Las Vegas Insider's Foodie List

Yes that's right, a true Las Vegas insider list in fact you will save in all of Clark County. It's a grocery shoppers new best friend.

The insider list cuts your food bill in half. At least in half, really it's more like 80%. Once you join it's then a zippy two (2) clicks on your smart phone and bam there pops the week's super low food buys. 

The Exclusive Members weekly page looks like this oneResearch shows your paying 70% more than you need to, but don"t take our word. Test it out yourself and see what all the buzz is about.

Our Exclusive Members List comes with a full 100% thirty day guarantee to satisfy or your money back. 

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A Las Vegas "Insiders" List

  1. You receive a hassle-free 60-70-80% off shopping list each week
  2. Vanished is the confusion of grocery savings. We do all the work for you
  3. Pinpointed are 100 of the week's lowest buys in one place, and easy-to-read
  4. You get all types and foods and from a diverse collection of cultures such as all-natural, organic, seafood, specialty foods, chain, drugstore, Hispanic, Philippine, and Asian groceries.

Question: But, what about Costco and Sam's Club prices they sell in bulk?

Answer: We tracked and recorded those and 40 other store prices for going on three years, and no rarely are club memberships priced lower. Actually the clubs built businesses on the "ideal" bulk buying is cheaper. Our members realize it's just an ideal people bought into for years. 

Question: What about how cheap the dollar stores are?

Answer: Our research shows on OTC medications which are only seasonally needed dollar stores are smart. These stores operate on the premise if "it's only a dollar, its the cheapest price." Actually it is only the cheapest price when it is compared: weekly, ounce to ounce, pound to pound, pill & milligram count to pill & milligram count and so on. Which is what we do. Don't live in Las Vegas? No problem.

Insider Membership Also Includes:

  1. How long the grocery sale lasts
  2. The cheapest food, medications and sundries
  3. When and where to buy at your convenience
  4. And more...

 Cancel At Anytime

  • Of course, but why? When $100's are being saved, you'll see
  • Hand selected list of the Top 100 grocery buys
  • The guess-work of grocery savings is eliminated
  • Nothing to lose and everything to gain!

Exclusive Weekly Insider Membership Includes:

  1. Hottest and cheapest buys on lobster to linguine
  2. Hottest and cheapest buys on Kleenex to Prilosec
  3. Hottest and cheapest prices on beef to live oysters

Members Also Receive

  • News updates of fun and new supermarkets and farmers markets
  • News updates of opening and existing specialty and diverse grocers
  • Locations of culturally diverse markets you never knew were in Las Vegas with the Smart Saver!

Have you ever felt you blindly pay for groceries? Everyone has to buy food, so how do we know our money is well spent?

Ever wondered why isn't there a way to compare prices without running all over town? Now there is! 

*A Family Of 4 Spends $7,344.00 On Their Grocery Bill Each Year!

If we can cut your grocery bill in half, and we do. What could you buy with the yearly savings of $3.672.00 or monthly $306.00 on?

Grocery411™ has the solution. Every day we look through each ad, shop stores, and search online. We do this to email you the Top 100 hottest and cheapest grocery buys.

Our mission is to make it worth your time to stop by grocers before or after work and pick up enough to stock the pantry.

What happens then after six months of using the Top 100 list to buy your groceries? Your cupboards become filled with groceries from which to select to prepare the family meal. Bought super cheap.

Stay With Me A Moment

Along with the cheapest groceries you will know where to buy over-the-counter medications and sundries cheap also!

We look at all the dollar stores, grocery store, warehouse and specialty stores. When you get your once weekly email you will KNOW its a great buy, or its not on the our list.

Savings Example

Food 4 Less had Edge Shaving cream on sale at half the price of Walmart. One can was $1.00. Plus the cans were larger than Walmart's.

This was a savings of over 50%. One family said they bought 50 cans during this Top 100 sale and still have several left. Stored it in the garage the heat never bothered it one bit. 

Shaving cream, ground beef, peanut butter, are all things families use so why not stock up and store it while its dirt cheap. It pays off in HUGE SAVINGS in a short time.

Save $300 Monthly

Research has shown by using the insider list a family of four can save at least $300 monthly.

*The USDA stated in 2013 that the average family of 4 in America spends $612 per month, NOT counting eating out! 

Why not join today, you'll be glad you did!

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4. Once the Top 10 are emailed grab grub and stock up.

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