Frugal Buys On Healthy Eats

  • Save hundreds more on grocery bills
  • Regularly provide more nutritious meals than ever before
  • And do this with more ease and grace than you might expect

Source USDA

Secret To Becoming Debt Free

The secret to getting out of debt: is to start right now, it’s simple and it’s here.

Ever been in the store and said “To heck with the price, we have to eat” then buy whatever you wanted? I know I sure did thousands of times.

Because trying to outsmart the supermarket is just way too complex, especially every week.

Plus you simply have too many other things to do.

Now there is a way to get the best prices week after week. We have researched and published the lowest prices over seven years now. While one can always learn more, we pretty much have mastered BRINGING you the lowest buys.

Just click on the California or Nevada link below, if you don’t live in either place sit tight were coming.

PS, did I mention how fun it is to save in a way you never dreamed of to help get out of debt?

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The Dollar Store Las Vegas Maximizes Your Savings

The dollar store Las Vegas maximizes your grocery, medicine and sundry savings. But not everything is a cheap buy at Las Vegas dollar stores. List of Vegas dollar store locations

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Chia Seed Benefits, Costs And Where To Buy

Chia seed benefits have epic amounts of antioxidants; energy; omega-3; fiber; protein. They are inexpensive, easy to store and simple to eat.

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How To Buy Cheap Roasts With Superb Quality

Buy delicious but cheap roasts. Which is cheaper tri tip or sirloin tip roast, which has better flavor dollar for dollar? We show you the value and prices on roasts and more

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4 Cheap Food Storage Containers and Ideals

4 cheap food storage containers. Plus more ways to save the family money. Managing the grocery budget on the cheap is no easy task. Or is it?

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Grocery Price Comparison Guide Prepare To Be Suprised

Have a family, restaurant, or group home and need grocery price comparisons? 800 Grocery prices compared by hand seafood to Pampers. The original GC Guide slices grocer ad hype. Ready to buy low?

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Print This List To Save Big Thanksgiving...

List Of Lowest Grocery Buys For Las Vegas For Thanksgiving!

Albertsons Wednesday 11/18 to Thursday 11/26

*** Will match Smiths price on Honeysuckle turkey

Beef New York roast boneless $4.97lb sold in bag

Beef rib eye roast bone in $6.97lb sold whole in bag

Beef brisket $2.99lb sold whole in bag

Ground beef 93% lean $3.99lb

Leg of lamb boneless $5.99lb

Chicken breast boneless skinless $1.79lb

Turkey breast frozen boneless $1.49lb Honeysuckle

Ground turkey $1.99lb Jennie O sold in 3lb roll

Click "Continue reading" for remaining Las Vegas supermarket list

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Picture This...

Picture this Californians and Nevadans it’s Friday night and you now have more coins to party.

Bonus, come Sunday you pay more than the just minimum on those student loans or credit cards sounding good?

This is how you do it. Make this weeks’ menu from the list. What is the list? Each week the absolute lowest prices from grocery flyers are scrubbed against our over the top database.

Now, only the most frugal smartest buys are posted for you, here, and every week.

Hello Friday Night!

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What Is Greek Yogurt

What is Greek yogurt, and is it more nutritional than regular yogurt and why? We explore these questions and prices.

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Health Benefits Of Blueberries And How To Calcuate Savings

The top 15 health benefits of blueberries. But those benefits are useless if we can’t afford to buy blueberries. Therefore we discuss how to save money when buying, as well as their health benefits.

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Produce Prices: How to Compare Veggie Costs to Save Money

Tips for comparing produce prices to save money and eat healthy throughout the year without breaking your budget.

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The Health Benefits Of Sweet Potatoes

This super food is no longer just for the holidays. They are loaded with vitamins; minerals; antioxidants; protein and fiber.

But Do You Like Sweet Potatoes?
First you must like them to benefit. In fact when was the last time you ate one, as a child maybe? Try this, add cinnamon (which is a powerful antioxidant itself), organic butter with cane sugar. Bake one with your favorite grass fed steak, the two flavors will fight with each other to win over your taste buds. The word “Delicious” is an inadequate description. It’s an explosion of flavor.

Orange Flesh Potatoes
Okay now that you can enjoy them, check out more health benefits. The orange varieties have beta-carotene for eye health, eat them with butter as the carotene needs a little fat to be effective.

The Purple Ones!
Purple sweet potatoes have anthocyanins which are antioxidants aka anti-carcinogenic aka cancer fighters! Glycemic index is 70, medium for diabetes. They have anti-inflammatory properties. Prolonged inflammation leads to scar tissue resulting in cells which malfunction.

Lastly, don’t boil sweet potatoes simply steam or bake splaying them open like a baked potato or slice the long ones into half inch coin shaped bites.

How To Save Money On Sweet Potatoes
If they are over $1.50lb wait and buy them cheaper, unless there purple, then buy them if under $2.00lb

Sweet Potatoes How Much How Often?
A serving size is one cup, so one to two cups a day.

Source and USDA National Nutrient Database


We will cover why nutritionist know now that fat is good for you in just a moment.

Well shoot, just spent the last 20 mins writing feedback for your article Anucyia which I liked below here, and I be damned if I just didn’t lose it some were. Doesn’t that just make you seething mad when that happens? Does me.

Whelp, the long and short of it. We need good fats they have CLA and more in them, aiding in digestion and absorption and synergizing with other foods for weight loss, and lower insulin levels and more.

Wrote how frustrating searching for whole milk yogurt in a sea of 0%, 2% and Low Fat versions. Most do not know how critical the good fats are so grocers stock 50 varieties of low fat yogurts to buried 1, 2, maybe 3 yogurts with whole milk.

Recently I blogged on this very topic of good fats at Grocery411 entitled “Health Benefits Of Yogurt” educating my visitors on how to “Get skinny by getting fat!” The right kind of fat.

I managed to recreate the post, now less frustrated and my apologies for poor language albeit timely descriptors!

Thanks again will repost your article "The Workout Diet" Anucyia below.


A Little Love For Cooper And You!

  • Side note: meet Cooper, a teenager with an awesome attitude now has a gofundme page below.

  • He’s always loved basketball. He is a winner. Coops new game is conquering two (2) forms of cancer. Oh, and his support team? Well they could certainly use your prayers, cheers and a little old fashion generosity.

  • Would you kindly visit and help them score a little love? I promise you will feel your own love right after you help! Thank you Bill Guerra RN and friend.

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Having Brain Farts, Think Flavonoids!

Whose brain doesn’t need a boost from time to time, would you like to know the natural way to turbo charge your brain? Enter: FLAVINOIDS! The naturally occurring antioxidant yummy goodness’s found in blueberries; oranges; dark chocolate; black tea and much more.

Researchers claim they improve memory (the opposite of brain farts) and speed of cognition. You know tasks like problem solving and critical thinking and well, who doesn’t need that? Here’s how to get smart.

Five Fabulous Flavonoids

(Plus serving size and smart price range)

  1. Blueberries, raw, ½ cup, $1.00 - $3.00lb
  2. Black tea, brewed, 1 cup, cheap!
  3. Cranberries, raw, dried, chopped, 1 cup, $4.00 - $5.00lb
  4. Cherries, sweet and raw, 1 cup, $1.80 - $3.00lb
  5. Oranges, raw, or juice 1 cup, whole 14¢ - 50¢ a pound

Flavonoids are not friends with heat or cooking so eat as fresh as possible, exception is the brewed black tea.

So every time you see blueberries, think flavonoids and splurge. If you don’t think flavonoids then definitely buy them!

Sources ,

Are Eggs Scrambling To $10.00 A Dozen?

The price of a dozen eggs has cracked the scales with over a 30% increase in the average egg prices in US cities in 2015 due to the avian flu outbreak December 2014. The disease has affected wild, backyard and commercial fowl.

Prices Of One Dozen Eggs In Southwest States By Date:

  • September 2015 egg market price of grade AA large $3.19 dozen
  • August 2015 organic grade A large brown eggs $5.13 a dozen
  • July 2015 dozen cage free non-organic grade AA large browns $2.98
  • January 2014 grade AA large $1.88 a dozen
  • November 2013 price of one dozen grade AA large eggs 85¢

Source -

Educating families on how to get more food on their tables and healthy food at that, is goal number one at Grocery411. We scour 25 grocery ads every week hand picking the lowest buys and posting these to Grocery411. We call it “Grocery Price Transparency™.”

One in five children in America suffer from food insecurity. We try to educate families on how to buy groceries wisely. Additionally as of late we have added the best buys on organic and natural foods.

14 Incredible Edible EGG Tricks Saves You Time!

While no one wants to pay $10.00 for a dozen eggs, could it happen? If the avian flu does not get better contained at a quicker pace we could see egg prices continuing to boil over, but to what extend is yet to be seen.

Alternatives to fresh eggs are available and once you purchase them the price stops increasing! It is the same whole eggsloaded with protein only in a powdered form. The good thing about these eggs is that their long shelf life. It is a good feeling to know you have some food on hand in the event of a disaster. I mean you can make omelets, scrambled dishes well anything which has egg, except over easy.

Avian Flu And Your Safety

Can the avian flu affect your health? The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) “considers the risk to people from these HPAI H5 infections to be low." This quick video from the USDA Chief Veterinary Officer addresses those concerns.

Do you remember how to handle poultry at home? Here is a 30 second audio review as a reminder.

Lastly we hope the price of a dozen eggs doesn’t hit $10.00 for a long, long time. Meanwhile Grocery411 will continue to provide Grocery Price Transparency, helping you to keep your money where it belongs, in your pockets.

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99¢ Only Store, Only It Cost More Than 99 Cents

Is It…

The “99¢ Cent Only Store

Or the “$1.99 Cent Sometimes Only Store

Or the “$4.99 Cent Only If You Catch It In Time Store?”

I actually believed everything in the store was only 99¢, much to my surprise I should have used better sense.

I mean isn’t business built on the sleight of hand, clever packaging, and speaking in forked tongues. You bet it is.

Believe It Or Not, You Are In Business Too

You are in the: Washington; Wú; Garcia; and (insert your last name here) Business! The number one business goal is to create and keep your families’ bottom line profitable.

When the 99¢ Only or for that matter any grocery store puts on a sale try this; get your calculator out; read the price and size twice; make notes; create a shopping list then do your shopping, smart. And always eat before you shop.

Groceries Are Your Second Largest Expense

More than your car, your utilities and well you get the picture. An expense this large, groceries or not I realized needs to be treated with respect. Respect versus “Let me run in, grab whatever I need, leave a trail of money along the grocery aisle floors then blow right out of there in the car.”

In your mind, raise your hand if over years of buying groceries you began telling yourself:

  • I gotta eat?”
  • Geez, it’s only groceries, not a new car, I’ll buy whatever.”
  • I work hard and certainly I can buy what I want at a darn supermarket!”

Ouch I kind of thought so but don’t despair!

Might There Be A Better Way?

Have you ever wondered why someone hasn't build a grocery app? To compare groceries like this site which compares iPhones. It’s called price transparency. Precisely the transparency shoppers need buying groceries. Only one spends 12-24 times the amount on groceries as they do on the iPhone a one year. The most needed app? Why the grocery price transparency app of course!

It might work like this, Cindy spots a low price on red salmon and texts it into the app, alerting fellow shoppers like Bobby. Bobby loves red salmon and stocks the freezer. Next week Bobby sees fresh grapes for under a buck and does the same. A kind of “Pay it forward.”

Lastly and maybe most importantly this app, well it kept a running tab on previous cheap prices for salmon and grapes. Now when Cindy and Bobby go shopping again they can pull out the app and do a search for “Salmon” and see what the most recent and lowest price salmon was sold for. So they would know what and what not to pay.

By this time Bobby and Cindy are a couple and thanks to their app are making informed decisions before buying that salmon. Or you know...investing in their second largest business expense, groceries.

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Who’s Americas Low Price Leader?


What’s the deal on your prices?

Selling your Wal-Mart brand of organic milk for $4.38 a half gallon?

When Costco is at $3.66, Smith’s (Kroger) and Albertsons (VONS) sells their brands for $3.79. That sixty cent difference adds up, and up and up. If that’s not low enough well, Kroger and VONS often puts on sale for $3.50.

Nutritious organic foods are expensive enough to cultivate and bring to market, a grocery store your size should make the prices competitive.

Readers, just so you know things are not always what they seem, or as advertised. This is exactly why we are building the Grocery Price Transparency© app. If you join our newsletter on the home page, we’ll let you know when app publishes.

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Yogurt Prices And Health Benefits

Yogurt prices and yogurts health benefits are both important to know prior to grocery spending.

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Greek Yogurt vs Yogurt

First, What Is Yogurt?

“Yogurt is made by adding cultures of live bacterial strains to pasteurized milk and incubating the mixture at 110˚F until the desired flavor and thickness is reached. The lactic acid produced by the culture coagulates the milk protein, thickening the milk and adding the characteristic tart flavor. Flavoring, nonfat milk solids and stabilizers may also be added”. Source

Secondly, What Is Greek Yogurt?

Simply put Greek yogurt is yogurt which goes through a straining process to remove most of yogurts sugars, sodium and fats! If we only look at the nutrient facts at face value we might conclude that yes, Greek yogurt is healthy. It has 25-45% more protein, and protein like fat gives us that wonderful feeling of satiety. More on that in a moment.

Greek Yogurt VS Regular Yogurt The Nutritional Difference

Greek Yogurt

Plain Greek Yogurt Whole Milk By Fage® one serving or seven ozs
Calories220Sodium80 mg
Total Fat11 gPotassium0 mg
Saturated8 gTotal Carbs9 g
Polyunsaturated0 gDietary Fiber0 g
Monounsaturated0 gSugars9 g
Trans0 gProtein17 g
Cholesterol35 mg
Vitamin A15%Calcium20%
Vitamin C0%Iron0%

Regular, Non-Greek Yogurt

Plain Yogurt Whole Milk By Fage® one serving or seven ozs
Calories260Sodium60 mg
Total Fat20 gPotassium0 mg
Saturated16 gTotal Carbs6 g
Polyunsaturated0 gDietary Fiber0 g
Monounsaturated0 gSugars6 g
Trans0 gProtein14 g
Cholesterol35 mg
Vitamin A15%Calcium20%
Vitamin C0%Iron0%

Whole Milk, Greek Yogurt And Weight Loss

Thus after eating whole milk Greek yogurt you’re full. You’re full because all that muscle building protein combined with the satiety of its fats. The key is you get a true feeling of fullness. If your full from this superfood you will not even think about snacking which is where those bad calories add up, quickly.

I hope that makes sense because often grocery shoppers will buy the low, non-fat or cheapest yogurts. Perhaps not a well thought out purchase. What may be smarter is being full, (by eating whole milk Greek yogurts, not the popular zero, 1 or 2% varieties) do this and you avoid impulse snacking. Trust me here on this.

The beauty of whole milk, Greek yogurt is that it gives you the protein to build muscle and the benefits good fat offers, both of which make you feel full and satisfied. This is in part, the difference between Greek yogurt vs regular yogurt.

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Yogurt Price Comparison Chart - Southwest Region

Yogurt Prices

Yogurt prices will vary depending on the quality and care that goes into making a yogurt. For example, cow’s which are 100% grass fed, humanely treated and allowed free range, well, the price is about double. Double the cost of regular yogurt.

Let's consider for a moment the cows which were partially grass fed and less well cared for. Yes the yogurt is less expensive. But the bummer here is that the bioavailability of nutrient value drops.

By the way bioavailability is an important concept to understand when we talk of nutrition. In this scenario, it is the amount of wholesome nutrients produced from these well treated cows, that our bodies can absorb and put to use. Our bodies cannot well absorb or put to use processed foods or those regular yogurts to any high degree of bioavailability.

ProductBrandTotalQuantityUnit CostStoreDate
Yogart Greek 0% fatDannon light & fit$0.60.6oz$.10ozGlazier's2/15
Yogurt GreekFage$1.007oz$.14ozAlbertsons2/15
Yogurt GreekYoplait$0.755.3oz$.141ozAlbertsons7/15
Yogurt GreekChobani$0.885.3$.17ozAlbertsons7/15
Yogurt Greek whole milkFage$3.9917.6oz$.23ozWhole Foods6/15
Yogurt organic 100% grass fed whole milkTraderspoint Creamery$2.295oz$.46ozWhole Foods6/15
Yogurt organic Greek 0% fatStonyfield$1.995.3oz$.38ozWhole Foods6/15
Yogurt organic whole milkWallaby$1.995.3oz$.36ozWhole Foods6/15
Yogurt raspberry whole milkBrown Cow$3.88.32oz$.12ozGlaziers7/15

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The Health Benefits Of Yogurt (part 3)

Tags: Live Active Cultures; Greek Yogurt VS Yogurt; Yogurt For Vaginal Health; Yogurt Prices

Whole milk Greek yogurt is an awesomely delicious treat. In the past two blog posts entitled the “Health Benefits Of Yogurt Parts 1 and 2”, we discussed those benefits. But let’s quickly review them.

Good Fat And Yogurt, Smart!

One small serving size of a cup of whole milk yogurt fills you up! And how you get that wonderful feeling of satiety unlike one gets with 0%, 1% or 2% yogurts. That whole milk yogurt contains conjugated linoleic acid or (CLA). CLA can decrease the body’s inflammation occurring from several things but processed foods are one. CLA reportedly minimizing cardiac events, blood sugar spikes and bone loss. CLA is a saturated fat so just respect the serving size because good CLA fat is still fattening.

Greek Yogurt VS Regular Yogurt

Why is Greek yogurt healthy? Because it’s loaded with protein which also leads to satiety. Thus after eating whole milk Greek yogurt you’re full, thus less snacking on the foods you are trying to avoid. I hope that makes sense because it’s often shoppers buy the low or no fat foods. Not always wise, but what is wise is being full and not being driven to impulsively snack.

Whole milk Fage Greek yogurt is an excellent choice. Loaded with protein and good fats. Brown Cow is a great whole milk yogurt, try the maple, oh wow talk about taste. Unfortunately at the time of this writing, the Brown Cow whole milk yogurt is not Greek style. Greek Yogurt vs yogurt: Greek yogurt is strained removing most of the whey. Regular is not strained in that fashion.

Good For The Gut And More

Ensure your yogurt lists “Contains” live active cultures, not “Made” with or from live active cultures. It may read just “Cultures" but settle for only “Contains live active cultures or enzymes.” This is great for the stomach.

It is good bacteria which spoils the bad bacteria. Woman know to eat yogurt for vaginal health to keep the flora normalized. Woman have used yogurt for yeast infections for years. There I said it!

1st Sav-A-Lot Grocery Store Opens In Las Vegas 40% Off

Sav-A-Lot, a new Las Vegas supermarket is opening one of it’s three stores tomorrow in an attempt to penetrate the already heavy laden supermarket scene in Las Vegas, NV.

It is reminiscent of Dollar General Markets and Buy Low. Sav-A-Lot’s goal is to offer groceries with no frills at low prices. A plus is they heavily advertise a 100% money back guarantee prominently in their ads.

Their mantra is “40% less than conventional grocers.”The discount supermarket chain opens August 13, 2015 and is located at 1120 East Charleston Boulevard 89104. Their Telephone 703-471-0007. Hours are Monday – Saturday 8:00am to 10:00pm and Sunday 8:00am to 9:00pm.

The two other stores are set to open the first part of 2016 located at:

4440 East Charleston Boulevard

6100 Vegas Drive

Sav-A-Lot has 1,300 stores in about 40 states nationwide. Mayor Goodman and two city council members Friday will do the ribbon cutting ceremony for the new Las Vegas supermarket.

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Health Benefits Of Yogurt part 2

Become Skinny By Getting Fat!

Eat yogurt. In fact eat Greek yogurt which has twice the protein of regular. In fact eat Greek yogurt made with whole milk. Here’s why, if you want to lose weight avoid 0%, 1% and 2% milk fat and you’ll get the full health benefits of yogurt.

The Warm And Fuzzy Feeling Of Satiety

Do you remember that fat seems to fill you up? Well whole milk (Good fat) Greek (High protein) yogurt gives you a warm and fuzzy feeling of fullness called “satiety.”

A Pearl Of Wisdom

Wisdom is when you feel full, you don’t snack. Snacking that adds up calories. You know, those calories that stick to us like glue. Eat rather compulsively, here is some good news. You know what begins to happen? Over time, as you eat more natural and healthy foods. Foods like nuts, yogurts, cage free, organic, and grass fed food your desire to eat, drops. Your body knows when it’s being fed healthy and right so the stomach tells the mind (biochemical reactions), “Hey were good down here, no need to snack now.” And you’re none the wiser, you don’t even know its happening. After months you just know you have lost weight. This is what dieticians call “Eating right.”

Good Bacteria Keeps You Alive And Well

So get skinny by getting Greek whole milk yogurt or at least the whole milk. Oh and be sure to buy the yogurts with “Live activated enzymes” written on the Nutritional Facts label. “Live” is the keyword, not all are “Live.” If the bacteria is not live, then its dead to you.

Examples of enzymes which can be live or dead:

• S. thermophilus

• L. bulgaricus

• L. acidophilus

• Bifidus.

Yogurts’ enzymes are those good bacteria’s you hear about from time to time in your food which you may have always wondered “How weird is bacteria in your food.” Well anyway their function is to help your immune system fight off illness. We’re talking food which is so much better than processed foods.

Greek, Whole Milk Yogurt Solid Gold

Now combine what you know about live enzymes, omega-3, CLA, Greek, whole milk and diet from the other two yogurt blog posts, and you have a superfood that just went solid platinum into your diet. Now if those aren’t awesome health benefits I don’t know what is!

Keeping It Frugal

Seeing’s we here at Grocery411 are all about saving money on groceries we would be remiss if we did not mention savings. So keep an eye out when the 32 ounce size cartons go on sale. Save those little 5.3 ounce containers for the occasional treat only. The 32 ounce cartons will cost you about .65 cents a serving at the time of this writing in 2015. You will get four, once cup servings out of the 32 ounce carton.

With any new food regimen check with your doctor.

USDA recommends 3 cups of dairy daily for adults.

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Good Effects Of Chia Seeds

So What's The Good Effects Of Chia Seeds?

People concerned about nutrition and health are asking about the good effects of chia seeds. It can be said that eating 1-2 tablespoons of chia is reminiscent of having an energy drink (for stamina); oatmeal (for fiber); steak (for protein); red salmon (for omega-3) and blueberries (for antioxidants), the best of all worlds.

What Kind Of Chia Seed Should I Buy?

Research shows the organic dark black seeds have the most nutrient value the oils are still fresh the darker the seed. You’ll want to avoid the brown ones.

Chia seed has little to no flavor which makes it nice to add to most dishes and beverages. Now you can turn your favorite foods into a superfood (But really there is no such thing as a superfood, it’s a marketing term.)

Add Chia Seed To:

Try adding 1-2 tablespoons to your: oatmeal; cereal; smoothie; yogurt; pomegranate or orange juice; water or favorite dish. I put 2 tablespoons in a 8-10oz glass of POM Pomegranate Juice then let it soak overnight and sip on it over the morning. Google pictures of Mamma Chia® Vitality drink to see what it resembles.

Bowel Regularity A Good Effect Of Chia Seed

It’s been reported by people who say there is no finer all natural or more means of staying regular. Making this superfood a superhero in the bathroom!

Is There A Drawback To Chia Seeds?

Chia seed has been used for centuries even used for currency by the Aztec. However today most studies have been carried out in vivo and according to the National Institute of Health more human studies need to completed to understand the safety and efficacy of this medicinal food.

Be sure to never eat the seeds dry as they swell up 12 times their size, you don't want it swelling in your throat! As with any new diet change always check with your medical professional especially if you are on blood thinners or have low blood pressure. Chia seed may cause a little bloating and gas especially when you first start using it, just like if a raw food diet could.

Chia Seeds, How Much How Often?

Adults two tablespoons of dried seed as bought from the store. Some of us take it daily, again always consult with your medical professional to get them in the loop, that’s just smart health care.

For good effects of chia seeds or any food take a vacation from it occasionally which could help prevent developing an allergy to this medicinal food.

Source - ; ;

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PUFA’S And Benefits Of Walnuts part 2

What’s A PUFA?

Omega-3 fatty acids are PUFA’s! Oh, that’s not H.R. PufnStuf the TV series character but polyunsaturated fatty acids.

You know, it’s that good fat in salmon and of course walnuts. Not fond of fish or don’t want to carry a salmon around with you? Then get your PUFA’s from walnuts.

How To Add Walnuts Into Your Diet

Walnuts are convenient, easy to transport and loaded with nutrients. Put them in your pocket, purse, desk or auto. It just might keep you from picking up your favorite junk food at 4pm, and those unwanted pounds.

How Can I Save Money When Buying Walnuts?

You need to know where to buy them, fresh and cheap. That is if you want to regularly incorporate those excellent health benefits of walnuts into your diet.

Because let me tell you that in tracking prices on groceries weekly, for four years in a row, we have yet to see a low prices on walnuts, or nuts in general at supermarkets. So buy them either online or at Costco and Sam’s Club warehouses, that’s where you’ll find lower prices.

Walnuts, How Much And How Often?

Adults Start the day with six whole walnuts (14 halves) or ¼ cup and get 100% of your omega-3.

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The Health Benefits Of Yogurt part 1

Yes, you heard right... Become Skinny By Getting Fat

Get skinny by getting the right kind of fat is one of the health benefits of yogurt. Look for 100% Grass fed whole milk yogurt. It's the best to lose weight yet kinda hard to find. Brown Cow is one of my favorites.

Want to lose weight then skip the 0% or 2% fat yogurts!

Side note, off the weight subject for a moment. The fat in yogurt is conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) and omega-3 both help to spoil heart attacks, inflammation, blood sugar spikes, and bone loss. Is the right kind of yogurt a powerful tub-O-food? You better believe it is!

Stay tuned to get the skinny on why eating the yogurt with fat, makes you a skinny mini.

Yogurt, How Much How Often?

USDA recommends three cups of dairy daily for adults. Yogurt of course is a dairy product.

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Benefits Of Walnuts part 1

Not a fan of fish, try walnuts, yes walnuts.

They have more antioxidants (cancer fighters) than any other nut. Walnuts not only look like the Incredible Hulk they have his power to clobber free radicals (cancer causing agents) to bits. Need walnuts, I mean can we get enough of these babies Braga Organic Farms Organic Walnuts 4 lb bag

You see because walnuts have the greatest antioxidant levels of all nuts it gives them a 6th degree black belt as a ninja fighter against pre-mature aging, cancer and heart disease.

Walnuts, How Much How Often?

Start the day with six whole walnuts (14 halves) or ¼ cup and get 100% of your omega-3 for the day!

Walnuts - Chop, bang, boom!

Fill a bag and leave them at work. Leave in the car and pack them in lunches for a quick nutritious snack.

Source - and

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The Benefits Of Blueberries Part 3

The USDA reported when they fed blueberry powder to hamsters wait that's weird, anyway it was found to lower their cholesterol and had more healthy breast tissue, and stronger bones. Go blueberries! Plus it helped to prevent artery plaque.

Of course plaque is the villain of stroke and heart attacks, always good to reduce plaque.

Blueberries, How Much How Often

Chow down on three small handfulls (1/2 cup) a week for adults.


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The Benefits Of Blueberries Part 2

Blueberries have anthocyanins, promoting cellular protection from disease and healing.

Research suggests they play active roles in promoting eye and heart health, decreasing cancer cell proliferation or growth and more. Blueberries are our friend.

Blueberries, How Much How Often?

Enjoy three small handfuls (1/2 cup) a week for adults.

Source –

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Women, Heart Attacks And Blueberries?

Women, Heart Attacks and Blueberries Part 1

“Those women who ate the most (blueberries and strawberries) were 34% less likely to have suffered a heart attack than were women who ate the least of those berries.”

Blueberries, How Much How Often?

Best results eat three or more ½ cup servings a week for adults.

Source -

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Robbing Piggy Banks Just To Buy Groceries?

Many supermarkets in your home town will offer discounts at different times of the month to various groups of people to earn your business.

For example in Las Vegas, NV Albertsons offers 10% discounts to Sports Fans, First Responders, Veterans and Seniors.

While the offer is only once a month, it’s still is good to save $15 on $150 worth of food, right?

Ask what is not covered under the discount. They may not discount dairy, alcohol and tobacco for example.

Find out which of your favorite stores offer discounts then put it in your smart phone to get a reminder the day before.

This allows you time to plan and make a thorough shopping list!

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Police: Driver arrested after nearly crashing into Smith’s

By Pashtana Usufzy Tuesday, May 26, 2015 | 8:30 p.m.

A man was arrested this afternoon after nearly running a vehicle into a Smith's grocery store in the western valley, Metro Police said.

Police were called about 1:10 p.m. to the grocery store at 8555 W. Sahara Ave., near Durango Drive, where there was reportedly a drunken driver in the parking lot, Officer Larry Hadfield said.

The man almost drove into the store, and when police arrived on scene, he was arrested on a charge of driving under the influence, Hadfield said.

Source: Las Vegas Sun

Las Vegas Shoppers:

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Valentines day in Vegas Making A Memorable Meal

Valentines day in Vegas how to make a memorable meal without breaking the bank...

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Sink Your Fork Into Memorial Day BBQ Ribs Vegas?

● Spare Ribs $1.99lb

● Country style $1.49lb

● Beef Back Ribs $1.99lb

BUY LOW SUPERMARKET sale ends Tuesday May 26th

● Blueberries $2.99 18oz pac super low price.

● Pork spare ribs $1.99lb, max 4 pacs

● Almond milk $2.50 Almond Breeze 64oz

SMART & FINAL Sale Ends Tuesday May 26th

Goodnight David Letterman

Goodbye David Letterman after 33 years of over the top entertainment you will be sorely missed.

Oh and thank for letting provide you with all the watermelons and other foods you smashed and blew up on the Late Night Show!

There you have it, one awesome comedian out of work and one whose trying to be a comedian.

You’re the best and we are wishing you all the very best.


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The Vegas Insider Empowering Consumers With Grocery Price Transparency

The Vegas Insider is FREE grocery price information. We search all weekly grocery ads, find the lowest prices and email you the Top 100 plus lowest buys. Now go stock up your cabinets with confidence.

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Hot Grocery Buys Ends Tomorrow!

• Seedless watermelon 13¢ lb

• Pork chops $1.29lb

• Honeydew melon 50¢ lb

• Kiwi 25¢ ea

Ends tomorrow Tuesday May 19, 2015, in Las Vegas at Marketon Supermarket

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Shrimp, Watermelon & Cantaloupe On The Cheap

Sprouts Supermarket Las Vegas, NV Sale Saturday & Ends Sunday Nite May 17, 2015

• Cantaloupe 88¢ EACH

• Boneless pork loin roast $1.99lb

• Pecan halves $6.99lb

• Shrimp jumbo raw $6.99lb 21-25ct. Lowest price city wide in a year, hello!?! How do you say "Stock Up" for shrimp on the barby!

Smith’s Food & Drug Las Vegas, NV Sale Ends Tuesday Nite May 19, 2015

• Mini watermelon 99¢ EACH max 4

• Pineapple 99¢ EACH

• Organic avocado 99¢ EACH

• Butter $1.99lb

• Marie Callender entrees $1.49 buy in multiple of 6

• Party pail ice cream $4.99 huge

The below link has more super sales 1st and 3rd Wednesday Q Mo!?!

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Las Vegas Supermarkets 100 Weekly Lowest Grocery Buy's

Grocery shop with confidence using Las Vegas Supermarkets Top 100 lowest buys on groceries, OTC meds and sundries. Vegas Insiders save over $300 each month so can you.

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Tip #1 Saving On Groceries

Who’s Watching The Kids?

You probably know by now grocers place their goods strategically on the shelves according to the buyer’s age. Manufactures pay big money to get this prime shelf placement for those well-advertised brands. The short video on the below link says it well.

You better believe your kids are being watched. Watched by Tony The Tiger of Frosted Flakes and the likes of that crazy rebel Sonny the Cukoo Bird from Coco Puffs!

There is a serious war being waged which targets your kids. In fact the global breakfast cereal industry will rise from 33 billion in 2012 to a staggering 43 billion by 2019 for more see below link...

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White Cross Market A Grocery Store On The Las Vegas Strip

White Cross Market A Grocery Store On The Las Vegas Strip Is A Very Rare Find

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Online Grocery Store The Pros And Cons & Just The Facts

The online grocery store compared. Don't spend hours endlessly clicking sites, its all right here.

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Your Online Filipino Store For Groceries In True Philippine Tradition

An online Filipino store delivers groceries to your door. Foods you ate as a child in Cebu or Manila like mom cooked. Buy “memory” foods from this online Filipino grocery store today.

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Las Vegas Grocery Stores Low Price List

Best tips on Las Vegas grocery stores. The residents guide on price, produce, selection and cleanliness of stores. The pros and cons, where to watch nachos cooking...

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Break Out And Stock Up Tonight - Waste No Time Saving Bank

Tonight I dare you to stop into a new store!

One you have never visisted before, just do it!

Worried about the crowd at "that or those" stores, trust me, they have a security guard or two for your safety. Except Smith's and Albertsons usally don't. How about that for irony?

Moving on...

Be sure to save up and stock up on low buys by tonight. Because remember the next list of lowest buys from Grocerys411 in Las Vegas, NV will not appear until the first Wednesday in May.

Click link below to get todays list of lowest buy.

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Costco And Sam’s Club Are Cheap Right? Wrong.

"Now wait, just a doggone minute. I am an elitist, us members pay a membership fee. This fee guarantees that shopping there is automatically smart and that we always gets the best prices on groceries because I am buying in bulk.

Furthermore I don't need to be bothered with comparing prices on something as silly as groceries, and nor do I have to run around to other “less elite" stores. I am doing what's brilliant because every time I go there the place is packed with shoppers and parking, and check-out especially are busy.

That said, if everyone is shopping there, well the only logical conclusion one can deduce is that being a member and buying food in bulk, big jars, big lots is just plain smart, because everybody else is doing it!" Right? No, wrong!".

That was this writer, prior to Grocery411.

We were astonished at our findings when we began to dig around and compare those warehouse prices to weekly sales at local grocers. Actually were pretty dumbfounded by what we found. Foods we regularly eat was not cheaper. But that the local grocery store sales are cheaper time and time again.

This needs to be qualified, the so called “sales” at the local grocery in general were not less expensive. No, it was the sales we deemed low enough to go on our then weekly list of cheapest groceries was what we found cheaper than these two warehouses.

So much so that we found including the warehouses to our regular list did not add up to a savings large enough to even track and put on our list. Especially if your not a member.

Bottom line is that the groceries we most consume weekly at Sam's and Costco were not as cheap as the store sales. That said both warehouse stores are cheaper on this list of sundries.

Grocery411 has collected the lowest prices weekly over the past several years to establish a baseline in which to compare the store sale ads too..

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The Las Vegas Supermarket Scene Beware Of Bait And Switch

The Las Vegas supermarket scene. How to know your getting the best price on your weekly grocery bill. Plus know your ad run days. Lastly how to avoid the bait and switch among grocers.

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Las Vegas Exclusive Grocery411 Membership To Save On Healthy Foods

Las Vegas Exclusive Grocery411 Membership To Save 80% On Healthy Foods

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