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Las Vegas Cheapest Groceries

These prices below are now out dated, the here is a sample of what the new page looks like. 

1. A 10lb Watermelon $1.00 (again!)

La Bonita July 17th – 23th This is a 10 pound watermelon seeded. The cheapest one in 2 years of our research show was last week 8lbs for $.99¢

2. Grapefruit whole Texas style $0.20¢ lb

Cardenas Market July 17th – 23rd Ready for a healthy breakfast it’s the lowest prices we have ever seen.

3. Peaches yellow whole $0.33¢ lb

Cardenas Market July 17th – 18th (almost over) but the lowest since June 2012 at 50¢ lb.

4. Beef Roast Choice shoulder clod boneless $2.39lb

El Supermarket July 17th – 23rd Next lowest price was at Marketon April 2013 for $2.99lb. Maybe pick up a few and freeze.

5. Silk Milk, Almond or Soy, $2.77, ½ gallon 

El Supermarket July 17th – 23rd

6. MEGA LOW DEAL: Michelina’s Zap’ems assorted 6oz frozen single entrees $0.50¢ each. Albertsons July 17th – 23rd stock up as they are frozen and great for lunches.

Las Vegas Cheapest Groceries

Dirt Cheap Deals Below All

Only $1.00 at Dollar Tree

7. Lady Speed Stick Invisible Dry 24 hour, antiperspirant/deodorant 1.4oz. $1.00

9. Men’s Speed Stick deodorant 2oz. $1.00

10. Razors double bladed, lady, pink color, Persona Comfort Touch, 10 each or a dime a piece. $1.00

11. Use Afrin? Save $12.58! Prove itOpens up your swollen and closed sinuses.

Try "Nasal Relief Spray" by Assured, Afrin’s generic, same 12 hour relief, pump bottle twice Afrin's size at 1oz. Active stuff oxymetazoline 0.05%, approx. 2 year shelf life. Buy now and store it, because when you do need it, Afrin (its equivalent) 15 ml or 1/2 fluid oz costs $6.79 for HALF as much. $1.00

12. Use Sensodyne? Save $9.78! *Try “Sensitive” brand toothpaste, 4.5oz tubes by Loranmead $1.00. Better active ingredients and you just saved $9.78 over Sam’s Club ounce per ounce. 

*FACTS: “Sensitive” has potassium nitrate 5% to reduce sensitivity plus sodium fluoride 0.24% to fight cavities.

Sensodyne (the expensive one) also contains potassium nitrate 5% and but ONLY 0.15% sodium fluoride.

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