In respect to this disclaimer, the prices listed on this website have been painstakingly researched so you can compare food prices has been upheld to the highest possible standard.

Our goal is to give you a price starting point or baseline from which to make your grocery buying decision. 

The prices listed herein do NOT necessarily reflect today's exact cost for which an item may be purchased at any particular grocer. Hence this disclaimer.

The goal of is to share the lowest price at which one could have purchased the item at a particular date in time. Shoppers should use their own discretion as to how, when, and if to buy.

Shoppers might ask themselves the following:

  • “Now that I know the lowest price found, is the current advertised price low, medium or high?”
  • “How many should I buy?”
  • “Should I purchase now?”
  • “Should I wait for a cheaper price?”

The owners of this website have researched to the best of their ability to provide customers and visitors with a list of the lowest prices available for specific items. We work within recent date parameters and strive to keep our database current.

We encourage input from customers, visitors, and grocers to assist us in making sure all information is accurate and up-to-date.

In the event that a shopper finds a lower price on an item, we encourage them to contact us so we can share this low price with other customers and visitors.

The term “Lowest Prices Found”, or similarly titled sections within this website, its extensions, and/or PDFs, is used to mean the lowest prices that we have found through our research.

This does not imply that you will find these, or similar, items listed for this exact price. In fact, often you may not. As much as we would like that to happen, it is not always possible.

However, a wise and frugal shopper's goal should be to buy as close to this price as possible!

Grocer Disclaimer

Our lowest price listed for any particular item will not necessarily be available on the date you visit an applicable store.

Our date listed means that an item was found at a certain price on, or about, the date indicated for this disclaimer.

Grocery and other stores will often advertise a very low price in order to lure customers into their stores in the hopes they will purchase other sale or non-sale items.

Methods of Consideration

The team has used every known method at their disposal to find the lowest price on items.

This means we consider Max-Packs, Buy 10 Get X Low Price on All, Store Memberships, In-Store Coupon Type Booklets, Manufacturer Coupons (rare), Buy 1 Get 1 Free offers (very rare), as well as any other means grocers use to advertise.

We are not the “be all and end all” in grocery price scouting and cannot be everything to everyone, nor do we try to be.

If in doubt, consider the contents of this website as a comparative guide to finding lower food prices or for entertainment purposes only.

The Team

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