Frugal Food Storage Tips 

Here are some food storage tips at your fingertips! Everyday storage with plastic baggies really ads up quick. Do you find yourself using Ziploc bags one time for a bagel or croissant? 

Not very frugal is it? Well I have an awesome frugal alternative for you. So it has a drawback. But first let's consider the cost of using the sacred Ziploc.

How To Save $70.00

After using the zipper bags have you ever tried to wash, dry then reuse them? Let me ask you this, how long did that little ritual last? I am chuckling inside because I attempted the same thing, in vain of course to save dollars.

Wow how those Ziploc bags add up, and add up quickly. 

At any one time the pantry contained a case of every size Ziploc. I remember one trip to Sam’s Club specifically. Because I spent $70.00 in Ziplocs just to store left overs? What bothered me the most, was that I knew would be paying that $70.00 again. Every 6-12 months, year after year ouch.

Food Storage Tip: Bags

Now, back to that alternative to the expense of Ziplocs. This gallon sized great value baggie hundreds of uses. I know. I have used it a hundred different ways for years.

Let’s look at the price consideration. The gallon great value bag is $.03 cents each. Their counterpart, by Ziploc in the gallon size are $.24 cents each. Oh, and no that was not for the freezer bag by Ziploc either. That is a MONSTER savings. Use a Ziploc bag once then throw it away, is like tossing a shiny new quarter into the trash. Every time you use one, day after day and week after week for years.

The downside, there is no zipper. Only twist ties. Which at first I must admit was not an impressive thought. Why I came from years of having a zipper, on the bag. In fact it was a generational hand me down as my parents used only Ziploc brand bags too. Know what I found? I use the twist tie about every 10th bag or so. I just don’t need it. Not when you can hold the bag up, spin it around and lay it on itself. I still have Ziplocs for special uses because they have their pluses. But the money I save by using the great value bag really is eye opening.

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