Grind Down The
Of Ground Beef!

Slice the price of ground beef down to the affordable. Then keep more of the  families budget for fun things. More people buy ground beef than any other red meat. So let's buy smart!

We have to save on ground beef simply because we can cook it hundreds of different ways. From making hamburgers, meat loaf, spaghetti, to rag pudding. So what is rag pudding right? It is an old-fashioned English dish of minced meat and onions wrapped in a suet pastry then boiled or steamed.

A Tip To Buy Cheap Ground Beef

Here is a quick tip to buy it on the cheap. Shop before 11:00AM weekdays look for the "Price Reduced" stickers on soon to be outdated ground beef. Then mix that older but still good beef with some fresh ground beef.

Then go a step further: cook up a bulk batch of meat loaf, taco meat or chili with it. Separate, date, bag then freeze your cheap find.

Viola pre-made meals ready to be microwaved. You just skipped the pots the pans and the dishes for meals to come. 

Chubs and the price of ground beef considered.
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Every Goal Has It's Reward

If you been around this website a while you know how steaks are graded. The USDA grades are “Select, Choice or Prime.” Depending on marbling and flavor. The Japanese have a grade for even a more superior and flavorful steak yet. These steaks are a cut above prime. That means a more delicious and tender steak, than even prime.

You’ve been wise. You mastered saving hundreds on the family grocery bill. You invested the time, you use Grocery411 and still pick up ads. You do this because you only use your money where you deem best. Not when and where some supermarket dictates. Maybe it’s time for that reward you been putting off. A splurge, to further that fire burning in your belly. To continue your hunt to add to the families nest egg. Perhaps right now is the time for your reward.

Know The Price Of Ground Beef

Let's take a trip to your grocers meat department and see how important the price of ground beef is, I mean is it worth getting the cheapest. Let's see.

Cheap ground beef depends on fat to lean meat. The more fat and the less lean the cheaper the price. But is this always a smart decision?

After grinding through the USDA web site then interviewing butchers of national supermarkets, I found some fascinating discoveries.

But first allow me to back up. Let's review what we know about ground beef. 

Do You Know "Lean To Fat" Ratios:

  1. 73% lean beef plus 27% beef fat
  2. 80% lean beef plus 20% beef fat
  3. 85% lean beef plus 15% beef fat
  4. 90% lean beef plus 10% beef fat
  5. 93% lean beef plus 7% beef fat


Have you ever heard of or seen these myths?

"The 90% lean comes only from superior round or sirloin cuts." Wrong.

"That only lean chuck roast goes into making the 80/20." Wrong, again.

Time to bust these myths. Time to know the price of ground beef AND what's in the grind. Consider this, butchers reluctantly informed me they create those percents of lean to fat IN the store at their discretion. 

The butchers and their assistants called "meat cutters" cut and trim meat during the day. 

Their day is spent packaging and perfecting show stopping trays of carefully selected cuts like steaks. 

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Remaining pieces of red meat and fat from all over the cow are then placed into a grinder and made into ground beef. 

It is at their sole discretion how much fat to lean makes up your 80/20 blend. Those blends are created by eyeballing white to red blends. Thus there is no trade standards used when deciding what cuts of the beef go into making the heralded 93/7!

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So How Can I Lower My Price of Ground Beef?

Here is what you can do. Ask the butchers what cuts of beef they used that day to make up their ground beef. That's step number one. Two, get to know your butchers and open a line of communication with them to get the truth. Third  call them time to time to see what they have. Especially if you want to do a large buy for your bulk cooking.

Wait For A Super Sale Then Buy Several Pounds

If they have a great sale on any choice meat like roast ask them to if they would ground it up for you. You may pay a bit more for well marbled meat like choice, but you will know what your getting. So stock up and freeze it. 

If your diet conscious and want to know what fat, lean, minerals, vitamins and protein are in your particular ground beef use this very handy USDA calculator.

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Compare The Price Of Ground Beef 

Sam's Club and Costco meats are mostly all choice a more well marbled and flavorful cuts of beef. However their ground beef can be $1-2.00 per pound more.

We reviewed 800 grocery prices over two years. So we know the price of cheap ground beef. Here is the trick.

"Where's The Beef" (Cheap)?

Here's the answer 100% of the time. Your local neighborhood grocer like Safeway, Kroger, Carr's and HEB put on the best sales possible for your cheapest ground beef. Why? because that gets you into the store to buy other things.

Another best way to get the lowest price on ground beef is by using the software. It has the lowest price of various blends of ground beef in your city. 

As always with our software once you know the rock bottom cheapest prices on ground beef blends you will know what to pay and what not to pay. Because frugal savvy people like you put in the prices. 

To save money on the price of ground beef know its best uses.

  • Diet or health conscious? Consider 90% lean beef. 
  • Want Hamburgers try 73% lean the fat really adds to the flavor.
  • Making Casseroles like a beef stroganoff Grab the 85% lean.
  • For Tacos use flavorful 80% lean beef and oil patches are not left in our plate. 

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