Meat: Beef

Our goal for you it to learn to buy cheap ground beef, cheap steaks and cheap roasts without sacrificing flavor. 

Ground Beef

We will discuss the price of ground beef and it’s lean versus fat content and what each percent of ground beef is best used.


How do we price compare with beef roast? What is a tender cut from a tougher cut. And what is the string wrapped roast all about anyway? 


For some families steaks are a delicious weekend reward. We will lay out in an easy to understand format the grades of steak: select, choice and prime. When were done you will know what your getting and equally important what your not getting with steak. 

Compare Prices On Meat: PORK

Above pack has six pork chops for $2.49lb. Below pack has four pork chops for $3.11lb, silly huh!?!

Using a vacuum sealer is one of the smartest moves you can make to chop off your grocery bill.

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The difference? Two measly pork chops and $0.80lb. In this case it's wise to buy the six chop pack, divide and freeze them for a better savings. 

And while that is only $0.80 cents per pound difference think of how these crazy inflated prices add up week after week.

We made quick reference pages on pork so you can compare prices on pork as well as the other meat. Is pork quality and price graded like beef is?


How to save money on cheap bacon, its cuts thin and thick. When to know that your getting a cheap price on bacon. 


How to buy cheap ham by knowing what’s added to it and seasons in which to buy. Various types of ham will be discussed like canned, salted, smoked and spiral cut hams. 

Pork Roasts

What is cheapest picnic or pork butt? Why is pork loin much more expensive that picnic or butt cuts? We explore these prices and comparisons. 

Prices Compared On: POULTRY

To compare prices on poultry specifically like chicken, turkey, Cornish hens, and goose we consider a few things. How it was raised, and if it is fresh or frozen.


How much do we save when we buy frozen versus fresh chicken. We consider chicken free range versus confined chicken price comparisons. 


We will touch on turkey and how to save and what to look for with this American Thanksgiving Day tradition. Plus more. 

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