Las Vegas Grocery Stores

Becoming familiar with the various Las Vegas grocery stores in Nevada can help you save money on your monthly food bill. Especially if you compare food prices. Dollar stores of Las Vegas will maximize your food and sundry savings as well.

Allow me to qualify this page. Our team studied over 25 Las Vegas grocery, dollar, warehouse, ethnic, and specialty stores for over 18 months. To do this we followed each sale, each week, in each store. 

Then compiled a catalog of 800 Las Vegas and Southern Nevada's grocery prices. Now you have access to each weeks cheapest grocery buys to stock up on.

Yes you read right 800 individual grocery prices and separated each food by price, category, grade, store, date, and unit of measurement appropriately. Sound complex? It certainly was for us, but we make it easy as pie to use for you! Win a $100.00 gift card to on of your favorite Las Vegas grocery stores.

Rib Eye Steak Price Comparison Breakdown

For example we did not compare the sales price of a steak to a steak, that would be a skewed comparison. Let me show you, take rib eye steak for example we asked ourselves;

  • Was the rib eye bone-in or boneless?
  • Was the grade of beef select, choice or prime, rib eye steak?
  • In other words we compared apples to apples and oranges to oranges?

Frozen Pizza Price Comparison Breakdown

Take frozen pizzas to make another example. Comparisons of price are by size, weight and brand. Because some brands are more expensive than others.

Tylenol or Acetaminophen Price Comparison Breakdown

Take an over-the-counter medication like Tylenol and it's generic counterpart acetaminophen. Here we compare number of tablets or capsules, strength or milligrams and brand to generic. To give you the cheapest price breakdown on the market today. This study discusses how Americans give away $44 Billion every year for brand names versus it's generic.

So on and so fourth with some 800 plus grocery and food items. If you think that is cool our members receive the weekly 100 cheapest grocery prices listed, and dated by store emailed to them. You can too!

So you see is the premier grocery price comparison leader hands down in Las Vegas, NV and soon to be the nation. No one in the world has ever attempted such a feat. And you get the benifit from this! Those are our qualifications to speak on grocery stores price comparisons and more in Las Vegas.

But moving on

Las Vegas locals refer to thae area which encompasses Las Vegas, North Las Vegas, Boulder City and Henderson in part as "Southern Nevada."

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Las Vegas grocery stores offer everything from high-end specialty grocers and supermarkets and ethnic grocery to the no-frills shopping warehouse or membership stores.

Each have both advantages and disadvantages, and saving money will often depend on your knowledge of food prices and if you use coupons or not.

Las Vegas Grocery
Stores Stripped

Albertsons may seem a comfortable, classy, and clean shopping experience in a Las Vegas grocery store. But is there more to this store than it's ambience?

Albertsons is one of many Las Vegas grocery stores.
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Hot Dishes, Whole Pig, & Fresh Chips

Cardenas we would be amiss if we did not mention one of our great ethnic Las Vegas grocery stores and market.

To start with they make their own tortilla and nacho chips by the ton and you can see them while they are being made!

This is one of our favorite Las Vegas grocery stores due in part to the large produce selection, the fun and delicious juice bar. Not to mention their Mexican dishes they serve daily in store.

At Cardenas they also carry everything from whole pig to fresh seafood and a large variety of salsas. However one thing we noticed especially on their brand name food was price.

Rather high we thought.

But for a fun excursion to shop, eat and try new tastes, smells and treats try Cardenas on an early Saturday morning truly a great Vegas grocery store for the family.

Best Variety in a Warehouse Vegas Grocer

Costco has a large variety of food and household items that can help you save money on your grocery bill, if you know prices well and purchase wisely.

Costco has Las Vegas grocery stores which are warehouses offering many items in bulk for large families and businesses. 

Now back to Costco they have their own Kirkland brand which offers lower prices on many items, and they have a steadily growing selection of organic and specialty foods.

Costco a Vegas grocery store delivery truck.
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Although most Costco warehouses are larger and more cluttered than Sam's Club stores in the Las Vegas grocery stores anyway, you may typically find lower prices and a larger selection of foods.

Like Sam’s Club here in Las Vegas you will pay an over $50.00 dollar membership fee. If you have a large family, like buying in larger amounts and visit Costco on a regular basis, then you will probably find the savings may be worth the fee if you know your prices.

Of course, shopping at large warehouse stores such as Costco and Sam's Club may not be for everyone. If you don't want to buy four boxes of crackers at once or if you are shopping for a smaller family, then you may find that discount stores such as WinCo or Smart & Final actually save you more money, especially when you factor in the membership fee and the gas driving to their few locations.

If your family enjoys a lot of ethnic or organic food then Trader Joe’s, Albertsons or Smiths might be more reasonable initially to try. First buy the specialty food in a small size to see if the family likes it, if so then buy the larger size if it’s the price per ounce or pound make sense.

You also can't rule out bulk food stores and privately owned ethnic shops or fresh food markets that may have good deals and better selection than the larger chain stores. Be sure to read the Sam's Club entry below as well to better understand the warehouse format of Las Vegas grocery stores.

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Cheapest Las Vegas Grocery Store?

We are sorry to report but there are no 100% cheapest grocery stores 100% of the time. What we tell people when they ask and were asked alot is Grocery411's Top 100 list. Not one single store. You see each store is has the lowest buys of the week at different times. The trick is to keep up with those lowest buys on 27 local stores. Which is what we do each and every week for you. You see we search 27 stores so you don't have too.We do all that work for you, learn a little more on our "Lowest prices" page.

On the opposite side of the design spectrum from Albertsons, stores like WinCo has open ceilings, gray concrete floors, and a warehouse style set-up that is clean and tidy just not aesthetically pleasing.

You will still find decent produce, a moderate selection of bakery goods, and a wide variety of canned, packaged, frozen and cooler foods. The meat selection at the deli counter is the lowest price in town by almost $1.00 per pound. The store is large which means you may spend some time getting from one side to the other and back again.

Many products are priced much lower than anywhere else in the Las Vegas grocery stores, and since they are also owned by Kroger, you can find the Kroger generic brand items that will save you even more money.

Be sure to check out their website for online coupons. If you don't mind bagging your own groceries and shopping in a “bare bones” atmosphere, Winco is a place to stock up your pantry and freezer without waiting for a super sale. The only real bummer is that Southern Nevada has only a few stores.

Ten locations is a third less stores versus Smith’s 35 Vegas grocery stores. This means most of you will have to drive further to save more. 

Small Business’ Lowest Supermarket

Sam's Club is a warehouse membership store that is owned by Walmart and presents itself as Costco's main competition.

But, don't be fooled, because many products and items offered at Sam’s target the small business person whereby Costco targets the family grocery shopper.

You can find some good deals on the foods they do offer, but you really have to know your prices since many items can be found cheaper on a list that has the lowest buys or sales that week. Weekly supermarket sales is the best consistant place to find the lowest supermarket prices. 

Yes you had better know your grocery prices well to save money and here’s why. The Sam’s and Costco warehouses delude shoppers into believing that because they are buying in bulk groceries will be cheaper.

Do not believe this!

I have personally and by hand compared many grocery prices meticulously of 25 Southern Nevada grocery stores. Often warehouse prices are not less expensive than a good grocery store sale or the dollar store offers.

In fact shoppers can burn through a lot of money if they regularly shop at warehouse stores under the guise that buying large sized items is naturally cheaper.

Warehouses are not always cheaper. In fact rarely are they cheaper.

I know I use to spend hundreds of dollars monthly at these clubs until I decided to ferret out the truth. It’s one of the reasons I decided to document prices and get the Price Transparentcy® app underway.

Remember you will pay an annual membership fee which is over $50.00 dollars, so you will have to make sure that the savings exceed this amount to make shopping at Sam's Club worth the investment. Do I still shop at Sam’s and Costco you bet, only now I know what, and what not to buy to save the maximum amount of money.

So buy wisely and with thrift or burn through unnecessary hundreds of dollars yearly at these stores on steroids.

Trustworthy Grocer 
In Your Neighborhood

Smith's, this Kroger owned company is your standard run of the mill grocery store that offers a good selection of groceries.

Smith’s is the average best bet price and quality wise all the way around when comparing Las Vegas grocery stores but we will come back to this shortly.

Smiths a Vegas grocery store best with in-neighborhood prices.
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Several of the Smith's Las Vegas grocery stores have been recently renovated. The stores which have not had the renovations appear old and lack the clean, polished healthy look one might expect to find where they purchase their food.

Since it is owned by the parent Kroger the national grocery giant, Smith's also carries the Kroger brand label. The nice thing about these store labels is you avoid paying for the research, fancy packaging and marketing of a brand product.

Smith's also has an easy to navigate website with a mobile App, printable coupons, and Rewards Card as well as weekly sales flyers. With 30-35 stores in the Southern Nevada area, you will not be spending a lot of money on gas to take advantage of Smith's low prices.

Las Vegas' Best Produce
At An Unhealthy Price?

Vons this Safeway owned grocery store also offers a great selection of products with the nicest well stocked produce section in town.

Prices are somewhere between Smith's and Albertsons, leaning towards the Albertsons higher price side. Certainly not the cheapest of Las Vegas grocery stores.

Vons a Las Vegas grocery store with great produce and high prices.
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Vons Club Card is the no-brainier standard savings card most grocers offer which is a must to save money and allow them to gather your shopping patterns with their software.

Vons offers the “Just For U” program. A software program which tracks your personal purchases then offers you discounts on those products at subsequent visits. It’s one way you can save money with this grocer if you compare grocery store prices in Las Vegas grocery stores or any grocer for this matter.

The stores are clean and customer service is good, but there are only about 14 of these Las Vegas grocery stores located all Southern Las Vegas. Know that the same services are not offered at all stores.

You can find out which departments are available at each store by visiting their website. If you want to have a prescription filled while you are shopping, you better make sure that the particular location has a pharmacy.

While Vons is clean, has a great produce section, and carries the Safeway generic label that’s all well and good. Just be sure to check their sales to really save money because they are one of the more expensive Las Vegas grocery stores. Occasionally you can stock up the pantry with a few of their very low sale priced items.

That said the hard to find Gulf of Mexico shrimp goes on sale for half its non-sale price and is a super deal. Gulf shrimp has flavor like no other shrimp except the prawns from the island of Madagascar. Just a little FYI for you there!

 Las Vegas, NV Bulk
Food Supermarket

WinCo Foods is an employee owned company has only two Las Vegas grocery stores. They are located on opposite sides of the city. The stores are clean, well lit and are huge 95,000 square foot warehouses but without that gray, cold and dingy warehouse feeling.

WinCo strengths are scattered low prices and a large bulk food section. They did a nice job in taking on the new niche of bulk foods without allocating the entire store to the bulk niche. Bulk foods are those foods in a bin, barrel or shoot which allows you dispense exactly how much you need.

WinCo boasts some 600 separate bulk food items in their Las Vegas grocery stores. For grocery price comparison they are good, but the best prices will always be the grocer who has the best sale weekly on items you need.

"Roll Back The Prices"
Further Please

Walmart as the world’s largest retailer you would think would have the world’s lowest prices right?

Wrong, they do not. We know we compared their prices as well as 25 other Las Vegas grocery stores by hand, hello. No one period knows this better than us.

Just think about it why would they spend money to advertise the offer to match another stores price if they had the lowest price to begin with?

Additionally they rarely have in-depth grocery sales ads like all the other Las Vegas grocery stores. Their marketing slogan is ‘Everyday Low Price.’

If they did advertise like regular grocery stores people would easily see their prices are not the lowest around. Our guess is that is why they don’t.

Perception is Everything, Or Is It?

Could the public perception of Walmart and it's supposed lowest prices mimics that of the warehouse grocers Sam's Club and Costco?

Every caught yourself thinking this

A. “Let’s buy big containers of food at Sam’s or Costco because it must be cheaper. Because it's bigger.”

B. Or this, the Walmart 'perception': “it’s Walmart they must have the lowest prices on everything, right?”

A. Wrong.

B. And  wrong!

Often this happens at Walmart. One day you see a low price on something like Pinwheel cookies so you think “hey, this is the place to buy my Pinwheels!” Only to return to buy more of your or in this case my favorite treat and see the price increased by a buck or two.

This same strategy appears to be used at WinCo Las Vegas grocery stores on coffee beans. One month the price is $5.98, next month (now that your use to buying it at a the low price and subconsciously make the Vegas grocery stores WinCo your new favorite store) magically it’s raised to $7.98.!

You think, “What the hay, what happened?” Then the following month the price reduces to $6.98 and so on.

It’s how they profit which is fine, they are in business to make money and you are in the business to keep your money. That is what we are about at Grocery411 lowering your grocery bill.

Las Vegas Grocery Stores
Too Maximize Savings

Don’t kid yourself the VONS, Walmart’s, Kroger’s and other multi-million dollar companies did not get big by not doing there research. They study every buyers whim.

Grocers Analyze Shopper:

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Arrival and exit times
  • Which door you entered
  • Foot traffic patterns in store
  • Purchase amounts, times, selections
  • Average height of buyers to position products

This is just to name a few. Supermarkets are businesses. But so is your family, your in the business of savings for your family.

Shopping, It Helps To Know
A Few Simple Things

1. Know that all Las Vegas grocery stores or any other city for that matter can have a super low price sale worthy of stocking up on. So never omit scanning all your weekly ads. Even poor Albertsons every few months has a super sale!

2. If you use the Grocery411 Comparison software you are no longer at a disadvantage. You’re positioned to save some serious money.

Bottom line Las Vegas grocery stores have everything one could want in a city. Knowing what a fair price is to pay for a steak, coffee or foil saves you a tremendous amount of money AND TIME.

Once you get in the habit of checking grocery prices and see the large amounts of money your keeping you just might get hooked on comparing food prices.

2012 USDA: The average family in the US spends $612 per month on groceries. This doesn't not include dining out.

Research of Grocery411™ savings Top 100 Lowest Buys demonstrates greater than a 50% savings on a family's monthly food bill.

Ask yourself what could your family do with over $306 more per month, join now in the newsletter box above!

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