Standard Grocery
Shopping List

Creating a standard grocery shopping list before leaving to the store is a your best and smartest first step if you want to really save loads of money on groceries.

To help you out with that, Grocery411™ has created some free printable grocery lists for you to print and customize to your needs. It is just what the chef ordered!

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I love this free printable grocery list. Well, I did create it which speaks to the love, but let me tell you why. Your standard grocery shopping list is a printable list.

This is a cool list too All Out Of Magnetic Pad - Blue

I realized that before hitting the supermarket it helps to know what I needed.

So I would not get distracted by the other munchies beckoning me from every aisle. You know how it is out there. Add a little of this and a little of that to your cart and before you know it you've out spent your grocery budget by 50% or more, easy.

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Here's Your Standard Grocery Shopping List

And if that's not bad enough when you get home your forgot. Have you ever done this?

You forgot what you went to the store to get in the first darn place! :)

FREE Must Have Standard 
Grocery  Shopping List

The Grocery411 grocery shopping list is one my family uses routinely. It is well thought out and easy to become familiar.

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In fact, it took me quite some time to finalize. Let's just say it evolved over a period of weeks, and then months. Time devoted in planning, layout, proofing and adding the finishing touches paid off.

When you download the standard grocery shopping list you may look at it and think “well that's not so difficult, what’s his problem!?!” LOL! 

Simply put, to make something look easy there is often a great deal of time and testing devoted in the beginning to get it right.

Fresh BBQ St. Louis ribs hot off the grill good thing it was on a printable grocery lists or I would have forgotton.
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By way of example, consider the world's greatest band, Led Zeppelin.

Behind the scenes they have devoted umpteen hours of practice to get their music to the artistic level. Jimmy Page lead guitarist paid his bills by creating daytime cheesy commercials. A far stretch from his science on the guitar he turned into an art form. Which we know and love.

Now, I know the Grocery411 shopping list is not of Zeppelin caliber. It is just one of many simple printable grocery lists. Yet simple as it may appear, it serves a valuable purpose... to SAVE YOU MONEY and to help compare food prices.

Not only did we add the basics like milk and bread, but also the hard to remember items. Groceries we needed but always seemed to forget, like stamps, canola oil and trash bags.

Free Printable
Grocery List Advantages

A skillfully tailored and exhaustive grocery shopping list will reduce frustration by saving you time and money as follows:

  • Minimizes expensive impulse buys.
  • With pantries filled less spent on dining out.
  • A great list saves money because of leftovers for lunch. 
  • Eliminating return trips to the store saves time and gas.
  • The family makes it to the table for dinner and conversation.
  • Less likely to forget that one special spice for tonights dinner.
  • With a great list over time pantries are well stocked. Leading to more delicious home cooked meals.  

This standard grocery shopping list has stood the test of time. We made the list about seven years ago and have only modified it twice. Period! It's solid.

Print Your Grocery List

This standard grocery shopping list prints out as two lists per 8 x 11 inch sheet of paper. Print 10 sheets, cut them in half, and voila, you have 20 tall 4 x 11 inch lists.

Since it prints out in a list format it hangs nicely on the fridge, allowing you to simply pencil in or circle depleted food stocks. Also: There are lines available to write in last minute food and sundries as well.

The downloadable grocery list template is provided in pdf format, but we also have it available in Microsoft Word upon request. In Microsoft Word you can add or modify it if you wish. This takes only moments.

Now how cool and easy is that?

Next steps:

~  To save money shopping, always stick to your list!  ~