Condiments And Seasonings

Every meal needs to be spiced up with condiments and seasonings, but you shouldn't have to break the bank to buy some flavor! Check out this set of organic spices:

If variety is the spice of life, then every pantry should have a variety of spices, right? Who wants to eat the same bland, boring food everyday?

Want your meals to be flavorful, interesting, and maybe even a little exotic?  

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Eight glass spice jars filled with colorful dry spices.

Well, you may not be able to travel to Thailand, but a little sesame and tumeric can bring this country's tantalizing cuisine to your kitchen table. 

Condiment display.
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Or, use a pinch of coriander and saffron to add a touch of the Mediterranean to your next dinner party.

As delicious as this sounds, anyone who has taken a stroll down the spice isle knows that small bottles often sell for BIG prices.

Stocking up your spice rack can be costly. And, that's not even including the teriyaki sauce and hot pepper paste. 

By comparing prices and taking advantage of seasonal sales, you can enjoy a variety of condiments and seasonings and say goodbye to dull, boring food forever.

Generic Spices Versus Brand Name

Condiments dishes ketchup and mustard.

When it comes to condiments and spices, you are often paying extra for the name.

Labels such as McCormick, Heinz, or Kraft are sometimes priced as much 30-50% higher than generic brands.

Store label products on the other hand are often packaged in larger containers, meaning you get even more for your money.

IMPORTANT: Not all generic brands are created equal. Some taste exactly like their Brand Name counterparts, while others are not even close. So, be patient and try a few different options before you resort back to the more expensive products.

Stock Up On Seasonal Sales

There are some condiments and seasonings that go on sale at certain times of year. For example, BBQ sauce, mustard, and ketchup, are cheaper in the summer, especially around holiday weekends, while baking ingredients such as cinnamon, vanilla, and cloves are often on sale during the Christmas season.

So, if nothing but Heinz ketchup will do, then stock up in July. After all, if left unopened, most condiments have a shelf life of a year or more.

And, remember to compare prices between local supermarkets, because even sale prices can vary.

Buy Bulk But Compare Prices

Purchasing from your grocery store's bulk section or visiting a bulk store can save you a lot of money on spices and condiments.

Save empty spice containers or buy jars from a bargain store.

Then fill yourself, you can enjoy prices that are much less than the pre-packaged options.

For example, the average cost for a 3.5 ounce jar of chili powder is $5.00, or $1.43/oz. Compare this to the bulk price of just $0.43/oz and it's easy to see that its worth the effort of filling your own spice jars.

As an added bonus, buying from the bulk section allows you to purchase as much, or as little, as you want, so your spices aren't sitting around losing their flavor or freshness before you can use them up. Ever tried chia seed and excellent superfood to add to your diet. 

Condiments And Seasonings
Compare Sizes To Prices

If you have the room in your fridge, it is often cheaper to buy larger cans or jars of condiments and divide into smaller containers.

Many supermarkets will offer 2 for 1 deals or multi-packs that, when compared at cost per ounce or unit, can save you money on your grocery bill.

To make comparing prices even easier, we've created a pocket price guide to keep you up-to-date on the lowest prices on condiments and seasonings.

Spicy Kung Pao Chicken!
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Spice Up Meal Savings 

Spices can add flavor to your life and change a boring meal into an exciting adventure.

Seasoned vinegars.
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A little dash of seasoning can make all the difference in the world.

After all, the only thing that separates a sweet chicken wing from a fiery hot one is the spice!

By comparing prices on condiments and seasonings, you can spice up your dinners without squeezing your wallet.

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