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For Canadians looking for gluten free online grocery look no further. Body minded shoppers can find gluten free low carb foods like vegan and organic at GoBio.

GoBio provides an optional, online source for pre-packaged and canned list of gluten free foods.

This online grocer certainly wouldn’t be your main resource for groceries, but it may be just right for special one-of-a-kind items that are harder to find like organic almond pudding mix vegan gummy bears for the kids!

While located in Canada this gluten free online grocery ships just about anywhere. They have their product all over in Canada's stores as well as on line. There are currently at eight states in the USA. Be sure to compare food prices always!

The founder has been mixing and making their foods for over two and one half decades in Canada.

So my guess is this gluten free girl has a pretty good understanding on foods like gluten free cookies, brownies and gluten free diet plans.

Founder's note: are you serious about cutting your grocery bill in half, truly serious?

If you are truly determined and want to save about $300 per month consider using our free Grocery411.com software to compare food prices, here

It's a Gluten Free Mall of Vegan Foods 

GoBio's Grocery Online Delivery Tips

Groceries For Delivery: Organic and gluten free: candy; bullion; gelatin; coffee and dessert mixes.

Unavailable: fresh meats; eggs; produce; dairy products; baked good; alcohol or tobacco.

Sundries: No

Medicine: No

Minimum Purchase: No

Contract: No. All prices are in Canadian Dollars.

Four Grocery Item Price Comparisons: Incomparable items.

Customer Service Number & Hours: (519) 853-9258 Monday - Friday 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM EST; Mailing address: RR 1, Acton, ON L7J2L7

Guarantee and Refund: Refunds available only within the first 30 days following purchase. See website for details of their refund policy for their gluten free online grocery items.

Live Chat: No

Website: www.gobiofood.com

Email: info@gobiofood.com

Delivery Area: USA or Canada

Delivery Method: USPS or Canadian Post

Delivery Cost: Orders over $85.00 (Canadian) may be eligible for free shipping.

Estimated Arrival Time: 4 – 5 days after order is placed

Drop-off: General postal delivery terms, since food is nonperishable. 

Pros and Cons of GoBio Online Grocery


  • Organic and gluten free items.
  • No minimum purchase or contract terms required.
  • Recipes pages for the gluten free girl or guy!
  • Gluten free low carb foods and recipes.


  • Limited selection.
  • No fresh items.
  • Fairly long wait for delivery.

Headquartered: Anke.ca/GoBio Organics 14191 Crewson’s Line Acton, ON L7J2L7 Canada

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