Now, My Secret For You

Head shot of smiling male, me!

My Secret For You: Have you ever had something special you wanted to share with your close special friends?

Something you thought they would like. Something that could really truly help them.

I always wanted a great website. That is the big secret. I like the ideal of making money while I am sleeping.

The term is duplicable income. 

So I researched high and low and having a degree in science I DO know how to research. I cut through the sales hype and pitches looking for true value in a web host.

In this case looking for the right website to build and hold my business ideal. I found it. It puts Wordpress and others to shame as an independent research company later proves.

But anyway enough of this. It's not about a business at all. It's about dreams, goals, and passions.

A dream of extra income, of kissing the 8-5 job goodbye, a dream of travel, a dream of time with family and friends. 

So I watched this videowhich honestly really did nothing for me!

What? Yep, nothing. Until later that is.

But, it was the research I performed on the company after seeing the video that told me it was the right choice.

In fact let's discuss your dreams...

Close up photo  of a fun loving couple, dreams realized.

Dreams of Passion and Travel

Allow yourself a moment to dream again...

  • What were you once so passionate about, I mean other than that special someone. :)
  • What really intrigues you still even today?
  • And what subject(s) get you talking endlessly about something?
  • Could it be travel, a boutique, maybe your children, recipes, art, or music?
  • Wait, isn't music art or art music, anyway.
  • Might it be a business idea, your pets, a collection of memorabilia, possibly crafts?

I know, your thinking "get to the point" Right?

Well I am almost done!

Confident woman walking down a beach dreams realized.

Allow yourself to ponder a few moments - it’s YOUR DREAM!

The blank lines are time to think about and list your passions and dreams.

  • ________________________________________________
  • ________________________________________________
  • ________________________________________________

Do you have your passions in your mind’s eye? Hold that thought a moment. We'll come back to it.

Couple stick figures drawn in sand surrounded by seashells.

My Secret and Journey

When I completed my two months of in-depth research on this company. I knew with 100% certainty that it was the vehicle for my dream.

Now Back To YOU

Would you like to be a stay at home mom or dad?

Maybe you have a website already online, but just cannot get the traffic you need?

I encourage you to watch this video and be the judge. Don't just take my word for it.

The paridice drink celebrating dreams coming true, for you?

Don't you just love sharing cool things, like a great movie or a new chic cafe with your best friends?

For example, a passion of mine has become discovering what prices grocery shoppers should be paying for groceries versus what they SHOULDN'T be paying.

Now that I have shared my secret with you, share it with your friends! You will be amazed, if you take what you're passionate about and begin your own website, just like so many others here have.

Oh and do check out the video it could just make your dreams come true as well. 

All the Best,

Bill Guerra

Next, drop me a line if you like; I will be glad to answer your questions. 

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