Free Grocery Secrets

Spread around these free grocery secrets with friends and family. Stop living paycheck to paycheck. It is time to take control on life’s second largest expense, food.

Bait And Switch
Free Grocery Secrets #1

Supermarket Bait and Switch

You see an ad which reads "Plump Butterball Turkeys on sale 59¢ a pound." You know that is a great price therefore dropping what you were doing to run to the store to lay claim to a Butterball! Only to find out they are sold out. Now feeling like your the only turkey there, suddenly you notice they have dozens store brand birds for sale. You look around for some help, wondering how many of those plump juicy Butterballs they had to begin with anyway?

Alas, you find a clerk who says they will honor the Butterball price on a store brand turkey. Thinking “This sounds oddly familiar.” But having already made the trip you buy the turkey.

You have just been baited with a Butterball Turkey only to show up and have the deal switched on you! What can you do?

You can blow more of your precious time trying to find a manager and ask for a rain check. Which means you would have to return again. If they even offer rain checks. We like this one best “Uh, that’s all the Butterballs were getting this season.” What they should have put on the ad is “While supplies last.”

The Takeaway

Nothing, there really isn't much you can do about this. Wikipedia says laws exist to sue for false advertising. If there is a trend of bait and switch you could consult with your attorney. 

Coupons, Cut To The Chase
Free Grocery Secrets #2 

Coupons, A Wolf In Sheep’s Clothing?

Everyone knows coupons are good deals right? No, usually not anymore. This supermarket secret known to few is a way grocers strategize to confuse buyers adding to their bottom line.

Here’s how it goes down. Marketing departments design a coupon resembling one the manufactures make. It may have photos, a bar code, and even a dotted boarder to clip along. 

Again you ask yourself “It’s a coupon it must be a good deal, right?” Wrong, it’s a wolf in a sheep’s clothing. The coupon is not marked down or worse yet being sold at a higher price. Certainly not the low buy historically associated with coupons. 

After meticulously combing through ads for several years, 95% of weekly coupons in circulars are not what you might expect. The exception would be a one originating from a manufacture versus the local supermarket. Even then the coupons vary. 

The Takeaway

Cut to the chase with a coupon and spend a few moments to read it carefully. Then know your prices. Make a list of what you regularly buy, track the sales, then you will absolutely know when a sale is actually a sale versus misleading marketing.   

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