Gulf Coast Shrimp:
The Prices

Gulf Coast Shrimp are one of the most popular seafood because of their unique flavor. On the menus of fine restaurants they are labelled as “Gulf Shrimp.” 

The purpose of this page is to educate readers on gulf shrimp and list gulf shrimp price comparisons.  

Gulf Whites the most flavorful grow to eight inches. Gulf Pinks grow up to 11 inches long. Gulf Browns occasionally have an iodine taste and reach nine inches.

Still these gulf treats taste better than 99% of any other shrimp around.

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Buying Gulf Coast Shrimp Online?
Know What Your Buying

To buy shrimp online begin with knowing shrimp sizing. Then know your brown or white varieties. Knowing your product helps to save you money.

Fresh Headless Shrimp Sizes Per US pound:

  • Extra Colossal less than ten.
  • Colossal under 15.
  • Extra Jumbo 16-20.
  • Jumbo 21-25.
  • Extra Large 26-30.
  • Large 31-40.
  • Medium Large 36-40.
  • Medium 41-50.
  • Small 51-60.
  • Extra Small 61-70.
  • Tiny over 70.

Source: Seafood Business, 1999

Gulf coast shrimp shipped to your door is a treat to behold! You should know what to look for however upon arrival.

To buy shrimp online inspect to ensure they arrive with: shells with no black spots; not yellow or smell of bleach; and not gritty. Fresh should be ate in three days for the best flavor.

Gulf Shrimp can be served dozens of ways. Most prefer boiled in beer for a few minute until white.

Gulf Shrimp into the pot.
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You can also bake, stuff or grill them. The best way for a great seafood meal is to avoid over cooking. All seafood cooks quickly.

Be sure to check your gulf prize every few minutes during cooking.   

They are caught in trawl nets along the Gulf of Mexico at the US coastlines of Louisiana, Texas, Mississippi, Alabama and Florida.

The shrimping season is year round to harvest these superb shrimp. 

Gulf Shrimp Shipped to Your Door

Since you will have your shrimp shipped to your door as how they are packaged for shipping. Knowing the ways of shipping helps you to buy from a good vendor. 

  • Frozen shrimp come in 5-20 lb boxes.
  • Compare sellers for free or low shipping.
  • Freeze up to 12 months if block frozen.
  • Freeze six months if Individually Quick Frozen (IQF.)
  • Defrost shrimp 24-48 hours in refrigerator.
  • Often shipped in gel packs to keep frozen.
Cooked gulf shrimp
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We compared these special gulf shrimp prices for your selection. In fact is perfecting the Art of Grocery Savings. Our goal is to help you compare food prices with mobile software. 

Buy headless not shelled for freshness $17.00 lb like these. Here are Colossal shrimp $28.00 lb. Headless colossal size shrimp $16.00 lb plus they have all sizes

Prices subject to vary.

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