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Grocery Price Verifier® Benefits

  1. You will know what to pay.
  2. You decide when and what to buy.
  3. Coupon clipping becomes obsolete.
  4. Debunks misleading advertisements.
  5. Coupons stop dictating what you buy.
  6. Coupons stop dictating when you buy.
  7. You never over-pay for groceries again.
  8. Tells you if the "two-for-one" is a deal.
  9. You decide if a sale is honestly a "sale."
  10. Will save 50% on grocery and sundry bill.
  11. You become a savvy and educated shopper.
  12. Eliminates the fear of grocery over spending.
  13. You stop running store to store to save pennies.
  14. You can fill the pantry with your favorite foods.
Our grocery software promises to help you save and save huge dollars.

Super Savings Like These Are Yours:

Kroger: Edge Shaving Gel 8.5 oz can for $1.00 a 70% savings, wise to stock up on, one shopper bought 48 cans! More Super Deals continued below.

Smiths: Tillamook Cheese shredded 10 lbs $10.69, a 50% savings plus cheese has a long shelf life. You could have stocked your garage refrigerator or freezer and saved a bundle. Saved on what your going to buy anyway!

Smiths: 60 eggs for $.99 cents. Sixty eggs regular price $6.25. Restaurateurs how much could you have saved? Soon you will have a list of the cheapest price of groceries sold in your area the past 12 months.

With The App

You will know:

  • “The lowest price found”
  • “Is the current advertised price Low, Medium or High?”
  • “How many should I buy, enough to stock up the pantry and freezer?”
  • “Is this a good time to purchase or should we wait for a better price?”

Dear Shopper,

Sign up now in the E-zine box above, don't wait, once you KNOW the cheapest price a grocery item sold for you can them make choices. You will be saving much much more than you think. The grocery stores put something on "sale" but is it really a sale?

Moms & Dads,

Before the Saturday Shopping ritual, grab those ads and compare the prices. You now know a good price from a over-priced steak, foil, bulk foods, canned and frozen foods. The average American household spends $155.75 PER WEEK on groceries and sundries. But with our app you:

You Save $75
Per Person Per Month

That means a family of four saves $300 bucks and more every month.

Ask yourself "What could you do with that extra money in these tough economic times." It's just these economic times is why and the Comparison Mobile Software was founded.

You are going to be amazed at the power, knowledge, and savings you are going have. Sign Up In The Box Above Now! You Will Be Glad You Did.

Warm Regards,

The Grocery411 Team

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