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 Best Grocery Buy's An Example

Albertsons August 7th – 13th  Celebrating their 74th Anniversary!

  • Sweet corn on the cob 6 each for $1.00, Las Vegas grocery store cheapest and hottest buys are found by joining in the green box above. 

  • Steaks T-Bone $6.99lb not a super low buy, however these babies are of choice grade and would go mighty fine with that corn on the cob above.

  • Ground beef fresh 85% lean $2.49lb must buy 3lbs, I would buy 10lb+ at that price.

  • Eggs large Grade “AA” (they had a drinking problem!) one dozen for .99¢ a great buy.

  • Pepsi assorted $4.99 for 24 or about .21¢ a can, must buy 4 and only per person, so buy 4 as you will save $6.72 as the regular price is .27¢ a can.

  • Pasta Sauce Francesco Rinaldi (did I even spell that right?) .99¢ per about a 24oz jar. The coupon is on the front page of flyer. That’s a great buy folks, limit 4 just bring the kids! Cheaper than Costco unless you buy it by the gallon!

  • Frappuccino Starbucks $3.99 the 4 pack bottles 9.5oz must buy 4 only per person and cheaper than well you know, it’s less than Costco’s price.

  • Yogurt Greek Dannon Okios 5.38oz for .88¢ each limit 8. Be careful the 9th one might cost $8.00! Just kidding actually they are trying to lower those prices have you noticed.

  • Albertsons are lowers some serious price for their 74th huh? Thanks to new ownership!?!

  • Sausages Hillshire Farm $1.99 mix and match smoked rope or link assorted only 13oz. Unclear if the deli meat is on sale or not. Cheapest its been in over a year. Great to stock up while low and freeze.

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Glazier’s August 7th – 13th 

  • Charcoal briquettes Kingsford $2.99 for 8.3lbs. Lower than Costco.

  • Cod Haddock fillets wild-caught and fresh from Boston waters for $7.98lb.

El Super August 7th – 13th 

  • Sirloin roast tip boneless choice grade and fresh at $2.99lb Roast Sirloin tip boneless

Food4Less August 7th – 13th 

  • Tomatoes on the vine .98¢ per pound super low buy.

  • Blueberries fresh $2.00lb a super buy and loaded with antioxidants to squish those cancer causing floating free radicals running around in the body.

  • Peaches white or Nectarines fresh $.50¢ per pound great buy.

  • Grapes red seedless yum are .88¢ per pound great for the kids, solid price too. To compare Albertsons are $1.99lb. Why

  • Chicken fresh Sanderson Farms 100% natural drumsticks, thights or legs with thighs (my favorite!) .98¢ per pound. Buy and freeze for that BBQ

  • Bread Western Hearth assorted three huge 24oz loafs for $5.00 super low thus buy and freeze.

  • Shampoos or conditioner Suave .98¢ for 12oz assorted, good buy.

  • Waffles Eggo assorted $5.98 for 40 of these puppies. Exact same price per waffle at Sam’s Club. Sam’s Club you know where you PAY to join for lower prices. Hum it might be time to rethink what we purchase at warehouses. 

Smith’s August 7th – 13th 

  • Their Mix & Match (buy at least 5 items) portion of the flyer has some great buys. Example $1.99 for Cheetoes, Fritos, Oroweat bread, Florida's Natural orange juice to name a few. Plus for $1.29 a few good buys can be had. 

  • Watermelon mini seedless buy one get one free or $2.00 each and okay buy.

  • Shampoo or Conditioner Vidal Sassoon $3.29, 25.3oz, the catch…must buy 5 or $16.45 worth.

Von’s August 7th 13th 

Why bother this week anyway, no super savings at this Las Vegas grocery store.

Oh well unless it’s right by your house. If so get the red grapes for .88¢ or the Cheetos (LOL) for $1.99, but even that is not a low price.

So what is Vons good at? Well in word MARKETING, pretty stores, the city are best looking ads and flyers, why even the ad paper has a thicker richer feel than competitors. This attracts folks with more money than…well anyway. 

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