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Food in Vegas: Going through 35 grocery ads, 10 circulars, 20 websites, and 5 coupon books will give anyone indigestion, so we do it for you, every week!

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ALBERTSON’S Sale August 1st - 6th

Pizza by Tony’s assorted toppings $1.49 each for the 14.55oz 12 inch. Buy while cheap and freeze, for those busy “I have no time to cook” meals.

Water Purified Albertson’s bottled 24 per case 16.9oz is .08¢ a bottle. The cheapest buy of the year on water. However bring the kids or make a few purchases as it is limit 2. 

Coke assorted flavors 12 can 12 packs 4 for $11.00 or about .23¢ per can limit 4 packs.

Grapes fresh red in a 2lb pack $1.49 each. That’s .75¢lb not a bad buy! 

Chicken breasts bone-in fresh jumbo pack .99¢lb fair buy. 

Albertsons is now advertising all there beef is choice grade which is an excellent well-marbled cut of beef. We will investigate this claim and get back to you on it. Currently they have a tri-tip boneless choice roast at $3.49lb.

SMITH’S Sale August 1st – 6th 

Lawry’s meat marinade 12 oz bottles steal at .49¢, regularly $1.49.

Blueberries fresh 2lbs $4.99, buy the 2lb size for that low price, that’s $2.50lb a great buy, great to freeze then put in the kids cereal!

Butter Kroger salted and unsalted $2.29lb not a bad buy usually $1.97 at the warehouse stores. Great to freeze.

Salmon fresh wild-caught sockeye aka red salmon $9.99lb. 

Sausage breakfast Kroger roll 1lb size $2.50 each.

Bread Oroweat assorted $1.99, 20 oz loaf.

FOOD4LESS  August 1st – 6th 

Eggs medium Kroger 5 dozen (60) $4.98 or .08¢ egg.

Tampico Citrus Punch gallon size $1.00.

Instant Lunch by Maruchan 24 cup pack for $6.98 or .29¢ each.

7-Up, Squirt, Sunkist or Hawaiian Punch 2 liter bottles only .88¢ great for surprise guests or parties, must buy 4.

La Bonita Supermarkets August 1st - 6th 

Watermelon fresh seedless 8lbs for $1.00 or .12¢lb.

Cucumbers fresh $1.00 for 4 each.

Onions red fresh 4lbs for $1.00.

VONS August 1st – 6th 

Soda in can assorted “Refreshe” brand $1.88 per 12 can case or .15¢ per can. NEED coupon which is on the front of the Vons ad in-store. Limit 2 of this food in Vegas. 

Cantaloupe large fresh .88¢ each.

Nissin Cups 6 pack 2.25oz assorted $1.88 or .31¢ each.

Eggs large Lucerne $6.99 for 5 dozen or .11¢ egg, grab coupon in-store flyer.

Bread Safeway large 22oz loaf Kitchens Butter Top, Crushed Wheat & 100% Wheat $1.99 per loaf.

TARGET  August 1st - 3rd 

Iams adult dog food dry $16.99 for 15lbs or 1.13lb. 

Take a for a moment and take a good long look at these cheapest foods in Vegas. Week after week of receiving these deals soon you will be stocked up on the basics.

More importantly you will have saved $100's and $100's of dollars. Money you can spend on what you need and like.

Going through 35 grocery ads, 10 circulars, 20 websites, and 5 coupon books will give anyone indigestion, so we do it for you, every week.

2012 USDA: The average family in the US spends $612 per month on groceries. This does not include dining out.

Research of Grocery411™ savings methods demonstrates greater than a 50% savings on a families monthly food bill.

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