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Criminalizes Website Theft

All entries which are copyrighted on this website are protected [at minimum] by the DMCA.

No part of this website may be used by any party other than its owners.

We at Grocery411 have worked very hard to deliver a high quality savings medium to our customers. They are the sole reason we are invested in this site. Our service to them will never be compromised by thieves now, or as the site exponentially expands.

In the event that this website is copied, in part or full, including but never limited to, any part of the websites' text, HTML, eBook(s), PDF files, photography, and videos, the individual, company and/or its internet service provider will be immediately notified and action will be diligently pursued to the fullest extent.

Our company uses software programs to routinely monitor such infringements.

We are well aware of the common occurrence of the infringement and have a Zero Tolerance Policy in place to prevent these illegal actions.

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Extensive hours, research, and capital have been invested in this website. Our company, as well as our law firm and investors, take this infringement extremely seriously. Plain and simple, it is the stealing of intellectual property. And, we are all very aware that it will happen, so we have taken the preliminary steps to start the prosecution process.

Our software regularly checks for this intellectual theft, which is then reported directly to the law firm.

In the event that you become aware of any theft or copyright infringement, please report it by email or in writing using the above form information listed below.

You will receive a reward for any valid or legitimate information.

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