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Buying Maine Lobster

When it comes to East Coast Seafood Maine lobster is the king of the sea.

The American Lobster, better known as the famous Maine Lobster, is caught off clear, craggy and cold coastal waters of Maine in the Eastern Seaboard of the United States.

Live Maine lobster, Superb east coast seafood!
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While there are unique and scrumptious Atlantic Ocean fish you will find it hard to top this feisty crustacean.

The lobsters shell varies in color from dark green to black brown with striking blue shades none of which affect its delightful flavor.

It’s a popular delicacy with a sweet yet indescribably superb taste thus it's is shipped and enjoyed to all the four corners of the globe. 

Yes, it has that fabulous a flavor. 

This East Coast seafood native, can be bought and shipped as whole and live or you can buy different sections such as the tail, claws or de-shelled meat.

Our more sympathetic readers please know that live lobsters do not make sounds during cooking as they have no voice box. 

Say you want to have this finest of Atlantic seafood shipped to your door? Well read on matey for some tips on shopping and shipping!

If your lobster looks lethargic, not active, it’s wise to prepare it for dinner the night it arrives. Otherwise it may be stored in the bottom of the refrigerator with wet newspaper in the produce drawers for 24 hours.

Take heed to never immerse a lobster or place it in ice. De-shelled meat can last for 5 days refrigerated so  you can enjoy again another evening.

You may like to eat it fresh out of the pot, in lobster salad or make a rich lobster bisque.

Whatever excites your taste buds you will find this lobster doesn't disappoint. I truly is some of the best east coast seafood in the entire Atlantic Ocean.

Small is beautiful (and more tasty.) I mean how nice is it to share with friends and family a five pound lobster? But here's the deal, while very large lobsters may sound tempting to buy.


The delectable world famous Maine Lobster with lemon butter.
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Know that with age its meat begins to lose sweetness and becomes more fibrous especially in the claws.

Our guess is you just wont be satisfied especially spending the extra dough it costs to to buy the monster lobster. 

A good friend told me he went to Hank’s Fine Steak's in Las Vegas, NV and upper-scale restaurant where he ordered a huge tail for $200.00 dollars. The tail alone was well over a pound.

He went on to say “the tail was as long and thick as my hand.” It surely was originally a five pound crustacean.

Furthermore he said it had little flavor was “woody” tasting and that from now on he would stick to the smaller lobsters.

Should you make an east coast seafood sojourn and dock in Maine around the fist of August be sure to visit The Maine Lobster Festival.

It is held in Rockland's Harbor Park, four hours drive from Boston and less than two hours from Portland, (Maine that is). You can see the crowning of local beauty known as the Sea Goddess.

You can also take part in Arts and Crafts and Cooking Competitions or run the 10k Road Race. 

Types and Sizes of Maine Lobster:

  • Chix lobsters weigh in at 1-1¼lb, that’s the lowest legal size
  • Regular are 1 1/4lb to 1 1/2lb
  • “Halvers” are 1 1/3lb  to 1 3/4lb
  • Selects are over 1 3/4lb up to 3lbs
  • Bullets are lobsters without either claw

Culls have lost a claw so they’re sold at a lower price but are otherwise perfect. Generally, one pound of lobster meat after cooking gives you around one cup of pure meat.

The Shipping Of The East Coast Seafood King,
Maine Lobster!"

  • Shipping can be expensive, but lobster bought from Dorr Lobster Company (Dorr) costs only $29 but free for orders over $100

  • Go with shippers who use Styrofoam boxes with gel ice packs 

  • Lobstermen and lobsterwomen usually catch and ship Tuesday through Friday, with no shipping on Mondays.

  • Weekend delivery expect to pay and additional $20.00 dollars in shipping fees.

  • Most orders placed by 2:00PM or sometimes 5:00PM and will ship the next day. 

Dorr an East Coast Seafood purveyor and Lobstermen is a family firm (see websites below) performs the whole lobster cycle of catching, storage, and shipping.

Plus have their own warehouse tank storage. This is important one set of family hands handling your dinner from start to finish.

Lobster is alot like Dungeness crab in this way, careful gentle plucking from water to tank to thoughtful packing and shipping is crucial.

This kind of care keeps the lobsters from becoming physiologically stressed leading to an array of events which effect taste.

The more careful and controlled process of handling and environment the less likely the lobster will suffer from hyperglycemia and increased salinity leading to a premature death and thus affecting flavor.

Fresh lobster and crab sign, have them shipped to your door step today with Grocery411.com
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Shipping costs a few extra dollars, but if done with savvy like buying over $100.00 dollars easy to do with seafood then shipping could be free.

In example from Dorr shipping is only $29 but free on orders over $100.00 dollars.

Buy from shippers who use Styrofoam boxes with gel ice packs, that usually speaks to the quality of lobstermen your dealing with. 

Lobstermen and women catch and ship Tuesday through Friday, but not on Mondays. Expect to add $20.00 dollars in shipping costs for weekend arrivals to your doorstep.

Most orders placed by 2:00 PM to 5:00 PM ships this fancy East Coast seafood feast the very next day. 

Dorr Lobstermen is a family firm (see website below) which does the whole process of catching, storage, and shipping. Plus they have their own warehouse storage which keeps the quality high.

Buying Tips: "Don't Pay for Potatoes"

  • Check Groupon for savvy deals and price comparisons.

  • Avoid combination deals such as “Clam Bakes.” These raise the price of shipping and do you really want to pay for shipping a potatoe?

  • Dorr Lobstermen occasionally offers a buy four pounds, get one pound free offer of de-shelled lobster meat.

  • It’s a bit cheaper if you buy in bulk, but not a lot. 

  • Check out the additional costs before you choose a company e.g. Shipping, Insurance, or Packing Fees.

  • Most usually will not reimburse you for lost, damaged or stolen lobsters, but some do. Buy you can insure. 

Live Maine lobster being held up by a server,  the east coast seafood KING.
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Best Prices on Maine Lobster:  On average pay $19.00lb for live lobster, De-shelled meat fresh $53.00lb, and $25.00 for an 8-10oz Maine lobster tail. This this varies with size, quality, freshness and seasonal catches.

The Websites:

  1. Fresh live Maine lobster.
  2. Visit the Maine Lobster Festival.

Maryland Blue Crab

with Price Comparisons

There are two different types of Blue Crab in the US one found on East Coast specifically in Maryland’s waters.

The second is found in the Gulf of Mexico states which we cover under the page Gulf of Mexico Seafood. Try them both and which is the best for your palate.

Maryland Blue Crabs and east coast seafood treat to behold.
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As far as East Coast seafood it doesn't get much better than the Maryland or Chesapeake Blue Crab.

To some Blue Crab has a sweeter and better flavor than the King and Dungeness Crabs albeit smaller.

But you be the judge. Blue Crab ranges from the upper east coast to the tip of Florida across to the southern point of Texas. So of course we had to compare the Blue Crab prices for you.

Now southerners swear by their Gulf of Mexico Blue Crab while Maryland crabbers just know Blue Crab from east coast waters tastes best!

Festivals are held every year in of these states, usually this is where you can buy them the cheapest. For instance the Blue Crab Festival in Palatka, Florida happens on Memorial Day Weekend. 

A Funny Name... For A Sweet Swimmer

Get this, its Latin name “Callinectes Sapidus” means “beautiful savory swimmer”. Oh and how true it is be it from Maryland or the Gulf waters! 

Blue Crabs are a hard-shelled crab until they shed their shells (at this stage they’re called “peelers or soft shell crab”) and are the crab of choice for crab cakes. 

Occasionally east coast seafood connoisseurs may get a “whitey”, or “water gall”, in it which the crab swells up with water, has very little meat and loses its taste. Sadly even the best cooks can’t avoid nor detect this from occurring. 

Blue Crabs are pretty high in protein, vitamins and minerals and low in saturated fat. They can raise your cholesterol however.

In one serving (3½ ounces), there are 81 calories and 80-100 mg of cholesterol.

Crab 101, Compare Price and Quality 

  • Known for their sweet taste.
  • There’s no industry grading system for Blue Crabs 
  • The best quality is hand-picked which preserves the flavour.
  • Avoid pasteurised crab as the heating destroys the flavours edge.
  • The body white meat is more tasty and delicate, though it has a little higher fat content.

A bushel of Maryland Blue Crabs, and east coast seafood treat.
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A Deeper Look at the “Maryland” Blue Crab:

  1. Claws have a stronger taste and are meatier and darker. They’re good for main courses.
  2. The ‘mustard’ is the Blue Crab’s digestive system and is found in the middle. It has a yellow colour, a tangy taste and is considered a delicacy. However, if the crab was caught in an advisory area (including Maryland), it’s not recommended to eat this part as it may contain high levels of certain chemicals.
  3. To avoid them dropping their claws during cooking (their defence mechanism), stun them by setting them in ice-water prior to boiling.
  4. This east coast seafood delicacy on average yields about 2oz of meat depending on the size. 
  5. Males are called “Jimmies” and females called “sooks”

Shipping Affects Blue Crab Price: 

  • They’re stored in a live box in water or moist newspaper at 50°F and transported using gel packs. 
  • They can live for several days out of water (above 50°F.)
  • Before ordering know that shipments arriving on Saturdays usually incurs a surcharge of around $15.00. 
  • For the best taste, they need sensitive handling.
  • Live crabs are best only shipped Priority Overnight.
  • Steamed (pre-cooked crabs) can be shipped Standard Overnight, or by Ground. 
  • You can still eat a perished crab if it has no smell of ammonia.
  • Some places sell each bushel separately (one bushel is approx. 5 dozen.) Buying by bushel save you dollars on this east coast seafood delectable for sure.

Best Price on Maryland Blue Crab: On average pay $29.00 for 18 crabs. This this varies with size, quality, freshness and seasonal catches.

  • Do you have a better price, let us know?
  • The prices we compared below are for typically medium sized crabs about five inches, cooked or live, with the top shell removed. Note that shipping and handling or packing not included which can impact the price point.

Wherever you decide to buy you will know this East Coast Seafood is some of the best anywhere, the Blue Crab.

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