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Founders note: Question, are you serious about cutting your grocery bill in HALF (at least)? If you are truly determined and want to save about $300 per month consider using our free software to compare food prices here

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This handy free smart phone tool  not only break the savings down by unit, but also weight and size of popular foods.

Comparing apples to apples changes when two bags of chips cost relatively the same, but one contains 1 ounce and the other 1.5 ounces of product.

In the above sample case, package price does not determine savings; bag contents (and weight) does. You would need to buy 3 each of bag one, to equal 2 each of bag two.

Plus we have more in the works to help you save more money grocery shopping.

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Just read through a few pages at and you will learn new ways to save on groceries. 

For the first time you can be well informed on when its time to stock up your pantry, freezers, and refrigerators with groceries.

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Example: Chips Ahoy cookies are in a 13.72oz container. It would be much easier for you to figure out the price if the weight was 16oz's right?

Grocery manufacturers intentionally package odd weights so you never learn how to calculate what your truly paying. The prices in the Comparison Guide are calculated out for you, now you can compare with ease and save big.

Don't forget when you contact us we are able to make even a better software program. It's a known fact that stocking up on groceries is less expensive than eating out regularly.

So filling up your cupboards using's mobile software on the cheapest prices on food prices will save your family even that much more! Besides, your cooking I bet tastes and is better for you than eating out.

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