AKA or aka: "Also Known As." Example Bittermelon aka Bitter Squash or Tylenol aka Acetaminophen It is the same food or sundry with a different name.

Assorted varieties:  the grocer is typically saying all of a brand or product line is on sale. Example, Cheetos are on sale and Jalapeño Cheetos and Flame Cheetos and so on are all on sale as well.

Choice beef:  is a mid-range density or amount of fat marbling throughout the lean muscle in a cut of beef. See select or prime.

Fresh:  meaning never frozen, canned or preserved other than refrigerated. 

Frozen:  meaning placed in a freezer to preserve thus possibly losing some quality. Frozen foods usually sell for less money due to ease of handling. See fresh.

In-store coupon: a coupon in the stores advertisement flyers located within a particular store. 

Live: alive. In example live lobster, live oysters or live crab.

Prime beef:  is a high density or amount of fat marbling throughout the lean muscle of a cut of beef. See select or choice.

SB: "Store brand." This is a unique name given to items typically made in the same factory as the brand names.  Examples: Smith's Grocery SB is Simple Truth; Heritage Farm; Private Selection and Kroger. Albertsons SB is Essential Everyday and Cardenas SB is Casa Cardenas. Nowadays almost every store has it's own SB. Green Giant and brand names like that will package foods for store and label it with the SB's name.

Select beef:  is a very low density or amount of fat marbling throughout the lean muscle in a cut of beef. See choice or prime. Watch how grocers display select beef. Always look for the price per pound to understand what your paying for. Price will vary up to a audacious $8.00 per pound MORE if the steak is cut thick; or thin; in a striking black Styrofoam tray; or has stickers like Great for BBQ or Grilling; it may have a foil shield/badge looking sticker and so on and so forth. This can be a great area of savings once you become familiar with grocer terms and strategies of marketing.

Selected or Selected Varieties:  the grocer has chosen which flavors to place on sale. Example, the sale is on Pepsi but not Diet Pepsi.

Rounding: rounding occurs as follows .016 to .02 for reading ease. We tried only carry out to the third digit when the item has hundreds of quantities. Bottles of pills would fall in this category. Pills may be carried out to the fourth digit like: .0564 providing a more accurate pricing. If was not the total price of the bottle would be incorrect.

Thawed:  previously frozen then the grocer thaws the food to give the appearance of a fresh and more expensive food. Food is thawed also for quick buying and cooking or drawing shoppers attention to a seemingly “Fresh” or fanciful display of seafood for example. The prices may be raised as well in this case.

Wild Caught:  typically in respect to seafood captured in natural waters like the ocean, lake, river or stream. The opposite of farm raised seafood.

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