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Saves $350 A Month

"I use to spend $600 a month on food, now I am only spending $250 a month." Fernando L. 

Six Lobsters!

I bought 6 lobsters, 2lbs shrimp, 1lb scallops and 4 crab cakes all that for only $60.00 which made for a great father’s day, WOW!" Deborah S.

Cheap Fruit & Produce

"My recent trip to the store to buy produce only cost me $3.96. For this I got raspberries; tomatoes; white onions; fresh broccoli; green onions and radishes!" Mark S.

Great Service

"I think this service is fantastic!" Robert M.

Walmart Honored These Prices

"I love this! I have a Walmart cashier here in front of me and all I had to do is show them your page on my smartphone. They then match all your sale items! I'm going to refer several of people to this site." Jack H.

Vegetarian's Save Too 

"William… wow am I impressed!!! It took me hours to decide what I wanted as I’m new at this. But I can’t even imagine how long it takes you to put that list together. The links were so helpful (locations, coupon pages) and very much appreciated. Not sure if you take requests but we will be shopping for produce (fresh or frozen, vegetarian kitchen here!) and also organic food. I have an illness that causes great pain in my joints/muscles so clipping coupons isn’t even possible. Your list is a jewel to be a part of. Thank you," Robin S.

Saved 50%

"Absolutely a great site you have! What I do is pick out two stores on your list when we need groceries to shop at. My grocery bill today at one place only cost me $46.00. It's unreal because I saved 49% or about $50 on food at just ONE of the supermarkets. Thought you should know. Chris E.

More Cheap Fruit & Produce

"Today for only $10.96 I got:

  • 4 ears of yellow corn
  • 4 whole large cantaloupes
  • 8 large brown Asian apples
  • And 4 Fuji apples using this list. Now we eat more fresh fruit than ever before, Thank you very much." Vanessa B

More Member Testimonials

"I am new to Las Vegas, moved here last month. Your list has been helpful in identifying shopping options in my new location. Thanks for saving me "research" time & opening shopping options here in the valley. Keep up the good work."

"When I meet more people, I will share Grocery411.com. I have been wondering if perhaps I know more about shopping options here than those who have lived here longer - just because of this website?" The following testimonial is from when Grocery411 used a booklet to list lowest buys: 

"I have yet to find a source that I can literally pull out of my purse at the grocery store to determine if a sale is really a sale. Grocery411.com gives a whole new meaning to comparison shopping. Thanks to the booklet, I have gone from spending over $700 a month in groceries to $175 per month (I have 2 teenagers that I am helping to raise), they eat non-stop. Thanks, Grocery411.com" Jeanne M.

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See the live sample page now of only the lowest food buys in Las Vegas, North Las Vegas, Henderson, Boulder City, and Mesquite. Start saving over 60-80% on your grocery bill, the easy way! 

National Public Radio's award winning Desert Companion magazine (page 83) scours Grocery411, as does the Las Vegas Sun's sister publication VEGASINC.

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  • How does the Top 100 List benefit friends and family?
  • Does the Top 100 List give you a new sort of confidence in buying groceries?
  • Tell us how it's cuts those grocery bills and by how much? Share some great examples?
  • Are you and the family eating more healthy because you buy produce priced like this cheap: (we sure hope you are!)
  • Apples 25-33¢ a pound
  • Avocados 20¢ each
  • Red grapes 69¢ a pound
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How Do You Use The List?

1. Chat about your own special way you search the page for low buys. Like do you click a store link i.e. "Smith's or Cardenas" at the top of the page to search for that stores cheapest buys?

2. On your home PC are you one to click “ Ctrl f ” then type in the food you’re looking for like butter, bacon, or organic pineapple? Which allows you to see the stores with that food on sale? (Remember it's only a great sale when it meets the Grocery411 low price criteria.)

Hey it’s okay to ramble on in your testimonial too! Whew, okay lastly, here's a few final ideals to help you write. Has it changed the way you shop any? Like how might that be?

Started visiting new stores to stock up on unique super low foods? If so which new stores and what do you like to stock up on? Tell us about whatever you like!

Yep that's me just saying thanks for your business and how can we make this an even better experience for you?

See, I put my picture up, fixing to eat breakfast my favorite meal.

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