The New Concept
Of Saving On Groceries

Want to really begin saving on groceries? Then use these three unique and thought provoking supermarket secrets to look at shopping in a whole new light.

On this page in an easy-to-read format we look deeper to give you the theory behind supermarket secrets as we did in other pages at Grocery411.

Tip #1 Saving On Groceries

Who’s Watching The Kids?

You probably know by now grocers place their goods strategically on the shelves according to the buyer’s age. Manufactures pay big money to get this prime shelf placement for those well-advertised brands. The above quick video explains why.

You better believe your kids are being watched. Watched by Tony The Tiger of Frosted Flakes and the likes of that crazy rebel Sonny the Cukoo Bird from Coco Puffs!

There is a serious war being waged which targets your kids. In fact the global breakfast cereal industry will rise from 33 billion in 2012 to a staggering 43 billion by 2019. 

So while trying to save on groceries remember the most colorful, enticing and expensive brands are placed right in your child’s line of vision. This allows the kids to see, then grab, plead, beg or throw a fit to take their favorite sugary expensive character home. 

The Takeaway

Avoid the isle all together. Have one parent take the kids elsewhere in the store. Another strategy is to have the kids “Guard” the basket at the end of the isle while you run down and grab what you want them to be eating. This all together avoids mom or dad having to compete with the genius of powerful well-educated marketers. Plus if you take them down there, it’s a good chance you won’t win against those precious porcelain faces of the children!

Tip #2 Saving On Groceries

At The Fresh Seafood Counters...

...most products are labeled previously frozen in small type. Those same products are probably for sale in the frozen-food case for 40 percent less. Not only that, but you won’t have to use them right away, since they haven’t been thawed out. —Phil Lempert.

Wonder why they do not label them "Thawed" vs "Previously Frozen." Thawed is more accurate given it's current state, but maybe just not a pretty a word as the other? Just a thought.

Tip #3 Saving On Groceries

How To Save $40 Buying Roast

This method will have you saving on groceries hugely in just one purchase. One holiday I found this trick, now I use it year round. I needed a 5lb prime rib roast for a family gathering. This particular store priced a five pounder at $6.47lb. Not a bad price at the time for USDA Choice Grade beef. But I found it cheaper! I took a few moments and looked around at all the roasts. Then came across a few 20lb slabs priced at $4.47lb. 

Let me stop right there. You see there is a psychology to shopping that is strange to me. Often we see what we want, grab it, glance at the price and go. We may think about calculating prices but rarely do we get that far. Take my roast scenario for example. Once I saw the price difference no bells went off in my head. No, I simply “saw” it was about a two dollar savings (Unconsciously denying it was $2 per POUND savings) and brushed it off. 

I don’t understand that psychology but I have learned to respect it. These oddities or denials are addressed in each of the “Takeaways” in this grocery savings series.

Okay, back on track now. So almost blowing off the $2lb price difference I paused, to figure out the savings of buying the 20lb vs the 5lb roast. The savings was a whopping $40 so I bought the slab, had my roast and several rib eye steaks to freeze.

The Takeaway

Always pause while looking at meats as they are expensive. In fact pause, step back, exhale and look around for a mere 15 seconds. See if there are other less expensive cuts you might use. Maybe there are other meats you need but always forget like salt pork for beans or liver. Follow us here to help save bank on groceries.

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