Untold Grocery Secrets

Now this may seem a little weird but of all the grocery secrets we cover at Grocery411 this one will really help you save thousands on your grocery bill at a glance. It’s the how and why manufactures’ designate food weights and sizes and a real eye opener for shoppers.

Our guess is that you have done your best on several occasions to figure out grocery weights. It goes like this, you pick up a simple can of green beans look at the weight 14.5oz and have said to yourself “What-ever, we need to eat” and tossed in the cart. Right?

Who can calculate 14.5oz, 15.25oz for Oreo’s or even the timeless favorite Campbell’s soup at 10¾oz? The worse to figure out? Paper towels and bath tissuearea a nightmare to calculate and see if your are getting a good buy or a trip to the cleaners.

Unless you have a degree in quadratic equations coupled with a photographic memory stay tuned and we will give you a simple way to perform a basic calculation in the store before you buy.

The exception to these wacky sizes are ingredients used in recipes. Occasionally they are packaged in even sizes for ease of measuring such as tomato paste at 8oz or a 5lb bag of sugar.

Food manufactures do this so we skip the step of figuring out how to compare prices. They don’t even want us to try and they succeeded up until now anyway! Factional weights is a clever tactic which has been used for decades to squeeze our piggy banks.

Trust me the last thing grocers want shoppers doing is systematically and routinely calculating sizes to compare food prices. That’s food, the commodities everyone needs three times every day for life, in order to live. This makes it important to learn how to calculate if a sale is a low or high buy. 

Grocery Secrets: The Formula

The Takeaway This easy-to-follow formula will put you in the drivers seat at the supermarket. 

Scenario: "Oreo's cost $2.99 for the 15.25oz bag." 

Your New Formula

  1. Enter: 2.99 ÷ 15.25 = .196 
  2. Click Clear
  3. Enter: .196 X 16 = 3.13

You now know the cookies cost $3.13lb. Plus now you can tell if that is a low or high price. Concern yourself with the $3.13lb and never the sales price of $2.99. 

Your New Formula Explained:

In your cell phone calculator enter the price FIRST always:

  1. 2.99
  2. Click the divide symbol (÷)
  3. Enter 15.25 
  4. Push the equal symbol (=)
  5. .196 appears (this is the price per ounce of Oreo’s)
  6. Click clear
  7. Enter .196 X 16 (there are 16oz to one pound)
  8. Push the equal symbol (=)
  9. And 3.13 appears (this means the Oreo’s are $3.13 per pound)

After performing the calculations a few times, it will then only take you seconds!

Now make a list of your top 20 most commonly purchased foods. Then track their prices over say four months. When you see the lowest price circle that price then perform the above formula when it comes around on sale again. Voila you have mastered buying frugal and you will save thousands every year. 

In fact it's what we do every month on dozens of foods which are on everyone's Las Vegas, NV grocery list. Now if you’re a Las Vegan and don’t have the time or inclination to calculate and track prices we can help. Check it out. We have been doing it for sometime now seem to have the knack of it. 

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