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  1. In the reign of online organic food shops, Organic Direct is proving to be a formidable contender.
  2. Organic Direct is rare when it comes to online organic food shops. They sell thousands of different kinds of organic foods to customers all around the country.
  3. The company sells products ranging from meat and seafood to fruits and vegetables. They offer vegan and vegetarian food.
  4. All products are prepared with no allergens, caged animals or artificial ingredients.

Rib eye steaks, Dungeness crab and fresh bread can be found at most online organic food shops.  Beef is graded as follows: the highest quality with the most fat marbling is Prime, then Choice, and the least expensive is Select.  Select is typically found in most grocery stores.   Sam's Club and Costco carry primarily choice cut grades of meat.
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Rare Authentic Online Organic Food Shop

Organic Direct is a Brooklyn-based online food delivery service and grocery store selling true organic food and sundry.

Organics are delivered all around New York City to homes and businesses and ships  non-perishable products throughout the US.

What Everybody Ought to

Know About Organic Direct

Groceries for Delivery: Organic Direct delivers primarily organic foods and products like: fruits; vegetables; dairy; bakery; meat; seafood; pet food and grooming items; baby products; frozen foods and beverages like coffee; juice; water, gluten free and macrobiotic foods.

Unavailable: Perishable items and frozen products are not available for delivery outside the New York area. 

Alcohol and tobacco products: are not available.

Sundries: Yes, the site sells a moderate amount of personal care products.

Medicine: Yes, herbal medicine and over the counter vitamins and minerals.

Minimum Purchase: $100 in the New York area; there are no minimums for outside purchases. 

Contract: No contracts are ever required.

Four Item Grocery Price Comparison: $17.98

Customer Service Number & Hours: (347) 305-3545; phone lines are open 24/7

Live Chat: No



Delivery Area: The store delivers products throughout the US and:

  • Queens
  • Manhattan
  • Your office
  • Your campus
  • Northern New Jersey
  • Brooklyn/Kings County
  • Long Island/Nassau County
  • Staten Island/Richmond County

Red and sweet onions & baked potatoes grilled over mesquite wood for three hours. Most online organic food shops carry these fresh vegetables. Visit to save countless hours shifting through 10 websites, we have compared grocers for you.
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Residents can enter their zip codes on the website to see if they can be served. The store can also deliver non-perishable products outside of these service areas.

Delivery Method: This internet organic grocer delivers its products by FedEx truck with refrigerated boxes. Customers within the New York area can also pick up their orders at the Organic Direct headquarters.

Delivery Cost: Local delivery is free in the New York area. Ground shipping charges outside of New York will vary but they can be at least $1.19 per pound.

Estimated Arrival Time: Varies by zip code and when the order is made. They state they make every attempt to deliver on time but reserve the right to reschedule if conditions permit. They state they will call to inform you if they are unable to deliver as promised.

Drop-off: Their driver will deliver the groceries to your door. Organic Direct will charge you the delivery fee and the full cost of the groceries if you are not there upon delivery or should you cancel your order within 12 hours of delivery.

This online organic food shop policy is cancellations must occur by 4:30 PM the BUSINESS day prior to your delivery. Drivers will bring the groceries right into your home and place them on the counter!

Drop-off Outside NY/NJ: Your order will be sent back to Organic Direct in the event that the driver cannot deliver the package to you in three attempts. You will be charged a 30% restocking fee and a full shipping charge if this happens.

Guarantee and Refund: You can return a product to Organic Direct for a partial refund if you are not satisfied. You have only 24 hours to make a complaint about your order. Its always best to check the order when delivery occurs. They driver will wait.


  • There are no contracts required.
  • Customers can buy products in bulk.
  • All meats are prepared in cage-free environments.
  • All health and beauty products do not contain allergens.
  • Physical pickup service is available for New York customers.
  • The website is organized with a variety of special sections for vegan, fat free and kosher foods.


  • There are no full guarantees on any products.
  • There are no flat rate costs for shipping outside of New York.
  • The selection of products is limited for people who don’t live within the New York border.
  • If your not available at driver’s drop off time you will be responsible for payment if missing.

Headquartered: 5378 Kings Highway, Brooklyn, NY 11203

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