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Outside the Strip is there even grocery in Las Vegas? Or supermarkets for that matter? Wondering just what Las Vegas actually offers for the chef in your home?

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How To Get Your
Grocery In Las Vegas On

This is a sample list of the lowest and finest buys of grocery in Las Vegas. It is from a list put out weekly to save the people extreme money on the weekly bill of groceries.

Turkey breast oven roasted and sliced Foster Farms $1.99 per pound at El Super July 24th – 30th. Costco oven roasted price $6.99lb also Foster Farms. Ouch.

Baked beans Bush’s canned $1.25 per 28oz can. Dollar General July 21st – 27th. This price is less than at Sam’s Club or Costco!

Bread Sara Lee honey wheat or whole grain white $1.25 per 20oz loaf Smith’s July 24th – 30th. Less than Costco!

Grapes red globe seedless max savings at $0.88¢ poundGlazier’s July 24th - 30th; usually 2.69lb. Example: save $9.35 if you buy 5lbs during the sale. 

Honey Nut Cheerios $1.49 for a 13 ounce box. Smith’s July 24th - 30th this works out to $0.11 cents an ounce. Cheaper than both Sam’s Club and Costco.

Aunt Jemima syrup Country Rich $2.00 for 24oz bottle or .08¢ an ounce at Dollar General July 21st - 27th. However at Sam’s Club Mrs. Butter-Worth’s is $6.98 for 128oz or .05¢ an ounce. Costco has Log Cabin syrup at $6.99 for 128oz or .05¢ an ounce also. Sam’s and Costco is cheaper on syrup.

Frosting Betty Crocker assorted flavors $1.25 per 16oz can at El Super July 24th - 30th.

Cotton balls $1.00 for 100 each at Dollar General July 21st 27th. No Cotton balls at Sam's or Costco.

Cold drinking cups Bakers & Chefs 12oz frosted clear $8.68 for 330 cups or .02¢ each at Sam’s Club. Large red 18oz cups are $9.98 for 240 cups or .04¢ each at Sam's.

Hot or cold drinking cups like for coffee PerfectTouch 16oz by Dixie $12.48 for 140 cups or .08¢ a cup. The matching lids are $16.68 for 500 lids or .03¢ per lid all at Sam’s Club. The cups have a neat foam touch.  Rounded it costs 12¢ for a cup and lid! Goodbye “Four-Bucks”, I mean Starbucks!?! 

Laundry Soap Pods

Sam’s Club: Tide Pods combo detergent, brightener and stain remover $20.28 for 90 or .22¢ each. Sam’s generic pods contain detergent and stain remover $12.98 for 90 or .14¢ each. 

Costco: Tide Pods combo detergent, brightener and stain remover $25.99 per 120 or .21¢ each. Costco generic pods detergent only $12.99 for 90 or .14¢ each.

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So yes there is grocery in Las Vegas alive and well and cheap when your following

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