Save Money On Groceries
Over 50% Seriously

Let's face it, to truly save money on groceries you must absolutely know one important piece of information. And here it is right off the bat. You must know what the lowest price a food sold for the past 6-12 months.

But nope you can't likely buy it for that low price at this weeks sale. So who cares about knowing the lowest price it sold for 6 months ago, what the heck? Good question. Here's why, if you know the baseline low price, you know what and what not to pay for it. Chew on that for a moment and see if that makes sense.

Your monthly grocery bill is over $600 per month if your a family of 3-4. Source: USDA 2012. Do you think saving well over 50% over $300 a month is worthy of consideration? You bet it is! Because you are into saving your families money whenever possible. 

Let's truly understand this unheard of concept of how to save money on groceries. Simply put the savings with our mobile software is incredible. So please read it carefully. If your busy now print, and read it later your will be glad you did.

Flawless Way To Save Money On Groceries

Otherwise how do you know what your food savings is? Keep that in mind and consider this scenario. It will help you understand the purest form of how to save money on groceries. It's new and honestly can be a little challenging to understand.

The Coach® Purse Scenario

Let's say You have been eyeing the latest style of a Coach® purse for $259! But you want to buy this same top of the line Coach purse at the lowest price possible.

Now Grace your best friend, last month saw your purse for $109 at Nordstroms. Of course that darn sale is over and it's priced back at $249 which is $10 lower. Not really a savings. Because you know the lowest price your Coach can be sold for which is $109.

You are a little bummed out about that for now. But your smart and patient as a shopper.

Stay with me a moment...

Your purse goes back on sale three weeks later for $139, while your out of town and you didn't find out about the sale until it was over. Sucks. That weekend you pick up the newspaper and Macys® has it on sale for $119. Needless to say within hours you bought and owned that new fine Coach purse! 

Here's the reason you bought it today because your smart enough to know, it likely won't go as low as $109 again. Period. Your also did some shopping around and knew what the lowest price was, $109.

You see friend, once you know the lowest price you have the POWER and the KNOWLEDGE to make your buying decision based those facts. Hang with me one more quick point. 

Let me present the power of knowing the lowest price but with something less fashionable. Less fashionable, but still a:

  1. real
  2. large
  3. weekly
  4. life-time
  5. family cash expense.

It's Your Family's Grocery Bill. Which you buy week after week, and month after month. *Consider a moment the "thought of knowing the lowest price of an item."

  • The power of knowing lowest prices affords.
  • No salesman or ad can sell you items priced high.
  • You have such a freedom knowing true value and price.
  • It's becoming too late for old grocer tricks, you know the truths.
  • No supermarket ad sign can trick you into paying double prices any more.

Grocery price comparison is what we are all about. Our grocery bill is such a large part of our budget it only makes sense to compare food prices.

There is no other way to be proof positive way to ensure you are saving the absolute most you can on groceries.

How This All Makes Sense

Picture this, foil goes on sale. You must buy it, like you must buy toilet paper, meat well you get the picture. If it's cheap enough might you stock up your pantry or garage because foil and paper lasts forever, think about it. I mean you gotta have it, right? 

A 150 square foot roll costs $5.95 but today its on sale for $2.19. Because you only buy boring (it's no Coach purse) foil 2-3 times a year you don't know if its a good sale or not. I mean it "appears" to be a good sale, key word being "appears." 

So you pick up your smart phone with Grocery411 loaded onto it. Its already set for your city. You type in "f-o-i-l " it displays that three months ago it was the cheapest price selling for $1.99.

You think "hum today the foil is only 20 cents more." Saying to yourself "$5.95 is costs too much." Further you contemplate "the sale is about $3.00 cheaper than normal."

You conclude. "This is a super low buy on boring but must-have foil." You toss five rolls of foil in the shopping basket. Now you forget about foil for two years. Your perfecting how to save money on groceries.

Plus you saved $15.00 on ONE mandatory must have item. Stop and think a moment of how many must have items does a home use? How would that kind of savings add up day after day week after week and year after year? I will tell you what it would look like. It would look like this $255,000 over the average life span.   

One way to put it into perspective, your savings would buy one or two new Coach purses every month, or Sandy's braces. No Joke. That is the power and savings of knowing what the lowest price is on groceries or anything for that matter.

There are more links and text below to save money on groceries and the Art of Grocery Savings® to save even more.

To know if a "sale" is a truly sale, if a “2 for 1” is really a good buy, or if that coupon is actually worth clipping, it is essential that you start with a knowledge of what the rock bottom price is.

A Shopping Ad Reads: 2 for 1 Sale on Cheerios...

Wow! Two boxes of cereal for the price of one. It's a no brainier. You run out and buy 2, maybe even 4 boxes. That's easy enough or is it?

How do you KNOW you're saving BIG? Do you know the lowest price Cheerios sold for this year? You don't?

If you don't know, you do not have the right price to compare savings with. Relax we have completely created food price comparisons for you.

One must know what the lowest price was, in order to start a comparison and save serious money on groceries.

Now The Good News

We at Grocery411 have done all the leg work for you so you can save money on groceries. You see we are all about finding BIG savings for your family!

We literally compared hundreds of grocery prices and created an easy to read and compare purse sized Insider's Guide, listing those prices.

How We Did It:

  • Our goal to fully empower you to save money on groceries
  • We saved and compared hundreds of newspaper ads for over 18 full months
  • We walked into every store to ensure the correct sale price, size, and quantity
  • We then compared and scrutinized grocery store advertisements and flyers over a 12-15 month period

(Yes, its all done by hand and countless all nighters!)

We did it because the bar scanner applications (apps) are unable to replace the exactness, subtleties, and inferences of our brain. Try as they might, they're not there yet and may never be!

These apps are weak and omit important factors. Honestly, these apps were created on hype and the cool factor, NOT on critical thinking, reasoning, human calculations, nor critical research.

These laborious tasks were performed repeatedly for you to guarantee you could save a BIG amount of money on groceries.

  • We gathered the lowest prices to create a reference point from which to compare.
  • Then, we broke the prices down to their smallest component. Example: pound, roll, square foot, carton, ounce, fluid ounce, each, and so on.

The Grocery Insider's Guide unequivocally makes you a more educated shopper. Educated now means you’re saving bundles on your family's weekly grocery bill, because we did all the food price comparisons for you.

A Savings Point To Ponder

This mobile software gives you a "reference point" from which to buy. That reference point is a way to compare against current prices. Confused, don't be! It's easy you will see. The reference point is the cheapest price found. 

Now you can glance at this week's grocery ads and decide "Is this a good buy or not compared to the prices listed in Your Insider's Guide. Simply ask yourself will I save money on groceries with the current "sale" or not?"

The Insider's Guide was a booklet of 800 groceries first launch in Las Vegas, NV where we live. Now its an easy to use National free mobile software. Designed for one purpose, to help you and your family save money on groceries.

Please be sure to take a moment to sign up for our ezine using the form below to be notified of full non-beta release. More on release date here.

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You owe it to yourself and your family to save money on groceries each and every week. Compare food prices like never before.

Editor's Note:

This Insider's Guide was not only created because apps are far from all inclusive, but also because I believe everyone loves finding great deals. 

We all spend a lot of money on food WEEKLY, now you can be sure 100% of the time you will money on groceries hands down!

We need to know the cheapest price on this regular, continuous, and large cash outlay called "Grocery's" in order to save money and free up cash and make our lives richer. 

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