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The free mobile grocery price comparison software at Grocery411™ will forever change the way you think and save on groceries. 

Are you a Las Vegas grocery shopper? Stock YOUR pantry with Mad Savings and see the Coach® purse scenario in relation to

Compare food prices and your shelf's can be stocked up like these. Cheap!

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This Grocery Price Comparison software gives you the LOWEST price paid on 800 Las Vegas groceries over the past 15 months. Nationwide free mobile software release date is rapidly approaching get ready to save in a whole new best of common sense way! 

By Knowing The Lowest Prices:

  1. Stop running store to store
  2. You decide when and what to buy
  3. You never over-pay for food again
  4. Tells you if a "two-for-one" is a deal
  5. Become a savvy educated shopper
  6. Coupon Clipping becomes obsolete
  7. Eliminates the fear of over spending
  8. You decide if a sale is honestly a "sale"
  9. Will save 50% on grocery and sundry bill
  10. Educates you to misleading advertisements
  11. Coupons stop dictating what & when you buy
  12. You can fill the pantry with your favorite foods

After a few months using the grocery price comparison software and stocking your pantry you will see a dramatic reduction on your grocery bill. 

You will always have the food on hand to cook with as well. Grocery411 SAVES YOU EVEN MORE MONEY, as you no longer have to say "there's nothing in the fridge, lets eat out." 

Cereal price comparison chart.

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About Grocery411™

We are a Las Vegas based company located at: 875 East Silverado Ranch Blvd. Las Vegas, Nevada 89183; telephone: 702-204-0743. How I am qualified to discuss saving you money on grocery price comparisons?

  • Completed a whopping 58 revisions on this 40 plus page guide.
  • PS: its never been done before, Las Vegas, NV has is beta first then nationwide.
  • Scoured each and ever store ad, circular and sale price I could subscribe too or get my hands on.
  • Over two years I ran tests, comparing and evaluating 800 commonly purchased groceries and their prices.
  • So much time, effort, revisions and testing had been spent I realized we had turned performing grocery price comparisons in an Art.
  • A background in the sciences allowed me to test hypotheses, create formulas, and make an algorithm to compare grocery prices to the nth degree.

Why was this elaborate first-of-its-kind Grocery Price Comparison software created? Because groceries are our greatest expense second only to the mortgage. So I thought to myself...

"We Must Start Saving on Our Grocery Bills."

For me and probably like you I needed to know what the lowest or best price was on our grocery bill PRIOR to purchase. I decided we are spending way to much money on groceries to be leaving the fate of pricing up to our grocers.

In the "hopes" they would fairly price what we needed to sustain life.These expenses were disguised as a seemingly "insignificant" little brown bag food purchase.

Which later turned out to be a whopping $293,520.00 or two hundred ninety three thousand five hundred and twenty dollars worth of those little brown bags over our life time. This grocery price comparison software is a must in today's economy.

Worth Repeating "$293,520.00"

Baby food price comparison chart.

Plus I wanted to know because we are forced to make these purchases, groceries are not an optional buy there a must buy. I thought why hasn't anyone created a sort of Kelley Blue Book on this never-ending and giant silent expense?

A photo of Pom Wonderful pomegranates. So delicious and healthy, and yes you can afford them, why? Because you are now buying wisely and saving money, so enjoy! We here at Grocery411 like the packs from Costco which have been shelled and only the seeds remain, yum!'s Mobile
Grocery Price Comparisons

  • Shopper exhale you’re in control now
  • Save your family thousands of dollars year after year
  • Save you 50% on your grocery bill month after month
  • Be the first to tell your friends about this new way to save
  • When you save this kind of money you just feel, look and are smarter
  • Make your grocery list from the ads with your Guide then take it shopping
  • Own a restaurant daycare or group home spend less on your food supplies
  • Saving for a new outfit, surprise that special someone with a romantic getaway
  • Fill your pantry and freezer, have the food on hand you need to cook, only now at the lowest prices

Knowing how to compare grocery prices also includes knowing your medication prices. This is a super buy from a dollar type store. Just read the Active Ingredients on the label (its easier than you think) to compare them with brand names and see how much you save. Its in the Guide!

How Can the Grocery Price
Comparison Software Help?

Our Specific Software and Web Site Facts

  1. There are 25,000 variables we labored over
  2. It lists commonly purchased groceries at their lowest price
  3. Included is a Symbols, Abbreviations and Measurement key
  4. Seven separate categories for each item were created to aid in comparisons
  5. Grocery stores are listed and their ads scrutinized for only the lowest prices then entered
  6. A new and simple language and syntax was created so you can compare food prices easily
  7. The layout withstood 58 complete proofing and revisions for the price comparison quality control
  8. Also included is How To Easily Calculate Price Per Unit/Ounce etc. (the best way to know your saving.)
  9. The table of contents boasts 19 categories with several subcategories included for our grocery price comparison
  10. It will contain everything from ground beef to batteries to live tilapia and lobster to verdolagas to Ahi to medications, sundries to nail polish remover to milk to pet food to and everything in between

Sundries and medicines are in the Grocery411 comparison guide as well. Buy medication smart too, your never too young to start saving on medication.

Software behind the scenes of food price transparency.

Seafood price comparison chart.

Remember when I said "Groceries are your second greatest expense?" Please give me a moment more of your time to explain. *The US Department of Agriculture listed in 2012 the average family of 3-4 in America spend on groceries alone $623.00 dollars.

For your family that's a WHOPPING $293,520.00 spent on a life time of groceriesNow that is extreme grocery price comparison!

Notice how much cheaper the grocery store is compared to a club warehouse, and this is not uncommon at all. They best deals are when grocery stores put on super low sales to get you in the door. You just need the price comparison guide to know what is a good buy and what is not.

Here are one of many of the software savings: Sensodyne at Sam’s Club costs $.76 cents per ounce while 'Sensitive' brand toothpaste at Dollar Tree Store costs $.22 cents per ounce.

Okay so...

If these toothpastes were put in a average 4 ounce tube of toothpaste Sensodyne would be $3.04 per tube, buy three tubes pay $9.12. Sensitive would be a mere $.88 cents per tube. Buy three tubes pay $2.64. You bought the three tubes of Sensitive thanks to the Guide and you saved $6.48 enough to cover the books investment price.

This Savings Occurred:

  1. In one purchase.
  2. Of one single item.
  3. On one single trip.
  4. Just imagine what you will save month after month using our mobile grocery price comparison website?

A young girl growing up healthy from because she is eating wholesome snacks.

Questions  and Answers

Q. “Is this a new way to shop?”

A. Yes, as it is new way to save serious dollars. Give yourself time to familiarize yourself with this new way to save and I guarantee you will never save the same.

Picture what you will save if you add your coupons to the mix? That is cold hard earned cash kept in your pocket not the grocers.

Q. “But it sounds hard?”

A. It's new that’s all. Really it’s pretty simple. In no time you will be saving big dollars for your family. Then think of it as an extension of the shopping list.

Q. “ Isn't there are apps that do this?”

A. Actually apps can only compare sku codes and really do not do that well with that. They cannot compare live oyster, produce, and dairy or fresh meat prices. The app goal is to show were to buy an item cheaper today.

But who has time to drive all over town to save $.15 on milk? The grocery price comparison software offers you the bottom line price from which to compare.

The Guide allows you to compare to see if an advertised price is low or high empowering you to make well informed decisions.


  • We offer several ways to save
  • Begin cutting one of your second greatest expense in half
  • Save for that vacation and earn that new outfit by saving with the software.
  • You are the grocery budget manager who can save your family thousands
  • Soon you will feel smarter, more savvy and more in control of your life and it's money
  • 24 months of research for the first ever low price leader to compare food prices software.

Saving lots of dollars buy stocking up on sale and storing. These shelves are from Lowe's and they work great!

Another sample of the grocery price comparison software below...

Cleaning products price comparison chart.

"How Much Can We Save?"

Grocery expense in relation to life expectancy: Calculated out from age 20-30 you alone spend $170 per month totaling over 10 years $18,000.00.

Ages 30-50 a family of 3-4 spend $623.00 monthly or $149,000.00 during this twenty year stretch raising children. Lastly, and into senior years ranging from ages 50-85 you spend $300 monthly for two totaling $126,000.00 dollars.

The total grocery expense throughout one’s life is $293,520.00 dollars spent on groceries, (source USDA 2013) who knew right!?! 

An Example of Food Price Comparisons and it's Savings

Excerpt of Grocery 411 Comparison Guide.

Your next step, return to, scan some pages and prepare to save like never before when the software releases this year! Grocery411 Defined: The Art of Grocery and grocery price comparison aka food price comparisons unprecedented. 

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  3. How to store you food on the cheap!
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  5. Mobile food price comparison software sign up.
  6. To really understand how the free mobile software will revolutionize grocery savings take a moment to read the Coach® Purse scenario!

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