Grocery Store Coupon

Clipping Tips

Food costs are rising. But there is help.

These grocery store coupon tips will help you maximize your savings and keep your food budget affordable.

In today's economy, stores are competing to attract customers and they will often use good coupons or promotions to get you through their doors.

And, if you know a few tricks for how and when to use these coupons, you will be able to save even more money!

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Use Multiple Newspapers

When Clipping Coupons

Get more than one copy of newspapers or circulars that contain good coupons for products that you use.

pile of coupons

If you can save $0.20 on one can of soup, why not save $0.40 when you buy two cans, especially if your family uses a lot of that particular brand of soup.

That is a good grocery store coupon to double or triple.

Read the “terms and conditions” to make sure that it doesn't say “only one coupon per purchase” and check the store's policy to see if they will honor more than one grocery store coupon at a time.

You may have to go back and make a separate purchase or have someone go through another checkout for you, but if the savings are big, then the inconvenience is worth it.

Frugal Coupon Tips, Use Coupons

When Products Are On Sale

Why? Well, if pasta sauce is normally $1.50 and you have a $0.50 coupon, then you will pay $1.00 for the sauce.

But, imagine if you wait until the same sauce is on sale for $1.00 per jar. Now you are paying only $0.50 for an item that is regularly $1.50. That's a savings of $1.00 per jar!

And, if you have multiple grocery store coupons, you can stock up at an amazing price.

Stack Coupons

By combining a manufacturer's coupon with a grocery store coupon, you can often double your savings. Again, check the fine print as some coupons will read “not valid with any other offer”.

Look for Double Coupon Deals

Some grocery stores will have promotions that offer double coupon deals, and by taking advantage of these opportunities you can actually get some products for free!

Remember that jar of pasta sauce that was $1.00? If you could double your $0.50 coupon, you could walk away with a jar of sauce that cost you absolutely nothing. And, imagine if you had multiple coupons?

When and where to find these deals at stores in your area can be found online, as well as through other offline resources.

Compare Food Prices

Find out which store is selling the product you want to buy for the lowest price so you can maximize your savings when you use your grocery store coupon.

Getting $0.75 off a $3.00 box of crackers is really not a good deal if the store across the street is selling the same box of crackers for $2.00, is it? Even with the coupon, you will still be paying more for something that you can get cheaper at another store.

Trade Coupons

By swapping coupons with a friend, you can pay less for products that you use regularly – and you'll be helping them save money, too!

If you usually buy Sunlight soap then you probably aren't going to use that $3.00 coupon for Tide, right? So, why not give it to someone who prefers Tide in exchange fora equally good coupon for something that you regularly buy?

Some stores even have bulletin boards or swap boxes where you can trade a grocery store coupon or coupons, or you can find online sites that offer trading options.

Get Organized

Have you ever tried to use a coupon, but then realized that it was expired? Yes, it has happened to all of us.

By buying an inexpensive organizer or keeping track of your coupons and expiry dates on your computer or cell phone, you will know what you have so you won't miss out on the savings.

Ask About Store Policies

Some supermarkets will accept competitor's coupons, so you can save the most money by using the coupon at the store that has the lowest price.

Make Sure the Coupon Is a Good Deal

If you cannot use the grocery store coupon at a competitor's store, then make sure that you will actually save money if you buy the product at the required store. Also, other brands may offer a similar product that is priced better, even without the coupon.

If the brand of frozen french fries that you normally buy is regularly $1.99, then a $0.50 coupon for a $2.00 package of McCain french fries is really not a savings for you. Of course, if you like McCain french fries, then the coupon may be worth it.

Save Money on Groceries by

Looking for In-Store Coupons 

Often you will find tear pads, blinkies, or even free-sample booths that offer coupons with distant expiry dates.

If the grocery store coupon is good for a whole month, then take more than one and use them as often as you can so you can to stock up over the next thirty days.

Take Advantage of Two for One Promotions

Not only should you take advantage of 2 for 1 sales, but then also use a coupon on top of it to get an even better deal.

If canned peas are normally $0.80 and you get one free, that works out to $0.40 a can. But, if you happen to have a $0.35 coupon, now you are paying $0.45 cents for two cans of vegetables!

Only Clip Coupons for Products You Use

A $1.00 coupon for cheese strings may be a good deal, but if they sit in your fridge for months and then finally get thrown away, that $1.00 coupon actually ended up costing you money.

If you want to try something new, that's great – as long as you are going to use it. But, throwing food away is a waste and only adds to your grocery budget.

Prepare Your Grocery List Around Your Coupons

Take your coupons into account when writing your weekly grocery list. This way you can plan meals around your coupon items.

clip grocery coupons

If you are getting pasta sauce on sale it would be a good week to buy ground beef rather than pork chops.

That way you can save money on your grocery bill by making meals for a very reasonable price.

Get Rain Checks for the Grocery Store Coupon

Unless the coupon says “while supplies last”, ask the grocery store for a rain check. Depending on their coupon policy, they may or may not give you one, but it doesn't hurt to ask.

You don't want to let a good deal pass you by, right?

Grocery store coupon clipping can help you reduce your food costs, and by following a few tried-and-true grocery store coupon tips you can maximize your savings and buy what you need at rock bottom prices.

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