Newsroom Cracks $450 Billion Industry Code. Saving Consumers Hundreds Of Dollars Every Month. an information website that helps Southern Nevadans regularly save up to 70% on fresh food. Announces its full web release saving shoppers hundreds of dollars during tough economic times. Las Vegas, NV was the first state chosen for release. 

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Newsroom: Grocery Price Transparency 
The Purest Form Of Savings

LAS VEGAS, NEVADA – July 21, 2014 – Newsroom - announces the full release of the local 75 Lowest Grocery Sales each week. A membership web publication for Southern Nevada. Four years of research has gone into their value for price food comparison of local supermarkets and specialty grocers. The weekly publication is a resource providing grocery price transparency. To help singles to seniors and the food industry to save up to 80% or approximately $87 per person, per month, on their grocery bills of fresh foods.

Founder Bill Guerra asserts, “A family of four will spend well over $600 a month at supermarket. Yet in a digital age consumers demand price transparency in everything they purchase and the grocery bill has become no different.” 

From his newsroom Guerra’s says, “our mission is to: encourage Nevadans to eat healthy fresh foods minus the high cost; eliminate the confusion of pricing and empower the shopper; to aide families on SNAP and help feed Nevada’s hungry. Groceries are an expensive part of living. What most don’t know is just how expensive. Everyone must eat, so they pay the high price because no one has the time to scour 20 several page supermarket flyers. So we do this for our members.”

Guerra goes on to say how valuable food banks are to a community, confessing he had to use them around the time he was a single parent. “I was so grateful for the help. I know what it’s like to struggle. Our list of grocery savings is one more way to help people, help themselves.”

Another goal of is to overcome the mindset of: “But who can afford eat healthy?” Many individuals and now children are fighting obesity, heart disease and diabetes from eating quick and easy-to-grab prepared food like cookies and candies. “This is occurring in part because we have a fast, progressive society,” Guerra claims, and he wants “to show people how fresh fruit and produce is quick, affordable and actually cheap!” One aim is to change people’s habits into having a variety of fresh fruits cut up and siting out. Guerra quipped, “If these foods are out on the counter in finger sized pieces you can’t help but eat them.”

The top 75 list, which is accessible from’s home page, will be available for a limited time for $6.96 a month or $54 a year. The list is updated three times weekly with Wednesday being the largest update. Each item a supermarket lists weekly is scrutinized against the “seven step value for price” criteria prior to upload. “A particular supermarket may have 150 items in their weekly flyer yet we only list a handful which meet our ‘low-buy’ criteria,” added Guerra.

Newsroom: About

Founded by Bill Guerra, the site aims to save people time and money on their never-ending weekly grocery bills. A cost cutting, information and educational website, it lists only the lowest grocery prices. Plus tried and true shopping tips.

The “Top 75 Weekly Best Buys” are selected after a comparison against 1000 grocery prices cataloged in’s proprietary software. This allows Southern Nevada shoppers to have a new level of confidence in grocery price transparency and savings during their shopping experience. To learn more about visit the site at

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