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There are many different ways to organize grocery coupons, but the best method is the one that works for you.

Do you use a file box, coupon binder, to organize your grocery coupons?

Organizing your coupons will really depend on how many coupons you  regularly use. Plus how much time you are willing to put into clipping and organizing.

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How To: Organize Grocery Coupons

Lets face it, coupons are usually quite small, and those little pieces of paper can easily be misplaced, forgotten, or lost in the clutter of your desk or wallet.

So, whatever method you choose to organize grocery coupons, keeping them neat and organized is a good way to make sure that you take advantage of great saving opportunities and use those discounts before they expire.

Alphabetically Organize Your Coupons

The quickest and most simple way to organize is alphabetically.

Label your file tabs, dividers, or envelopes from A-Z and put the coupons in the appropriate sections.

Organize by Expiration or Expiry Date

Write dates on your tabs, dividers, or envelopes and separate coupons based on when they expire. Using headings such as “end of month”, “next month” or “end of year” will mean that you can move your coupons around without having to relabel your sections.

Since this system puts all types of coupons together, you may spend more time finding the ones you want – or even remembering what you have.

For example, the “expires at end of month” file may have coupons for cheese, laundry soap, canned peas, cookies, and ice cream all mixed together, so you may want to indicate on your grocery list which items you have a coupon for.

Organize Grocery Coupons by Category

Many people find this to be the easiest method, especially if you have a lot of coupons to sort through. Your categories can be as refined or as broad as you want.

For example, you can simply have a “produce” section or you can break it down into “fruits”, “vegetables”, and “fresh seasonings” like ginger, parsley, garlic.

Now that you have chosen your method, you will have to decide what you want to organize your coupons in.

Types of Coupon Organizers

The above video is on organizing your coupons. 

Organize Grocery Coupons with Envelopes

This is the simplest method. Just take several envelopes, write the categories on them meat, dairy, cookies, canned food, etc then place your coupons inside.

You may have to replace the envelopes regularly since they can become damaged easily, but since they are quite inexpensive to buy, this is an easy and cheap way to keep your coupons organized.

Accordion Style Organizers

These are inexpensive and can often be purchased at a discount store for a reasonable price. They are compact – about the size of a large wallet – so they will fit easily into your purse.

The only disadvantage is that they usually only have a few sections so they won't hold very many coupons and you are limited to the categories you can choose. 

Since you may have to put more than one category (meat, dairy, canned goods, etc.) together, you will spend more time trying to find the ones you want each week.

File Box Coupon Organizer

This can be as small as a recipe card box or as large as a shoe box – whatever you prefer.

Of course, it is not as compact as an accordion style organizer but it is much more versatile and can be divided into a lot more categories. Larger ones will hold hundreds of coupons and be set up so that you can easily find the ones you want.

Unfortunately, you can't take these boxes with you to the store, so you will need to know which ones you will be using ahead of time.

Note: Be sure to keep your clipping scissors, highlighter, and even a notebook inside the box so that all your tools are in one place.

Grocery Coupon Binder Organization

Fill a binder with clear page protectors that are divided into 4 or 9 pockets.

Trading card protector sheets work well, but larger coupons may have to be folded to fit. Pages with only 4 pockets may fit bigger coupons but you will need to buy more.

Use binder dividers to separate categories, and if you choose a binder with zippered sections, you can also store your scissors, highlighters, and notebook.

Helpful Tips to Organize Grocery Coupons

Keep a notebook, or have a list on your computer or phone that will help you keep track of when a coupon expires.

If you haven't set up your organizer based on expiry date, then you could easily miss out on savings by letting a coupon expire.

By taking a quick look at your list each week, and updating it regularly, you will be able to see which coupons should be used immediately.

organize grocery coupons

Go through your binder or file box each week and move the “soon to expire” ones to the organize grocery coupons front page or section so you'll remember them when you make your grocery list.

A thought to keep in mind to organize grocery coupons is when collecting them, keep in realize that they are only a good deal if they are for items that you regularly buy or products that you only purchase when they are sale. Keeping a coupon that you will probably never use will only clutter up your file. If you want sign up to compare food prices with our software and save like mad.

Before you add a coupon to your collection, you should make sure that the savings are worth it. For example, one supermarket may have an in-store coupon for $0.35 off a box of crackers, but another store may sell this same brand of crackers for less than the first store's price, even with the coupon. So, that $0.35 discount is not really a good deal, is it?

As you can see, there are a lot of way to organize grocery coupons. The key is to choose the one that works best for you because if it is easy to use then you will be more likely to stay organized and take advantage of great deal!

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