Craving Those

Hard to Find Foods

Candies and other hard to find foods we had as children are long gone. Or are they, you can decide.

At the Hometown Favorites company good hard work went into locating the old fashion foods of yesteryear.

Remember those great sweet treats you grew up? Hometown Favorites now stocks candies from the 50’s, 60’s, 70’s, 80’s, and 90’s. Are you in there somewhere?

We Found the Good Old Fashion Foods

Finally Someone Sells Rare Brands Like: 

  • Karo
  • Bosco
  • Comstock
  • Count Chocula

Hometown Favorites

Has Hard to Find Foods

Deliverable Groceries: Old fashion foods from Quisp to Sweet-Touch-Nee Tea, Alba Shake Mix, Karo Waffle Syrup, Monster cereals, Ralston hot cereal, Bosco pancake syrup, Aunt Jemima foods.

Unavailable: Fresh meat and produce and dairy. 

Sundries: None

Medicine: Percy Medicine® for upset stomachs. 

Minimum Purchase: No minimum. Customers can purchase candy by the peice or by the case at a discount.

Contract: None

Four Item Grocery Price Comparisons: Unable to compare food prices.

Customer Service Number & Hours: 888-694-2656; No set hours. Have a contact form available as well.

Live Chat: No

Remember These Old Fashion

Candy Bars and Treats

  • The Clark bar
  • Crunchy Necco wafers
  • Huge one-pound Sugar Daddys

And These Super Hard to Find Food Items:

  • Frankenberry cereal
  • Zots foaming in your mouth
  • It’s a Boy/Girl bubble gum cigars



Delivery Area: United States.

Method: Delivered by UPS, and military APO/FPO.

Cost: The 5 -7 business day rate was cheapest.

Estimated Arrival Time: Regular UPS delivery times but for if you need next day delivery Mondy – Friday only. Military APO/FPO United States Postal Service takes 10-14 days.

Drop-off: At your door.

Guarantee and Refund: Hometown Favorites offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you are not happy refund or replace your items.


  • Very difficult to find foods and sweets.
  • Excellent satisfaction guarantee.
  • No contract or minimum purchase required.
  • You can track your order online.
  • BizRate rating nine out of ten.


  • No chocolate deliver in hot areas to the Military.
  • Shipping makes prices higher.
  • Ship in the United States only.

Take a walk down memory lane and order foods your grew up with share them with your kids and watch their faces.


Headquartered: Houston, Texas 77032

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