Grocery Shopping Tips 
Save Big At Checkout

Everyone likes to save money, right? We all need a few grocery shopping tips. Honestly you can cut your grocery bill in half if your shopping frugal.

Would you welcome a few frugal grocery pointers that would help you do that?

With so many types of specialty stores and supermarkets its hard to compare food prices.

No one can keep up with some 50,000 items. It can be hard to keep up with  all the sales and figure out what is really a good deal. From what is actually a sneaky marketing scheme.

To be a frugal shopper you need to know a few super great grocery shopping tips. This is how you stock your pantry for the lowest prices available.

By following these few suggestions, you can enter the grocery store with all the knowledge you need to make smart choices and avoid overspending. Regardless of buying apples to yogurt, you see buying groceries ads up quickly as the months then years roll buy.

In fact purchasing food is unlike any expense you have. You can pay off houses, cars and toys however while your alive paying for groceries will not end. Why not be smart about it?

Seven Smart Grocery Shopping Tips

1. Beat the Blahs

Making your meals interesting can be difficult if your kitchen is filled with basic and boring ingredients. Have you ever found a great recipe but realized that you are missing a few important items?

So, you head to the grocery store in search of fresh basil and cheese and end up purchasing fifty dollars worth of additional products.

You have probably even said to the cashier, “I came in for a couple things but I'm leaving with a whole cart full!”

Yes, it has happened to all of us. The more variety of food you have on hand, the fewer trips to the store you will make and the less opportunities you will have to impulse buy. And, the less impulse buying you do, the farther your food shopping dollars will stretch.

So, check out the sales at your local stores and make a grocery list that is not only frugal, but also includes lots of variety and even a few new ingredients.

2. Buy Bigger (but always price compare)

Family or Mega packs are usually the best value for your money. Even if you don't have a large family, you could make several meals at once and freeze them in smaller portions.

This way, after a busy day, you can pull out a pre-made meal rather than ordering takeout. Not only will you save money by avoiding fast foods, but you will also be making a much healthier choice.

Also, a little knowledge about how to store food will allow you to stock up on larger quantities of products when they are on sale.

3. Beware of Flashy Signs

Among the list of grocery shopping tips remember just because a bright, colorful sign says that you are getting a good deal, it doesn't mean it is true.

Sure, it may be a good price for that particular product, but you can often find a similar product in another brand for a lower price. For example, the regular price of Tostitos Salsa may be cheaper than the sale price of the Old El Paso brand.

Offering 10 cucumbers for $10 rather than advertising as $0.99 each will make people think that they are getting a bigger deal if they buy a larger quantity when really there is no difference in price no matter how many they buy.

Unless you prefer a particular brand, or have an addiction to cucumbers, don't let flashy signs or sales gimmicks lure you in. You could spend too much money or end up wasting food because you are overstocked on perishables.

High priced medications, we price compared those too.
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4. Don't Fall Prey to Psychological Tactics

Grocery store layouts are meant to make customers spend more money.

You have to pass down the junk food aisle to get to the milk, and you are blasted with lots of impulse items at every checkout. Not to mention the well-placed displays and strategically stocked shelves. These are just a few supermarket secrets we address.

If you are aware of these tactics you will be less influenced by smart marketing and more likely to stick to your list. And, grocery shopping will take less time because you will stay focused on the task and know which parts of the store to avoid.

5. Compare! Compare! Compare!

You can save a lot of money by comparing prices at larger chain stores and smaller specialty or ethnic shops.

By taking advantage of store or manufacturer coupons, using a price comparison tool, and knowing the best place to shop for particular items, you can get the lowest prices while still managing your time efficiently.

After all, at today's gas prices, a sale isn't always a good deal if you have to drive way out of your way to get it.

6. Eat Before Shopping

Studies show that consumers spend more money, make different food choices, and are more likely to purchase impulse items when they are hungry.

That bag of chips that may not be tempting when your stomach is full will suddenly find a way into your cart when you are feeling a little famished. You are also more likely to buy more or be influenced by promotional tactics when hungry.

So, eat before you shop and you will find it easier to stick to your list.

Grocery shopping list partially filled in.

7. Make A List

One of the best grocery shopping tips is to make a list and stick to it. You should have a pretty good idea of what your bill will be before you even approach the checkout.

You may be surprised at how much those extra items (the ones not on your list) can add to your grocery bill each week.

Stocking your pantry and feeding your family can be expensive, but a few helpful grocery shopping tips can take some stress off your budget and turn you into a smart and frugal shopper.

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