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Costco online shopping offers a large selection in every grocery department, similar to what you would find in their warehouse location.

Originally Costco online grocery shopping began in 1996 in Lynnwood, WA. Historically these popular membership based warehouses are well-known around the country for their bulk price buys.

Orders are placed in the central business delivery center in Washington. You may need a commercial business delivery address. Neighbors may become upset if a huge truck is pulling into the subdivision weekly.

A Costco online shopping delivery truck.
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How it Works

Different warehouse locations may stock different items, therefore you cannot expect to always find the same items in the warehouse as you might starting your experiment.

About 70% of items are not in the local warehouse but trucked from Washington then distributed to your business or home (if you can get away with it.) Save 50% on your grocery bill when you compare food prices here.

The prices found on the net and in the warehouse stores will not necessarily be the same either. It is important to note that Costco online shopping is a very separate, but related, entity from the physical locations.

Top 10 Facts of Costco Online Shopping

1. Our food price comparison of Costco Online Grocery Shopping...

2. Groceries Delivered: fresh produce; meat; bakery; milk; seafood; dairy; frozen; packaged; baby; organic; kosher; canned pet food, cleaning products; tobacco products; shelving; paper; copiers; printers and similar products an office might use.

3. Unavailable Groceries: alcohol, or home furniture.

4. Sundries: Yes

5. Medicine: Yes, over the counter only.

6. Minimum Purchase: No

7. Contract: No contract. Needed is a Business Membership for about $55.00 yearly or an Executive Business Membership $110.00 yearly which gives you 2% back on your purchases before tax. Additionally this refund can only be used with future Costco purchases and excludes tobacco and gas purchases and in some states alcohol.

8. Four Item Price Comparisons: $6.30

9. Customer Service Number & Hours: (800) 955-2292 Monday - Friday 6:00 AM - 6:00 PM PST except holidays.

10. Guarantee and Refund: 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

11. Live Chat: No

12. Website: then select "Business Delivery"

13. Email:

14. Delivery Area: West Coast areas only; Washington, Arizona, California and Nevada. Soon Georgia.

15. Delivery Method: Their refrigerated trucks.

16. Delivery Cost: $20 per delivery under $250 and orders over $250 have free delivery.

17. Estimated Arrival Time: Next day between 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM, if order placed before 2:00 PM lastly delivery on weekdays only.

18. Drop-off: Attended

19. Pros

  • They carry a full line of grocery items, sundries, and tobacco products available for purchase and delivery
  • Convenient online shopping with great visual images
  • 100% money back guarantee on their products
  • Low delivery costs
  • Only business members allowed in store.

20. Cons

  • Membership required
  • Limited delivery area
  • Only business members allowed in store.

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Headquartered: Issaquah, Washington 98027