Valentines Day
In Vegas

Are you the chef this Valentines day in Vegas this year? Excellent, here’s how to create a memorable rich sensual dinner without breaking the bank. 

Valentines Day In Vegas begins with dessert
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Begin with planning a simple menu. Below are a few steps to help. Locate and collect what you need early.  

 Valentines Day In Vegas
Is Saturday February 14th, 2015

A well thought out plan for Valentines Day in Vegas or Victorville for that matter, is about preparation. To make your day memorable jot down a few ideals between now and then.

Scribbling down those ideals as the days pass allows scratch out the initial ideals and create well throughout dishes, gifts and settings. You are now refining your ideals and plans.

Putting in the preparation time to mull over ideals is what will make your plans an absolutely memorable event. In other words start planning early and it will come off well. Wait until the last minute and poor quality all the way around will show. Valentines day is a day you want to impress the one you love.

Step 1 Contemplating 

  • Think about what you want on your plates. Now onto helpful hints.  

Step 2 Planning

  • Buy your groceries early. Best selections like the well marbled meat, the freshest seafood and flawless looking produce are sold quick. Planning early and knowing which stores have the best buys and can also save you some serious money. Cash you can use towards that special Valentines Day gift(s).

Step 3 Easy and Frugal Seafood Dinner

  • Live Maine lobster can regularly be found very reasonable on our list of weekly low buys. This list shows you where to find groceries at regularly 80% lower than what the average person is paying. So now your making a plan, carrying out that plan and saving at the same time.

Precooked or lived Maine lobster is great to dip into warm clarified butter spritzed by lemon. Serve it up with some hard crust bread or special crackers.

99 Ranch Market grocery store carries fresh Maine lobster everyday, as well as precooked lobster chilled on ice. If you want to surprise that special someone toss one or two whole lobsters on their plate. Plus you can't beat their prices!

If there is any truth to what they arouse oysters are on sale every Valentines Day. Blue Pointe oysters are famous for their buttery taste. Less than $1.00 each around Las Vegas grocers. One of our favorites is Glaziers Food Market Place, a little out of the way but worth the trip.

Serve your oysters up raw as an appetizer with lemon, cocktail and or your favorite hot sauce. Frying oysters can be a nice entree as well. Cooking fish instead? Keep it simple this special day and lightly saute the fish in butter and a touch of white wine.

King crab legs too can typically be found for less than $8.00lb around this time of year. They make an awesome meal. Oh and if you can splurge for the jumbo size legs the meat comes out in steak sized chunks! Crack or cut the legs with scissors. Serve chilled on ice with cocktail sauce. But if you like your crab served warm then steam or heat lightly in the oven covered then serve with lemon and butter.

Step 4 Want Steak or Chicken?

  • USDA choice grade anything from rib eyes to filet mignon to New York strip steaks are flavorful. Because they are USDA "Choice" grade steaks! Most supermarkets carry only Select grade steaks and dress them up to appear better than they are. Ever see this "Great For Grilling" or this "Thick Cut To Grill" these are sales tactics costing you hundreds of dollars. The educated Grocery411 shopper see's what's truth and what's fact.

All-Natural whole chicken will make a great alternative to seafood or red meat. Careful the secret to cooking great chicken to avoid overcooking to preserve moistness. Great with red potatoes.

Step 5 Side Dishes

  • Red potatoes remember to pick out the small ones, scrub, boil and serve with butter. Toss in a few pinches of fresh chives for color and depth. On your potatoes put on a dollop of sour cream and sprinkle a few pieces of remaining chives atop sour cream for presentation. 

To cleanse your palettes in preparation for dessert try this. Buy and thinly slice an Asian pear. 99 Ranch Market carries the beautiful and fragrant Asian pears.

Step 6 Dessert

  • Did you know Las Vegas has a chocolate factory? Pick up fresh handmade chocolates from Ethel M’s Chocolate Factory on Sunset. The chocolatier is surrounded by an exquisite cactus garden to tour after dinner. Burning off a few of those calories. 

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How To Tips...

To get the most flavor from seafood heat or cook only until the translucent or the "see through" appearance is gone. Overcooking makes seafood chewy and much less flavorful.  

Steaks are great with béarnaise sauce. Try the Knorr brand for $1.00 to $2.00 found in the packaged spice area for your favorite supermarket or neighborhood grocer. 

Did you know beef is graded for flavor and price? The USDA grades beef in primarily three categories. These are select, choice, and prime. This ranges from least flavor and cost to the most flavor and cost.

Locations and more on these stores are located on our Las Vegas Supermarkets page.

After Thoughts

Kleenex or facial tissue for when your significant other weeps at your thoughtful Valentines dinner.

By the way here are 5 fun things to do on Valentines day in Vegas on the cheap (you know us) from Yahoo writer Gwen Navarrete.

Hey locals spice things up! You can see the Blue Man Group half off with the code "locals" at present. Additionally many Las Vegas strip shows offer local discounts if you have a Nevada drivers license.

Just in case, we thought we might mention for the "Morning after" test kits around $12.00 at CVS or $1.00 at dollar stores.  ;)

You can do it, make it a memorable Valentines Day in Vegas for you and your loved one this year.

Next Valentines Days.... Planning ahead! Try dinning at Hugo's Cellar but book early. It is considered the most romantic fine food establishment in Las Vegas a few times by Zagat. Prices are reasonable at Hugo's and it is a unique treat.

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