Las Vegas Supermarket
Ad Schedules

Las Vegas supermarket ads typically run Wednesday through Tuesdays but not all. In fact some may run a sale one week and not the next. No worries, we keep track of sale dates for you. Then we put the lowest buys on the exclusive list for your savings.

The importance of knowing sale days comes into play like this. You see a sale on cashews on our list and want to buy 3-4 cans cheap to stock up. Now your under the impression sale days are the normal Wednesday to Tuesday. You make a special trip to that store. The sale is over and you either pay full price for a few cans or it's a trip, gas and your time wasted.

So we put this list together for you. These are the days the weekly grocery store ads start and stop. Plus a few savings tips. This will help you better plan your shopping trips and save!

The shopping week begins on Sunday in the list below. Sunday is also the day we begin updating the Top 100 list of best buys for our local Las Vegas supermarket scene. 

Please note we do our very best to post each stores lowest buys the day the ad releases but it can take up to one more day. So far on the busiest day Wednesdays, we have run 100% on getting all 12 or so stores up on each Wednesday!

Las Vegas Supermarket 
Weekly Ad Days

Ads begins Sunday and runs through Saturday

  • CVS
  • Dollar General and Dollar General Markets
  • Kmart (varies)
  • Target 
  • Walgreen's
  • Walmart (varies)

Ad begins Tuesday and runs through Monday

  • Mariana’s Supermarkets

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Among Las Vegas Supermarkets
Wednesday Is The Most Common Ad Day

Ads begin Wednesday and runs through Tuesday

  • Albertsons
  • Buy Low
  • Cardenas
  • El Super
  • Food 4 Less
  • Glazier's
  • La Bonita
  • Mariana's
  • Marketon
  • Pueblo Nuevo
  • Smart & Final
  • Smith's
  • Vons

Ad begins Wednesday and runs through Wednesday

  • Sprouts Farmers Markets

Month-Long Sale Ads 

Below are Las Vegas grocery stores which run the same sale consecutively for one month. These long running sale ads begin at the first of the month and end around the 30th of the same month. It's helpful to know the strengths and weaknesses of each.

The stores are Kmart, Dollar General and Albertsons. Each grocer names it's month long flyer different than it does it's weekly ads. Here are the names to look for:

  • Albertsons month long "Big Book of Savings” 
  • Dollar General "Savings Guide"
  • Kmart "Store Wide Savings Guide"

Grocery Savings Tip: "Bait And Switch"

You are innocently looking at the mangos on sale for say 33¢ each on a produce table or shelf. Careful because right next to it might be an almost identical mango, only this mango is larger, organic or just looks fresher. You grab a few of those too not knowing those mangos are not 33¢ but $3.99 each. Yes, this has happened to this writer on more than one occasion. 

It is a common "Bait and Switch" tactic because it appears over and over in the supermarkets especially in the fresh fruit and vegetable sections.

Today it was green apples. Small ones were on 'sale' for $1.20lb. Which in Las Vegas is no sale at all. We at Grocery411 know our Las Vegas supermarket prices after 4 years of tracking them each week. Next to the medium sized green apples lay slightly larger ones. Guess what? There was no price anywhere on or next to the larger green apples. Wanting to investigate I removed a bar code sticker from the larger green apple and scanned it at self check out. Actually the price was not much more expensive, about 40¢ a pound above the medium sized apples. But you see my point. 

Pineapples were on sale for 99¢ each and next to them was the organic pineapples with the sales tag on the opposite side of the 99¢ table of pineapples. The organic's were selling for $4.99 each. You can see the obvious pattern. Produce, especially fresh fruit is one of the largest marked up items in supermarkets. Which is the point exactly.

While we're on the topic:

"The walk through a supermarket to buy milk in the back aisle, through a maze of aisles and displays, is a walk that could have been engineered by the designer of a Las Vegas casino." Source

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