Organize Your Grocery
Shopping List And Save 

Making a detailed grocery shopping list can help you save money while making sure that you get everything you need.

Have you ever said, "The next time I go grocery shopping I need to remember to buy baking soda," or something you hardly use?

Then only to come home from the supermarket a couple of days later without that much needed box of baking soda?

Or, have you ever decided to try a new recipe but when you are at the store you can't recall all the ingredients that you need to purchase?

Founder's note: are you serious about cutting your grocery bill in half, truly serious? Well if you are truly determined to save on average 50-70% or $300 per month on your food bill, then try a radically new way to save. 

A grocery shopping list can be a useful tool, and whether you prefer the good old-fashioned pen and paper or a high-tech electronic device, there are a number of options available that will help keep you on track.

Printable Grocery Shopping Lists

This list we made up over time. We would collect our grocery receipts for three months. Then we sorted through each list from dollar stores, club warehouses, neighborhood grocers, natural food stores and Walmart.

Once we found patters of items we bought we made a list. A list was made of items we liked and not what we did not like.

Once it was completed we had our families own grocery shopping list. This printable list for groceries we have made available for your family to help you design yours. 

We named it the Grocery411's printable standard Grocery Shopping List.

Paper Notepads for Shopping Lists

These handy notepads list several common items divided into categories, and also include blank lines so you can add what isn't listed.

Many even have a magnet and attached pen so you can stick them on your fridge and write the products down the minute you realize you need them. On shopping day, simply tear the current list from the pad and you're all set to go.

Menu planning notepads are helpful to plan daily and weekly menus. Plus most have an attached perforated area for writing. Like writing ingredients that you need to purchase for specific recipes! Before going to the grocery store, detach the list section and leave the menu planner at home to refer to throughout the week. These will help you shop effectively and allow you to plan ahead so you only buy what you need.

Reusable Grocery Lists

These are purse or pocket-sized write on/wipe off grocery shopping lists that can be used over and over again.

Most include a list of popular foods where you can check off what you need. An additional section to write anything that is missing, and even handy pockets for coupons.

These are purse or pocket-sized write on/wipe off lists that can be used over and over again. Most include a list of popular foods where you can check off what you need, an additional section to write anything that is missing, and even handy pockets for coupons. When you are finished, simply wipe it off and it's ready for next week's list.

Online Shopping Lists

These convenient tools list products according to sections such as canned foods, meats, fresh vegetables, or cleaning supplies. Many also have a space beside each item to indicate how much/many you need.

The final list will be neatly organized, and will include only those things that you have selected. You can either print your list, email it, or make it right on your smart phone or tablet so you can refer to it while shopping.=  

Create Shopping Lists Directly
On Your Favorite Stores' Website

Many larger supermarkets have an option that allow you to build a list directly on their website. 

Simply click on a selected item and it will automatically be added to your current list. When you are ready to visit that particular store, you can print your lists, or email/save it to your phone, iPod, or tablet.

This is a great way to organize items that are on sale or priced lower at certain stores so you can make sure that you are getting the most for your money.

Grocery Shopping List Apps

For those who are a bit tech savvy, grocery shopping list apps are becoming very popular. There are several different programs available, and features will vary depending on the app that you choose.

Most will have handy features such as barcode scanners, reminders, and the ability to make multiple lists for various stores. Some even include an option to share lists so more than one person can add items. 

So, if your spouse uses the last of the sugar, he/she can use the app to add the item to the list, and the person doing the shopping will see that sugar needs to be purchased.

Out of Milk
Grocery List App

Out of Milk
Pro Unlocker

This is also convenient if two people are shopping in different parts of the store. If you cross an item off your list, it will automatically be crossed off the other person's list as well so they know that the particular product has been found and added to the cart.

These programs can be synced with other devices such as the iPad, iPods, android phones, and tablets for greater convenience.

Grocery shopping lists are a very helpful way to ensure that you get everything you need without buying all those extra items that can really increase your bill.

From pen and paper, to online lists or programs and Apps, you can choose a method that fits your preference and lifestyle so that you will never have to worry about forgetting important items or ingredients again.

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