Grocery Stores, A Review

Knowing which grocery stores to go to for specific items can help save you a lot of money each month.

Depending on where you live, there could be several types of markets to choose from.

Larger cities will have a greater selection of ethnic shops, but smaller towns may have better farmer's markets or locally owned food shoppes.

Farmers market heirloom tomatoes. were pefecting the Art of Grocery Savings.
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Knowing what is available in your local grocery market and taking some time to compare prices is savvy.

Compare food prices on items you use regularly will not only lower your grocery bill but can also ensure that you are getting fresher, higher quality products. Live in Las Vegas area, join our Top 100 Dirt Cheap Grocery List.

Grocery Stores:
Ethnic Food Grocers

Many larger grocers or supermarkets have an ethnic food section, but it is usually quite small and has limited variety or higher prices.

An ethnic grocery store.

It is not uncommon to hear complaints that the choices available at larger stores are not as “authentic” as the selection offered at ethnic food stores and ethnic markets.

Since these grocers usually target a particular group of people they  sell more specialty foods. Many of these grocers will have a restaurant inside the store with an ethnic foods menu. 

Ethnic food sauces. Visit us at the Art of Grocery,
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With a large selection of hard to find products they usually sell at a lower price. So if you are looking for fresh sushi, black rice, or Dragonwell tea, you are best to bypass the conventional supermarket and go on over to an Asian market.

Photo of International Marketplace grocery storefront.
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Health Food And 
Whole Food Stores

These stores are often more expensive than a regular grocery store but they are designed for people who are looking for organic or chemical free groceries and sundries. 

Organic food stores becoming more price competitive. The Art of Grocery,
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Yes, an organic apple at  whole foods stores will cost more than a non-organic apple at a conventional supermarket.

Still, if you compare the cost of organic produce only, a whole foods store is usually much cheaper than a supermarket's natural/organic foods section.

Most people don't buy organic produce at a regular grocery store so the quality is not as good and the products are not as readily available.

Delicious fresh produce found at whole food stores and farmers markets.
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However, since whole food store or natural food markets focus on organic products, they usually have a much larger selection and better quality options. Also, many of these grocery stores will stock locally grown produce so what you buy will be fresher.

  Farmers Markets
 Fish Market Stores

Farmer's markets are a great way to save money because you can buy locally grown produce that hasn't traveled a thousand miles over land and sea to get to you.

And, since there is no “middleman”, the prices are usually much lower while the quality is much higher. Fresh market stores are dedicated primarily to produce so you can get a wider variety of fruits and veggies at cheaper prices.

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Even those little known items like fiddle head ferns, or hard-to-find products like palm hearts or celeriac can be purchased at fresh markets so your meals will never have to be boring again.

Fresh seafood markets be it the Pacific, Atlantic, or Gulf waters these vendors are the place to buy fresh seafood. Few people about buying or ordering from these markets therefore we discuss it in length.

We have designed pages to address seafood grocery price comparison  its shipping, what how to buy and what to look for in quality.

Fresh fish is best found at ethnic food stores and fresh fish markets. Learn more at
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Seafood from different areas:

If you like swordfish to of the Louisiana favorite craw fish and oysters have we got the list of savings for you. Or in this case seafood price comparison!


Supermarkets offer everything from groceries to pharmacies and even clothing or household goods. They are convenient and will save you a lot of time since you can get most of what you need all in one place.

A Supermarket sign.
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Also, they have a higher volume of sales, so you can often find better prices and selection on common or popular products. But, they do not usually have a very good selection of ethnic, specialty, or organic items.

Beware, however, because there is so much to look at, you may be tempted to spend too much time browsing the fare, which can also lead to spending too much money.

The beauty of grocery stores is their focus is only on groceries. Additionally keep an eye out for the quickly emerging discount supermarkets. These stores can also save you hundreds your grocery bill monthly.

Glaziers supermarket in the Southwest USA photo courtsey
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Bulk Stores

Although bulk stores offer lower prices than regular grocery stores on many items, you do have to buy in large quantities so you need to think about storage and shelf-life. Do you really want to be eating Frosted Flakes for the next three years?

A bulk store is a type of grocery store. We are defining the Art of Grocery at
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Buying at the bulk store may be great for laundry soap or paper towels, but it might not be the best option for breakfast cereal and cookies.

Also, you must know your prices. Which is were we can help.'s goal is helping you to compare food prices. 

Not every item is cheaper than regular stores, especially when you factor in the membership costs that are often required. Advantages of shopping at bulk food stores.

A coffee selection at the bulk food store. where we perfect the Art of Grocery Savings.
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Having a variety of food stores to choose from will help you cut costs while also keeping your meals fun and interesting.

It may take a little bit of time to learn which products are cheaper at which grocery stores, but once you have it all figured out, you will be able to find everything you need at the lowest prices possible.

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